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Yesterday, I went to Alex again but this time wasn't with my girlfriend. It was with my little brother and friend.

We moved at 6:00 Am and it took us about 90 minutes to get there. so, we reached at 7:30

I preferred to first take a photo or two before doing anything

we moved directly to the beach and got a seat there with our Soda and breakfast

we had our breakfast, my little brother went to enjoy the water while me and my friend stayed in our position taking some pics

My friend then went to enjoy the water too and I stayed in my position too taking photos as well hahaha

In fact I don't know what I did in the morning session other that taking photos on my chair hahaha

but anyway, after an hour, we went to our room to take a rest and have lunch

Then I changed my clothes and we went to another beach afternoon

This time we got ice-cream


I preferred enjoying the view and capturing some photos instead of enjoying water

Liked those kids while they were playing

Then enjoyed the water for one hour and went out with my brother

we was supposed to go but in fact, I couldn't go before capturing the sunset at the beach

I know I didn't take enough photos of the place but that was because I was busy enjoying the day rather than only focusing on the photos

Thanks for your attention and for your valuable time that you spent in reading this

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very nice to see you guys their...enjoy your holiday...


thank you so much
I hope you are enjoying your day too

right on man! thanks for the follow!


u r more than welcome bro
glad to have a friend like you

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