WAfrica Weekly winners: May 20th, 2018.

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Hello citizens of the Steemit universe and members of #WAfrica community, did you miss this evening episode of WAFRO Sunday discord party which we just finished some minutes ago on our discord server. Click here to join us in the fun next week Sunday by 20:30GMT.

Art by @jacobite

I am @lordjames presenting the Sunday Weekly Winners for WAfrica for the week 13th - 20th May 2018. As usual, we've had a lot of entries this week and have rewarded many of that as daily winners. So, the three posts I picked for this week are;

Post Of The Week #1: 5sbd

Our first project on the blockchain - empowering the Nigerian child to education by @backtoschool

Who is a farmer without farm tools and who is a student without writing materials/textbooks.

@Backtoschool clearly stated out their plans to reach out to the less privileged Steemians and non-Steemians around the globe in areas pertaining to education. I love to see community oriented projects like this and we hope to support worthy projects in the future.

Post of the week #2: 3SBD

Find out who's talking about you: A hunter or a farmer and why you should be concerned by @mbadeyee.

@mbadeyee has clearly explained how emails bulletins will be helpful for getting to your clients and even potential clients with information about your items. She gave an indepth explanation in her post and even presenting tips on how well to utilize email pamphlets to improve your business relationships.

Post of the week #3: 2SBD

Ocular First Aid by @nattybongo.
U5dsTYVcFMPbtVbUejozRQD5zndb19j_1680x8400 (1).jpeg
Life is full of unexpected incidence and we must always be prepared with skills to handle ourselves in emergency situations. To learn about how to handle emergency injury to the eyes and what to do as first aid, then click the link above and read the full post because it contains necessary instructions on what to do in such situations.

That is all for this week.

![WAFRIC2w.jpg]() Art by @anikearn

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b) Your post must contain at least 300 chars and 1 link to an image or photo
A winner would be chosen everyday and will be rewarded 1 SBD. At the end of the week a weekly winner will be chosen.

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Thanks a lot @wafrica, we sincerely appreciate this kind gesture towards the support of @backtoschool project.. God bless you all

We are glad to see such projects been carried out around the world. Most grace, more strength to you and your team.

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Wow! We @backtoschool say a very big thank you for the contribution... @lordjames and the entire community of @wafrica.

Nice post
I hail everyone in @wafrica for the good works

You have done amazing job @wafrica

Wow, i thank you on behalf of @backtoschool
Congratulations to all the winners...
Welldone @wafrica

@wafrica Pls look into the discord link...
It keeps saying it has expired

Congratulations to all the winners and to @desmoniac in a special way 👍😊.

Lol.. Thanks bro,

You welcome 😁😁.

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Congratulations to all the winners.
Beautiful compilation @lordjames, excellent job, well done.

@wafrica dah there is a new y its logo