Walls Don't Work: AKA A World Without Walls

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I have a lot of thoughts going through my head and I wish I was an artist capable of putting the images in my mind down rapidly. I think they would be powerful and would illustrate exactly why a picture is worth a thousand words, or often far more than a thousand.

I have to work with what I have. Words.

I want to describe a world for you. It is a world of the future, yet also a world of the past. It is based around the common narrative being pushed these days that "walls don't work". It is the common narrative that we shouldn't have borders and laws for people entering countries.

Rather than arguing that point. Instead I'm going to run with it. If you can pull out your mental screen and imagine you are watching an episode of Black Mirror, the Twilight Zone or something like that.

Enter... The World Without Walls.


A naked man that is known for popularly speaking on the news is walking around his house nude. Out front on the lawn are rotating numbers of lawn chairs for passers by to sit an watch whatever this Bory Cooker guy is doing. Occasionally they will get hungry and go into this structure by just walking in. No barriers exist so the only real barrier is having to walk around refrigerators, couches, etc. They take some food from the refrigerator and casually walk back to the lawn chairs to watch this Cooker guy. He is after all a celebrity, and one who is adamant that walls don't work. Yet he like so many others stopped being a hypocrite and put their words into action. He was one of the first to eliminate walls for his house. It is just support columns, and roofs. Without the walls it soon became apparent that doors were no longer necessary either.

Sometimes the onlookers are entertained with some free pornography when Mr. Cooker manages to have a sexual encounter. Some of them even video it and rebroadcast it.

Cooker is not alone. We see the socialist Sernie Banders gleefully counting his money on his bed like Scrooge McDuck in his new fifth house without walls. That is when he is home and has his $180,000 car parked in his garage without walls. He doesn't have walls to hang posters on but he does have a statue with the phrase "A sucker is born every minute" and not far from there "A fool and his money are soon parted"

This no walls house phenomena swept the world and spanned all parties, all genders, all races, and all religions. These two being but a few momentary glimpses.


The columns and roof/ceilings continued as a design. This did require some reengineering of some rather large buildings as the walls previously provided some support and structure that enabled them to be as tall or shaped like they were. More columns were added to accomplish this. However, soon there were protests.

Elevators were not fair as they could be blocked. Especially if a key was required so it was causing the same old problem of walls. It was funneling people through specific entry points and requiring that they have legal reason to enter. This created something much like walls. We can't have that as WALLS DON'T WORK.

It was demanded that people use stairs. At first this satisfied people until they realized that stairs were still a funnel. They were a port of entry to the next floor. They were the entry through a wall in the vertical sense. The anti-wall brigade protested.

Eventually it was deemed that structures could not be more than one story tall. This was the only way to completely eliminate the wall factor. WALLS DON'T WORK.

Keep in mind if you don't have walls then there is no reason for doors to exist either.


The videos people didn't show were the videos of people that had died from rabid animals, plague and other things as these animals freely entered their homes. Without walls and doors these things were free to enter and spread as well.

This did not fit the narrative. That narrative being "Walls don't work". So the news just didn't show these increasing statistics or reports. If it doesn't fit the desired narrative, don't talk about it.



Soon most structures ended up being a large amount of floor space with all items that might be damaged by weather being pushed towards the center of the structure. This was the outcome of winds and weather blowing snow, water, etc... into the structures and damaging furniture, electronics, etc. However, if the structure was large enough it was very unlikely this horizontally blown weather phenomena could reach such things. It did happen but it was rare.


Large portions of the planet were no longer habitable not due to climate change. Simply due to people not being able to survive the cold temperatures, or the extremely hot temperatures. It was found that without walls keeping the internal climate of a structure in the human habitable zone was difficult to do. That's okay it further proves that WALLS WERE NOT WORKING because we had a population problem before, and now that has been solved simply by removing walls.

Flip the Mirror

Now let's look at reality. Many non-human lifeforms on the planet build walls and barriers. Usually to survive the environment and the weather. Often they are to mark territory and create protective barriers from invaders.

Keep in mind that word INVADERS.

For if I am a nice guy an I have a DOOR and a WELCOME mat at my front door and you still choose to crawl through my window or sneak through my garage what are you? Are you suddenly a guest I should feed, clothe, educate, and perhaps even give services to that my children won't even get such as letting you off for committing crimes that if it were my family they'd be rotting in jail? Should I do that?

If I am not stupid. Then the answer is no. I should not do that.

I should greet people at my door. If they are amenable to my ways and I can afford to feed them without putting me or my family at risk I can invite them in. If they are hostile I can tell them to leave. If they attempt to enter forcefully I can stop them. Why? I have walls, because THEY WORK.

Now some people will say WALLS DON'T WORK because they can just tunnel under. Well walls do work, people can break through my window and I can shoot them for trespassing. If they knock on the door I can't shoot them unless they try to force their way in.

As to weather, animals, plagues, etc. Walls offer a major amount of protection.

The truth is that WALLS DO WORK. Are they perfect? No. They can't stop everything... but without them I do have an alternative that I suspect most people will like less and it might prove more effective. I suspect most of those anti-wall people would prefer walls to my alternative proposal.

How about minefields along the border with clearly marked signs saying "WARNING: Minefield" and having an arrow pointing in the direction of the PORT OF ENTRY (aka the DOOR to our country)? As time and budgets increase we can also add some laser trip wires with smart sensors to detect if it is a human that tripped it. We can solve the problem without a wall.

For those of you that say all people who want walls should die! For those that say people supporting political candidate X, or speaking thing Y you don't like should die.

Is it alright to say trespassers and invaders should die when the path to the door is clearly marked yet they choose to sneak across the minefield?

How does a wall sound now?

CLARIFICATION: Nothing I said has anything to do with RACE, with RELIGION, GENDER, with political affiliation, etc. I didn't intend any SECRET meanings you need to interpret. If you choose to say I am being "racist" or an "[insert]phobe" that is coming from you. I am not playing a puzzle game where I am trying to say secret things that you need to guess. I said what I meant to say. Anything else you choose to add. That is from YOU.

You can't read my mind, so trying to state I am implying something or I am bashing something when I didn't mention those things. That occurred in your mind. Have a conversation with yourself in a mirror it might be therapeutic.


The problem is that the walls are in the wrong place!

One set of walls should be between our pocket books and govern-cement.
This would actually make most of the discussion of border walls moot.

But really, this idea that govern-cements have divvied up all the land is where the problem starts.

The governments should only be able to claim only that land which they tend and maintain. Leaving places for those disenfranchised to leave to.

How do we end the IRS?

Crypto. Gray markets. General noncompliance.

The Infernal Revolting Syndicate is not what you think.

It is not a US corporation or US entity.

It came into being at the same time the FED did, and had to.
Else the loop just implodes.

ALL the money you send to the IRS gets thrown into a furnace (to the god of money).
And then the govern-cement borrows all new money from the FED.
In this way, the energy from all of us tax cattle keeps the wheel, the current (as in currency), going.

Ways to end the Infernal Revolting Syndicate:

  • Make less that $500 a year. No taxes, no filing. (by the way, the gold eagle is $20 US tender)
  • Trade with people for what you need.
  • Show people that their taxes aren't going for schools or roads.
  • Use crypto currencies.
  • Close your bank accounts.
  • Take out everything you can in cash.

Does any of this relate to what happened in 1871?

I'll have to look up 1871 as what you are likely hinting at does not spring to mind. Civil War era stuff comes to mind. I will look.

It basically comes from 1913 when as @builderofcastles indicated the Federal Reserve AND the IRS were both created. Both constitutionally illegal by the way, and the IRS remained illegal for a long time and still operated. They changed that by amendment many decades later.

Now I need to go search for 1871 to see what you are hinting at.


If you can and have not already checked out G. Edward Griffith's "The Creature From Jekyll Island" as it extensively covers what happened in 1913 and a lot of the motives. I don't recall how/if it covered the IRS side of things that extensively. It may be time for me to reread it.

Yes, good idea. How do we stop the Not-Federal Federal Reserve?

The country actually operated for a very long time (more than a century) with no IRS. The income tax was a form of taxation expressly prohibited by the constitution.

So it can be done.

Sales tax and taxation on things that are voluntary without putting someone's life at risk were permitted by the Constitution. You could tax luxuries and things like that higher and as long as it was not on goods that you need to survive like food then it becomes more of a voluntary thing. Do I want this super expensive car?

Now there are ways we could do it now that didn't exist then.

We could simply crowd source everything. If you want something back it in a crowd sourcing situation. If you do not back it, you don't get it.

Tech has made that feasible as long as the power grid doesn't collapse. Power grid is also a huge issue when we consider crypto.

Can we buy more solar power batteries, panels, etc, etc, and make some and distribute power creation devices, etc, etc?

I'm fixing a wall tomorrow. I'm fixing a hole, where the rain comes in, to stop my mind from wandering...

I'm a big fan of walls. It's foundational technology almost no one would survive without.

Good to hear from you again.


Effective border control requires enforcers to be stationed at walls and entry points. Oh my, the evil 'gubermint enforcers must then be alloted authority to detain not only the unauthorised migrants, but also those subjects willing to assist these migrants. The subjects of the nation-state are obligated to submit to the authority of their betters in enforcing border control, whether such measures come as eminent domain property seizures to investigative detainment of subjects for suspected harboring of migrants. How will the freedom loving muck reconcile the need for a strong central authority with their religion of chaos?

Good question.

A wall would not be necessary if the consequences of trespassing and invading were severe enough to deter illegal/uninvited entry into a country. If however, the benefits heavily outweigh any such repercussions and you have no wall that is a recipe for disaster. To me that seems to be the point. The main reason they don't want to actually fix the situation is they (yes, a cryptic THEY) want to collapse the current governments so they can replace it with a global government of their preferred design. IF this is their intention they are doing a good job in many places in Europe, and if we don't stop being pussies about trespassers in our country it will also likely achieve their desired goals in the U.S.

IF a country does not want to be very strict in the application of determent for trespassers then a wall while it won't stop it, would actually SLOW it. Not so much if it is a only spotty patches of walls like we've had at our southern U.S. border.

Problem: there is no analogy to be drawn between house walls or property lines and national borders.

Meme source unknown.



If we didn't have so much welfare, we wouldn't need walls to some extent. Ultimately, each person needs to protect themselves. So, if I could, I would live on a mountain with big walls and a river that goes around it. I would have body guards. In other words, I would be my own country.

America should continue building and rebuilding walls. We need them for the current system that we have. Ultimately, it would be better to focus on private property rights. I would prefer only vetting people over into the USA.

Hypothetically, having no walls at all would be ideal in some ways. People who want no walls have good points. However, that hypothetical world is just that, hypothetical. Also, a lot of people can come in and change the culture of communities. That's happening in Minnesota for example. A lot of people are not prepared in America for no borders. Actually, we have no borders to an extent as people flood the United States of America as it is being invaded as we speak in the 2010's, these past few years and we have to always try to minimize Open Borders and Divide and Conquer and the size of federal governments.

I would love to have walls around countries, states, counties, cities, communities, neighborhoods, certain places, private property, and especially houses. Sadly, a lot of people may not have enough money at the moment to take care of themselves. Sadly, too many are not independent enough and they survive excessively on the government to take care of them. People in other countries prefer welfare. But America was not founded on welfare but on freedom which takes hard work to maintain.

This is true. There are other solutions with regard to the nation and walls.

If the benefits of trespassing outweigh the consequences of being caught then you'll have a problem.

Yet the same people whining about walls are the ones rapidly increasing those benefits. In that environment you need a wall, or some barriers to slow it down and make it more difficult. It won't stop it. I think I indicated that in my original post.

So if the punishment for trespassing were strictly enforced and intimidating enough that it made those benefits not so attractive then we wouldn't need walls.

I don't see the people reducing those benefits. Personally I see that as by design and happening on a global scale. Kloward and Piven's study/approach put to action.

I love the idea of a world without nations and we all co-exist.

Yet acting as though I can do that an ignore human nature is really no different than the type of thinking that leads people to keep embracing socialism, communism, and Marxism over and over again. They get sucked in by feel good concepts of the world living in peace and everyone getting along, and everyone being treated equal. Many of them even seem to think equal outcome is something that can be guaranteed.

It is an appeal to emotion. Then embracing that emotional idea they can virtue signal and try to force it on or convince others.

This too is where the world without nations CURRENTLY exists.

It is incredibly dangerous and destructive to go down that path with people's education, cultures, ideologies, the way they currently are.

Those things would need to change. And unlike communist/marxist I am not proposing reeducation, and enforced conformity. I believe diversity of mind is the way to go. Yet we require training on how to coexist and interact with people we disagree with without thinking we need to destroy or oppress them. That type of thinking only exists in a small number of people at the moment, and to me it looks like attempts are being made to make such people less and less likely to exist.

So we can dream. Yet we need to pay attention to reality too. If we want to change reality we can do that too but we need to approach it in steps and think long term as well as short term. We need to not embrace things blindly because they make us feel positive and happy about such a world existing. We have to WORK to get to these places.

To rip your borders down while you have so many things around you that other people want in a world where people are educated the way they are is a recipe for disaster.

Core Values

The United States is founded on core values that the people, NOT THE PERSONS, agree upon. So, I want people that agree with those eternal principles to come into our country.


It might be argued that we simply need to transition to Open Borders. To some extent, many people are like babies. So, they need to learn how to walk on their own, independently, physically, socially, financially, and provide their own security, safety, to protect themselves without the need for police.


Opening up the borders is like easy love. It like having relationships with everybody. It's like having an open relationship. Imagine a woman or a man who has sex with every human he or she runs into. You might call a human like that to be a whore.

Defining Love

Tucker Carlson likes to put it this way. Imagine inviting ten guests over for dinner. That's awesome. Now imagine ten random folks showing up. And then imagine that they refuse to leave. And then imagine that they start stabbing you with a knife. The difference is that the latter lacks that choice. That is fundamental to the meaning of life, to freewill. That is what love is about. Too often, when we claim we are loving people by helping them, we are in fact spoiling them.

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