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Several US contractors have been revealed to be involved with a large scale weapons smuggling operation from Eastern Europe to conflict zones in the Middle East including: Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In my last post, we learned how the state-run SilkWay Airlines, operating out of Azerbaijan, has been exposed as using diplomatic immunity protection to disguise the international weapons enterprise. Bulgarian reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva has released a set of explosive articles that include documents detailing the illegal transport of military weapons aboard a commercial airliner.

Source: Trud

The documents detailing the weapons shipments were leaked online from the twitter account Anonymous Bulgaria @anon_bg. Additionally, they show how a special "exemption" was made in order to allow Silkway Airlines to transport military cargo. Billions worth of weapons from Belarus, Bulgaria and Serbia were purchased by US contractors and shipped to conflict zones over the last three years.

Several US contractors are implicated in the operation. They are:

  • Purple Shovel
  • Alliant Techsystems Operations-USA
  • Orbital ATK
  • Chemring Group

In another post I will explore Purple Shovel LLC, so let's dig a little deeper into Orbital ATK and the Chemring Group.


Orbital ATK Inc. is an American aerospace manufacturer and defense industry company. It was formed in 2015 from the merger of Orbital Sciences Corporation and parts of Alliant Techsystems. Orbital ATK designs, builds and delivers space, defense and aviation-related systems to customers around the world both as a prime contractor and as a merchant supplier.


The company has three major divisions:

  • Flight Systems (Chandler, Arizona)
  • Defense Systems (Baltimore, Maryland)
  • Space Systems (Dulles, Virginia - Company Headquarters)

Orbital ATK and SilkWay Airlines

Another U.S. contractor involved in the same program for non-US standard military supplies is Orbital ATK. This company received $250 million over just the past two years. Information as to what type of weapons and to whom those weapons were supplied is classified.

According to the documents, Orbital ATK transported weapons on 6 diplomatic Silk Way Airlines flights in July and August of 2015 flying the route Baku (Azerbaijan)-Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)-Baku-Kabul (Afghanistan). The weapons were exported by IGMAN j.j. Konjic, (Bosnia and Herzegovina) commissioned by Orbital ATK. The consignee was the National Police of Afghanistan. Interestingly, all these diplomatic flights with weapons had technical landings and a 7 h 30 min stop at Baku before their final destination – Afghanistan.

Source: Trud

"Information as to what type of weapons and to whom those weapons were supplied is classified."

ATK has been awarded multiple contracts for supplying SOCOM with Non-Standard Ammunition. Non-standard refers to weapons and ammunition that are not US military grade.

Non Standard Ammunition Archives   Tag(1).png

Source: Ammoland

Depleted Uranium

What other kinds of "non-standard" weapons ammunition does Orbital ATK produce? Unbelievably, they are major manufacturer of armor piercing projectiles: M829A1 / M829A3

M829A1 - "The Silver Bullet"

107894_04_M829A3_ds.qxp   M829A3_Fact_Sheet.pdf.png
107894_04_M829A3_ds.qxp   M829A3_Fact_Sheet.pdf(1).png

Weapons-grade Depleted Uranium

This has nothing to do with uranium's radioactivity, but everything to do with mass. Mass is basically how much matter is in an object. For example, a 1-square-inch block of balsa wood weighs less than an inch-square block of lead -- lead has more mass. And depleted uranium is roughly 70% denser than lead! Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA), for example, makes use of depleted uranium in some of its munitions.

... the density of depleted uranium allows it to more easily break through protective armor. What makes it a good choice for armor-piercing munitions (sometimes called kinetic energy penetrators) also has to do with projectile shape involved and what happens when uranium's temperature increases and pressure is applied. But suffice it to say, uranium finds its way into more weapons than just nuclear bombs.

Source: Social Food

Could the "classified" weapons transported by Silk Airlines and destined for the Afghan National Police be depleted uranium munitions?

Orbital Atk  Inc. Government Contracts(1).png

Note: the 120mm Cartridges are the same as those used for Depleted Uranium rounds of M829A1 / M829A3.


Orbital ATK Space Systems


Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites

Another interesting technology that Orbital ATK is involved with is Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites (RSGS). The purpose of RSGS is to have a relatively small sized robotic servicing satellite capable of repairing and checking existing satellites orbiting at 22,000 miles above the planet.

In February 2017, Orbital ATK file a lawsuit against DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) after the agency awarded a contract to competitor Space Systems Loral.

Orbital ATK's legal department launched the suit as they believe the creation of RSGS systems is in violation of US National Space Policy.

The policy requires “that the government not build or buy systems” that “preclude, discourage or compete” with commercial systems.

Source: Breaking Defense


The Chemring Group, also Chemring Military Products, is exposed by the document leak.

Chemring Military Products is another main contractor in the program for non-US standard weapon supplies to the US army through diplomatic Silk Way Airlines flights. This military supplier has 4 contracts for $302.8 million in total. The weapons were purchased from local manufacturers in Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania and according to documents transported to Iraq and Afghanistan via diplomatic flights.

One of those flights in particular, on 18 October 2016, carrying 15.5 tons of 122 mm rockets bought by Chemring in Belgrade, Serbia, was diverted from its destination – Kabul, and instead landed in Lahore, Pakistan. After a 2-hour stop, the aircraft took off to Afghanistan. The only possible explanation for the extension of the flight by a thousand kilometers is offloading in Pakistan, even though documents stated that the cargo was destined for Afghanistan.

Chemring specializes in three key departments

  • Ammunition
  • Weapons
  • Pyrotechnics


Department of Defense Contracts

Chemring Military Products  Inc. Government Contracts.png
Chemring Military Products  Inc.   Government Contractor.png


Chemring is also a major supplier of "non-standard" ammunition and "non-standard" mortar weapons systems. Government records show that the majority of the companies sales fall under the category of "Miscellaneous Ammunition".

White Phosphorous

chemring warplane.png

Chemrings Pyrotechnics division produces a glossy brochure detailing their warehouse of smoke screen, illumination, signalling products.

CHE100 Sector Brochure_Pyrotechnics ART.indd   sector brochure pyrotechnics web 1111.pdf.png

From the brochure it would appear that the Chemring Group is attempting to distance itself from the controversial White Phosphorus by replacing it with what the company refers to as 'less toxic' Red Phosphorus. It is unclear if the company has already implemented these changes.

Red phosphorus is an allotrope of phosphorus, so essentially they're the same substance. White Phosphorus is characteristically unstable and highly flammable when exposed to oxygen, where as Red Phosphorus is much more stable. Red phosphorus can be produced by heating white phosphorus (in the absence of oxygen) or by exposure to sunlight.

Nonetheless, the weapons from the leaked documents show they were purchased in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania before being transported to Iraq, Afghanistan and perhaps Pakistan.

Документ9 2.jpg  JPEG Image  1728 × 2245 pixels    Scaled  27  .png

Документ9 2.jpg  JPEG Image  1728 × 2245 pixels .png

Wikileaks - Hacking Team Email

The Chemring Group figures prominently in this Hacking Team email released by Wikileaks.

The email is titled: CBRN Defence Market Forecast 2014-2024

Visiongain Business Reports CBRN Defence Market Forecast 2014-2024
Leading Companies for Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Detection Equipment

It outlines the CBRN market landscape.

A decade of robust investment in the CBRN defence market has been primarily driven by the enduring threat of a CBRN t errorist attack. In addition, even as budgets in North America and Europe come under pressure, CBRN defence spending remains an attractive opportunity for leading defence and homeland security contractors. Visiongain's new report examines how emerging market spending and the threat of CBRN attacks underscore an optimistic outlook for a market that will reach $8.71bn in 2014.

How this report delivers:

• View global CBRN defence market forecasts and analysis from 2014-2024 to keep your knowledge ahead of your competition and ensure you exploit key business opportunities
• Read the full transcripts of exclusive expert opinion interviews from leading industry specialists informing your understanding and allowing you to assess prospects for investments and sales>

  • Avon Protection
  • Bruker Corporation
    • Discover sales predictions for the key end use submarkets from 2014-2024
  • CBRN Detection submarket forecast 2014-2024
  • CBRN Protection submarket forecast 2014-2024
  • CBRN Decontamination submarket forecast 2014-2024
  • CBRN Simulation submarket forecast 2014-2024
    • Understand the prospects for the leading national CBRN defence markets - where will the highest revenues and opportunities occur?
  • Learn about the market potential for CBRN defence companies in the developed and developing countries, from 2013 onwards. You will see where and how opportunities exist with revealing individual market forecasts and analysis from 2014-2024 for 20 leading national markets.


These US contractors are profiting off the US taxpayer, purchasing and smuggling weapons illegally with the use of civilian aircraft and diplomatic immunity aboard Silkway Airlines. The history of both Orbital ATK and Chemring indicate that the types of undisclosed weapons transported across the Middle East are likely to be Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus among others.

Stay Tuned for More on Purple Shovel and Alliant Techsystems Operations-USA as I plan on covering both of these contractors in an upcoming post.

Images DefesaNet, Orbital ATK, Ammoland , AIAA



Not at all surprising considering they are the number one human and heroin traffickers- 90 of the world's heroin comes from Afghanistan- guess who controls Afghanistan?

You make a very good point here. It's all connected and I have no doubt that most black ops are fully funded through the opium trade.

Thank your for this post! I am from Germany. In the 2000th we were confronted the first time with depleted uranium. The german physician who investigates on these issues of the documentation bellow in the link, was arrested at these times because he wanted to make his researches on universities here. Our gouvernement denies depleted uranium. But the MILAN-rockets the gouvernement sends to the Peshmerga firing these rockets with depleted uranium. Here is the link for the documentation you can try the subtitle function.

I'm getting a bit bored waiting for the treason trials. Do you think it will ever happen or is it every man for himself?

Hillary and co., haha...yeah WHAT is it going to take to bring these people to justice!?

In the meantime, we can keep stacking evidence

KEEP Stacking up that evidence... Nuremberg 2.0 is happening... SOON!

We need more "Hillary for Jail" bumper stickers.

Wow, I can't believe you did all research for this. I really want to give you more than 100% of my vote but sorry I can't :( I think more people should know about this!! Not only American but also all over the world!!

This story is new, but I think many have suspected this type of thing for a long time. But the extent of it is pretty crazy. The new document leaks by Anon-Bulgaria are huge...if they're legit, which i believe they are at this point.

And most americans you talk to still think we are bringing freedom to the rest of the world, and that we are the only ones who follow the Geneva Conventions.

So sad that we are actually at the root of so much bad in the world.

Thank you for this!

Depleted Uranium's half life is 4.5Billion years. In essence, we're destroying the DNA of entire populations. This is beyond evil and those responsible need to be brought to justice and soon!

I've reposted this and will disseminate it. Everyone needs to know about it.

Keep up the good work exposing corruption!
Light needs to keep being shed on things like this,
so that change can hopefully come quickly.

It can be surprising how often civilian flights are used to carry weapons. I remember speaking with a retired British member of a totally secret group who he wouldn't even name to me who were often put on standard civilian flights carrying their full weapons load in secret.
As for the rest of the issue here, it's tough to know what to do sometimes on a planet that has become a mental institution where the inmates have guns. We can clearly each do the very best we can to be lovingly enlightened and to help others do the same.

well it seems to interesting , my inner curiosity is that now how did you study on all of that ?

It's all right there...check out the sources for yourself ;)

What I've been wondering about white phosphorous is that if it constitutes a war crime to deploy it against ground targets, what exactly is its supposed permissible usage in warfare. I know the point of the piece is to point out the ongoing corporate profiteering of these systems, but what I don't get is how they even manage to rationalize the "legitimate use" case for these munitions so they can be "legally" produced in the first place. It looks like a lot can get billed out under the heading "non-standard miscellaneous weapons." Is it really that simple for these contractors to produce and/or buy/sell pretty much any type of munition, legality notwithstanding? This is pretty terrifying if you think of the implications given the pipelines these things are flowing through.

I wrote this article about WP a few months ago, it explains why it is not considered a chemical weapon (of course i believe it absolutely should be classified as a chemical weapon).

Before my time, but I will read that, too. Thanks for taking the time to backtrack & send me the link. & sorry my upvote is so weak.

The problem with White Phosphorus is that it is technically an incendiary weapon, not a chemical weapon. The reason being is that it is a multi-purpose substance in combat. It's used for signalling, smokescreens and illumination. This technicality prevents it from being banned as it causes severe and excruciating burns. It literally melts flesh and it's almost impossible to put out.
It is a crime to use it as an attack weapon, but it's multi-purpose use gives the users of this substance plausible deniability. They can claim that they were simply illuminating the battle field and any casualties/injuries to civilians was completely accidental.
I'm sure militaries take advantage of this.

I just found out that yesterday she was fired for these investigations. Surreal.. I was sharing your articles on twitter and even though I wasn't following her, her tweet came up on my twitter where she said, "I've just got fired for telling the truth about weapons supplies for #terrorists in #syria on diplomatic flights".

WOW! Are you serious??? That is devastating....

That's what happens when you speak truth to power... Trud must have had some very powerful special interests come down hard on them.


Yeah, I had no idea till I saw her tweet earlier today. Apparently, I was tagged in something yesterday but I have over 1,900 tags that I still haven't approved or deleted on FB so I must have missed it.

It's heartbreaking when people get fired for doing their job. That's why many of us are independent. If we need to alter the truth to fit a certain agenda it's better for us to not write at all.

My dad is upper management in ATK...

They are a high tech weapons engineering company.
I wonder if he knows about this... hes always complaining about the government and their bullshit.
I will investigate this further

That's very interesting, I would love to hear his opinion as well.

We have ATK operations here in my area. A few years back ATK spun off a division and a new entity was created, Vista Outdoor, which is publicly traded. They grew by acquisition into other consumer products, but they are mainly a munitions manufacturer for the outdoors industry, but also supply law enforcement and the military. Not sure this relates to anything you are researching, but as a spin off from ATK and their recently retired CEO who came from ATK might be an interesting add on to your research. Check them out here:

Thanks for the lengthy research you have done on this topic. It's a sad state of affairs in this dark subject.

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t way :(

  • Resteemed so other people can read this.

Great read! 'I am very surprised that some of this information hasn't the "mainstream" yet...but in the current climate I can't say i am genuinely surprised by that. Keep up the good fight @v4vapid !

Thanks for reading! I think that the msm stopped doing their job, actual reporting, a long time ago and are now mainly stenographers. At a certain point though, they will have to cover what's really going on or become obsolete.

I hope another one of Russia's rockets don't loose control:

This is a really interesting read. It's really disturbing they used civilian airlines to transport such weapons. Where's the morals?

this is interesting

Wow, so it's not just our government that's correct it's also big corporations.

There is a lot of information on the Internet up already, Which could put many politicians in a many countries in jail for a long time.

Wow man. Very interesting stuff. I have been offline for the last few days and glad you posted! Going to check out the leak now! <3
Deservedly Upvoted Man <3

Cheers, thanks

Great post - really good research and well written.

Thank you @v4vapid

Wait for the day when these deadly weapons are sold on eBay. Do you know that from the world war-II there has not been a single day when war is not taking place in some country or other? Once, a scientist was asked " How will the Third World War be fought" and the scientist said " I do not know how the Third World War will be fought but I can tell you how the Fourth World War will be fought. With sticks and stones". High appreciation for your quality post. Keep it up.

This post gets a 22.10 % upvote thanks to @v4vapid - Hail Eris !

I am immediately reminded of the movie War Dogs. Great stuff on exactly this point: ammunition smuggling. True story about US War contractors. Definitely check it out if you haven't; it's right up your alley.

There is a lot of under the table stuff associated with this country. I struggle to enlighten ppl socially and thru music. but still has little effect bc the audience is brain washed. Followed/ upvoted

not surprised.

Great post. You got my upvote :D

Wow they are supplying all these countries with such ludicrously powerful conventional weapons which I think will only be used for unjust things looking at the countries they are being sent to.
Let's see if anything will be done to these US contractors.
Some of these organisations market and produce some items which will not be great in the hands of some countries.

Shared this on Twitter (sarahabed84) as well as on The Rabbit Hole on Facebook. Thank you!

Excellent research sir! Keep it up!

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