Anti-War Trump Voters Just Officially Ran Out Of Reasons To Support This President

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Mere days after promoting Mike "I'm going to make the CIA a much more vicious agency" Pompeo to Hillary Clinton's old job as Secretary of State, President Trump has replaced his National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster with John Bolton, who Glenn Greenwald just described as "unstable, monstrous and bloodthirsty," and "an actual sociopath in the clinical sense of that term."

Greenwald is not being hyperbolic; there is no more bloodthirsty a war hawk in Washington than John Bolton. Just last month he authored an article for the Wall Street Journal arguing in favor of a preemptive strike on North Korea, in which he cited a quote from Pompeo as part of his argument. Bolton calls for regime change in every rival of the US empire on a regular basis, he knowingly advanced lies to help manufacture support for the Iraq invasion, he revived the US-Russia arms race by leading America's withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002, advocates more escalations with both China and Russia, and has spent his entire career pushing for death and destruction at every opportunity.

This latest move makes it abundantly clear that wars are planned, and a team is being assembled to help facilitate them. There is only one thing John Bolton knows, and that's killing. He would not be appointed to National Security Advisor (a position which does not require Senate approval) unless large amounts of killing were planned. That is what John Bolton does. It is what he is for. He is a weapon.

So I think it's fair to say that anyone who voted for Trump who considers themselves anti-war or anti-interventionist has officially run out of valid reasons to support this president. His cabinet is filling with more and more neoconservative war hawks for a reason, and war is the one and only thing that John Bolton is known for. He is the keystone in a blood-soaked archway.

So far the best argument being advanced by the MAGA crowd in defense of this decision is that Trump doesn't have to listen to Bolton's advice, but why would Trump hire someone with a permanent throbbing erection for mass slaughter and then ignore everything that comes out of his furry little mouth? You don't appoint a warmongering psychopath to a position previously held by two generals because you want to hear his opinions about the latest season of The Voice.

The other justifications being advanced all fall in line with an article I wrote a while back titled "Three Stupid, Annoying Things People Often Say When Defending Trump", those three things being "Hillary would have been worse," "Trump is playing 57-D chess," and "Trump is fighting the deep state!" Babbling about Hillary Clinton is never a legitimate defense of actual things this president is currently doing in real life, the "3-D chess" argument has already been done to death by Obama's supporters, and Trump is not fighting the deep state, he's serving it.

McMaster was already scary. Bolton is vastly more terrifying. And now we will find out if Trump supporters really stand where they claim to.

Fifteen years ago, the Republican party spearheaded the charge into Iraq. Now, all signs point to it being used to lead us into Iran, North Korea, and God knows where else. Do you want your name to be part of that, my MAGA friends?

I have many followers who voted for Trump. This is not what you voted for. Make your voices heard. Make it known that you do not consent to any military interventionism. Stand against this as you wished Obama's supporters would have stood up against that president's bloodbaths around the globe.

Demand peace from your leaders. Be the change you want to see in the world. Thank you.

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Disagree, Trump still has to negotiate and work with all those who are against him.

Everyone said that when Trump was talking about Syria but quietly he pulled the funding for anti-assad rebels (aka CIA run ISIS).

50d chess bro

Nikki Haley and Kissinger were the lead speech providers at AEI's meeting at Sea Island, Georgia two weeks ago. Trump is a main component of the Deep State. Kissinger and the AIPAC Zionist's put him there specifically because his divisive, contentious, unpredictable nature serves their global domination agenda. All is smoke and mirrors.

Well, been nice knowing you guys.

Remember when Trump still occasionally acted anti-establishment and said we should stop intervening militarily abroad so we can rebuild at home? He's a puppet alright and it's not of Putin. The reality is that he's a puppet of Wall Street, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the overall deep state neocon military industrial complex, just the same as Obama/Bush/Clinton/Bush/etc. before him.

Yup! I never bought his anti-war rhetoric..well stated here.

"John Bolton makes Dick Cheney look like Noam Chomsky." - for lolz (Kyle Kulinski 2017)

Check me if you can

What??? The goddamn warmongering walrus is back? I thought I read some shitty MSM article a couple years ago that this turd kicked it. Ugh, can't keep track of all these psychopathic suits...they pop up like a whack-a-mole, administer the killing of shit-tons of people, then duck back down out of sight for a while only to pop back up with some other douchey technocratic title only to start killing more poor people in underdeveloped countries.

I hate to be petty here, but at least this fucker could shave that dead, melanin-less squirrel on his lip so we don't have to be visually assaulted while he is killing's like the whole "salt-in-the-wound" thing. Screw him, we citizens need a much bigger whack-a-mole stick if we are ever going to rid the world of vampires like this jackoff.

Yup... The beating of the drums of war has begun... We can hear their familiar ring echoing through the clustered city streets. The rulers are drawing their preparations and mobilizing the State. Soon, we will see the barrage of demonizing and dehumanizing rhetoric we have grown all too accustomed to. It's not long now until our "enemies" become the supposed "imminent threat" to our way of life that must be destroyed at all cost...

It's a shame none of it will change anything... War is not inevitable in absolute terms; but in our current paradigm, we are grown too accustomed to oppose it... I fear very authoritarian times are right around the corner...

To anybody seeking to understand the underlying reality, may I suggest a newly-released animation. It is the most poignant and symbolic rendition of our species' current predicament... Please check out In-Shadow

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Just like with this phony latest distraction with Trump and Biden acting like they want to duke it out, all is smoke and mirrors, Hegelian Dialectic, divide and conquer distractions created to keep the hamsters spinning round and round on the endless, corrupt two-party hamster wheel going nowhere. Time for people to wake up and realize that these puppets are placed there by the elite to keep the rest of us duped, pathetically entertained and not going after THEM. The people that run this world are deceptive, evil and up to no good....and have been for a long, long time.

This is horrible news. This Neocon psychopath is damn scary! The odds of an intervention went skyrocketing...Here he is covering every base!

I give Tucker a lot of credit here, he really went after him and made some really good points.

Agree... There were a few interesting snipes at each other. The parting shot really surprised me.

I heard about this earlier. It does not bode well for humanity, I'm afraid.

Bolton is a freakshow, dangerous man; and Drumpf is a moron in the Dunning-Kruger sense of the term. It's NOT a good combo.

That said, it's obvious that TPTB want this to go down, so it's gonna go down.

I just wish more of us were not so distracted by Red Herrings and CIA Directors playing Journalist. Things are just completely absurd at this point in time. Bolton is the pack of matches to light the candles on the cake.

So cooked. And we've been parading around the crown prince from Saudi Arabia too, bragging about all the weapons they bought from us to genocide Yemen. We live in a freaking twilight zone right now!
Thanks for this, check out some of the stuff I've been sharing if you have spare time

What do you think about an american civil war now?

About fucking time.

No need for a civil war if we all simply evolve past using the corrupt media apparatus of the CIA and listening to their two party puppets like Trump, Clinton, Biden, Pence, Obama. All part of the same deep state global elitist hamster wheel. We simply need an evolution of consciousness.

Yeah, we simply just need the most wholistic and complete transformation of humanity in 11 thousand years. Hahaha.
Better get crackin' !!!

Trump is not defending the deep state, he's serving it.

This is the crux of the whole matter, isn't it?
Is he, or isn't he?

The things you pointed out, most definitely points to this on first inspection.

But politics is a game of charade, and seeing the way Trump has played the game so far, I am not so quick to jump on his actions necessarily being his motives.

An alternative view could be that he is putting people in place for a conflict. ( 'war people' for want of a better word)

The conflict to rid the US of the insidious communist movement of the last 50 years in the US. (and the banking families of the last 200 years).

Maybe he IS getting ready for a potential war - but not the one people much closer to home..


How dare people expect political plurality! Another job for the jack boots! The beatings will continue until morale improves.

I too share this view to a fairly limited extent that Trump is secretly serving his own personal agenda, rather than the larger bankster geopolitical game. The only problem with this view is the following:
Trump is either A) too unintelligent to pull it off successfully (hence why it wasn't a threat to put him there), or B) he's intelligent enough but too chicken-shit (he has too much to lose and wouldn't actually risk it).

Those two possibilities being somewhat unsatisfying, I conclude with the most obvious possibility.

Trump was a corrupt plutocrat from the very beginning and only managed to parley his way into a deeper inner circle than he could have ever previously dreamed to get in to. And he is now serving the agenda in exchange for his riches (probably billions of dollars in insider knowledge selling).

He will continue to maintain the appearence of secretly fighting the deep state through odd pronouncements and once in a blue moon provocative tweets and continue to be a polarizing and divisive figure in America, further rigidifying people's political biases, mucking up all the waters and playing the exact same game as every other President before.

So far for me Trump has proven only one thing: and that is that being a President is a monkey's job

It's PR and brand image control

.....if you are correct, the darkest authoritarianism is just around the corner.

I'm staying optimistic.

It's a logical decision. lol

Hahaha, well, I don't blame you... We need to keep the faith and optimism alive somehow.

I wouldn't take Trump being a maverick for world peace to the bank doe.
That's a sucker's bet ^^

I think they will slightly rebuild America though, to the extent that it's beneficial. Trump will certainly score some points that people are "happy" about... Take what one can get.

If this tax rate for corporations really goes down to 21% I'll be incorporating in the US away from Europe... That'd be just awesome... Heck, maybe it might start a race where all the country's in the world need to start lowering taxes so as to not have all of their business flee the country...

Wouldn't be a bad thing at all

I almost pay 40+ % in taxes to the Europeans... It's ridic

I plan to hope for the best and pray that wagging a big stick is all the convincing the rest of the world needs.

Buckle up everyone, It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Neo-McCarthyists and the DNC will be happy when they start wars.
Eventually it will be with Russia. They can wait.
GOP/Dems already gave Trump $80 Billion MORE for the Pentagon than he asked for.
He's gotta spend it somewhere.

I didn’t vote in 2016. I knew Trump is deranged from early in his campaign. Let’s not forget 46.9% of the eligible voters did not vote. Trump got 65million out of 235 million eligible voters. But that is 27%. Many people don’t realize if he and Hillary got 10% and 11% respectively, of the eligible votes, people would still blame his voters. The winner is none of the above and everything Trump does is not authorized. Trump was selected, not elected. Yes I hate Trump and hated him from the beginning but his voters are not why he is president.