PSA: Fuck Saudi Arabia!

in #news4 years ago

Just a few days ago, Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman visited our White House, to sit down with our president, and begin his parade around our country as a supposed hero. Trump sat down with a board (similar to your sixth graders science project boards) that had pictures of military fighter jets, tanks, and other weaponry, all with big price tags on them in the millions and billions of dollars. I watched as he presented this to us citizens as a great benefit to our country, and he did so seriously. We all know none of that money comes into our pockets. Help my sanity please I am losing it.

We all know that Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest offenders of terrorism today. The don't believe in human rights, beheading people in the street and regular abuse of women is their status quo. Currently, the Saudis are staging a genocide in Yemen, starving millions, with the support of the same weaponry that Trump is currently bragging about selling to them.

What the hell is going on in this world? They talk about tweets and Russia all day, pretending to be against him, but when very blatant and disgusting collusion is happening with an authoritarian dictator right in front of our faces, the media has nothing to say? Nothing at all? No more even needs to be said or explained. The majority of 9/11 highjackers were SAUDI. Now we are praising them whilst arming them...great.

Least we can do is let our peers know. Spread the word, and support real change when you see a chance. and curse a lot

Insert bad words here Just let it out guys. I know.

okay more bad fucking words cuz this shit is b


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