Can you build a profitable business on Steem?

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Do you think it is possible to build a profitable business on Steem, which will actually become the main source of income for you and your family?

Today, in the midst of the chills of crypto-winter, it is becoming clear that this business should not be dependent on the price of STEEM. Think about it: a year ago, it was almost a dollar and now we are approaching the $0.13 mark. After all, you don't want your family's well-being to be like a roller coaster ride!

And although it is much cheaper to become a Steem whale today, with a market cap of $40 million, it is still too expensive for most Steem enthusiasts. So rule #2: this business should not rely on the possession of large amounts of STEEM.

As a social network, Steem still has a long way to go. After all, how many of your closest friends use Steem? With just over a million accounts and 50,000 active daily users, it is also clear that such a business should not require a massive adoption of Steem in your geo.

And one more thing! For such a company to have a common appeal, its operation should not require a degree in computer science or a major in English!

SteemFest: a business challange

SteemFest: a business challange

Anything else? Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Once you have enough, it should be easy to sell this business. And for a good price too.

Any ideas?

If you think it is almost impossible to build such a company on Steem today, I invite you to join me for my presentation "Steem as a platform for business" at the SteemFest in Bangkok (6-10 November 2019) and in 20 minutes I will present you the business idea, model and the implementation plan.

We may even have a roundtable discussion (with @roeland's blessing) to do a deep dive into the platform and clarify the go-to-market strategy.

See you soon in Thailand!


Was a great presentation. Here is the video: SteemFest⁴ - Bangkok - Day 1 - YouTube

I've never thought of it that way before, but you're right. Although it may be useful to have some voting power, it is not necessary to have it to run the company and the price of steem is almost irrelevant. Yeh!


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