"No #6" WalkWithMe through my field

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It was 5:15 PM today when I felt bored. So, I decided to take you with a quick talk through my small filed which is next to my home
I like to start the post with a sample photo that I liked the most

Actually I started the walk with a picture that shows the whole small field of mine

Then I wanted to show you the beautiful palm that I have which I got from a friend about 7 years ago
I didn't think in that time that the palm is going to grow to that level but it actually did and it gives me beautiful dates

And I think there is no problem to see my lovely cat sitting away from me
I think it was angry with me. so, it preferred to be away

And now it's time to get closer inside the field to see some of the beautiful plants in it
I think we should start with the main one which is Egyptian Alfalfa plant and that's a wide one of it

Maybe it doesn't have a beautiful look generally and that pushed me to have a closer one to it
I think this one shows it better and shows its real beauty

this plant is really the most helpful one to me as I use it for feeding my animals, my goats, my chickens and ducks.....etc
so, however it isn't the most beautiful in my eyes but it's the favorite in my heart

Now we can move to the next one. In fact, I don't know exactly its name because it grows naturally without any interference by me but I like it so much because it's really so beautiful and here is a wide view of it

yeah, it's that one with white lotuses that belongs to the photo that I started my post with and now it's time to get closer and see its real beauty

Next to that plant with white lotuses, I have another one which is the Egyptian Cabbage
This one can be eaten and its taste is really yummy!!
we can have a look at it widely

And as we did in the last ones, we can get a closer look at some of it

I could capture one of it from Inside
looks so beautiful to me

The last one is my Chubaisa which may most of you don't know it but it can be cooked and eaten by humans and it also have a beautiful taste

A more close one at its leaf

That was simple a quick walk with you through my small lovely field that I like and I want to thank all of you for your time and for coming with me in my walk
Also I want to send a special thank to my friend @lyndsaybowes who made the great tag of WalkWithMe and her husband @hendrix22
Also special thanks to @richardcrill and @jacobts for their valuable tips about steemit and I suggest you follow them and ask them what you want because they are really so good guys

@richardcrill also made a helpful post that you will find beautiful information and guidelines that will help you for sure to grow on steemit

Also you can join us in the channel on discord and to him and all other helpful successful guys on steemit either by texting or by voice talk from here https://discord.gg/72C5q6

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Great post, Lovely photography! Wish I was that good, mine is slightly different, let me know what you think of mine. Thanks and take care xx @diljeetdil

thanks for your lovely words, I'm gonna check it for sure

Really great garden, I loved the flowers, the cabbage and the alfalfa. Is your cat still mad at you? hehehe sooooo cute!

thank you so much for that cute words
don't worry about my cat, I gave her a kiss and it's okay now hahaha

Oooh that's good to hear, I was worried for a moment there :)

Just kidding xoxo

hahahaha, you are really funny and kind person
glad to have a friend such as you here

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Wow likes your post .. happy reading it .. really amazing ... thanks for sharing on a good day.
I like to read every post you .. I also learn a lot about steemit from every post you. Whether it's writing or photos. Thank you steemians ..
It's an honor for me if you visit my blog..

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