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You have a great dream. I really hope that someday your dreams will come true. I hope that you find the cure for AIDS as you have proposed. All you need do is keep at it, work towards it. Nothing is impossible.

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1. @phenzzy


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Thanks for educating us more on how deadly rabies is. I agree, the prognosis is terrible as I have seen a child die of it before. The public need to be educated more on this.

2. @korexe


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You let us in on the Yoruba culture. You took us on an educational tour. Great job there.

3. @abdane


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Congratulations on the recovery of your dad. Hope truly beacons. And I will quote you,

You don’t have to always carry the confidence and mindset that you’ve got everything properly figured out and you don’t really need the God of some religious group by your side.

4. @dhavey


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Great words by Charlie Chaplin,

We all need to help each other. We need to live by one other's satisfaction – not by each other's wretchedness.

5. @nellypreccy


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Now I want me some brown rice😀😀😀. That was quite enlightening.

Good news!!!

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Thank you @artzanolino. The @wafrica curators appreciate you!

@wafrica Milestone so far

We hit 100 followers in one day . That's some achievement!!! Cheers to many more

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Congratulations @lizbethk
I join you to thank #wafrica @syfurogi for the token. #wafrica is indeed here to make impacts.
@artzanlino thanks for giving us splatterman. It's beautiful. IMG_20180325_041013_267.jpg


We are surrounded by the greatest in humanity!

I will help feature this in my new posts, tell people to come here and artzone, nd also I resteemed

I ned to encourage more oeopel in west africa to get on DTUBE and make VIDEOS! All of Aria is like a perfect movie studio!

Thanks for the comment, its so valuable
I have to stay tuned to read the post and resteem too to further make artzone known
#Artzone all the way

Congratulation @lizbethk thanks for the good work wafrica with you we west african are motivated

Wooh am motivated @wafrica doing great things for westafrican am so happy thanks for the good work. Have been try to preach to my friend on steemit here that they should always use the tag is ours thanks sir @surfyogi you are our driven force

Congratulation @lizbethk ,may you achieve your dreams.

Thumbs up to @wafrica, great accomplishment in just one day.

Great initiative to reward awesome contents. Seems @gee1 is ubiquitous in her curation responsibility. Kudos @gee1. Resteemed

Thank you 😀😀😀

Awesome, another steemit community in the making! Great intiative by @surferyogi once again. 🙏🏽

Thanks for showcasing my artwork 🤓✊🏽

Oh! I didn't know this. I will tag you guys subsequently on my posts. Well done to you all.

Congrat @lizbethk, just as the saying goes; "a golden Fish has no bidding place.

Smiles, thank you

congratulations @lizethk . i pray you achieve your dreams.
@wafrica thank you for motivation.

I hope to see you at one of our festivals someday....lol

I like africa and those people.

Wow congratulations @lizbethk Thus is super amazing. @wafrica is sure doing great already. This is so impressive. Respect to boss @surfyogi. Wow

Congratulations to @lizbethk. Such a wonderful you did pull out there and thanks to this platforms who appreciates things like this especially if its a good content.
Now, Africans can enjoy some level of good contents getting the deserves reward for a job well done.
Nice job here @surfyogi and the African curators of our time. Good job @gee1

Congrats @lizbethk, little by little you will get there with your dreams. Just don't stop working harder ok💪👍
Congrats to @wafrica as well, our hard works will pay of💪✌♥️🙌🙏

In the future we should experiment and know if africa or wafrica tag brings more views intially? we can switch first tags later when the time comes..
@gee1 thanks so much!

OK then. We could experiment that soon.

You are welcome anytime @surfyogi.

Thank you too!!!

Your selected rightly. Her content was just on point. I salute the effort of the judges to come to this conclusion, I cannot agree more or less. Above all, I'm happy that #wafrica comes into existence. @surfyogi is a man who loves humanity. Well-done sir

@wafrica doing great things for steemit users, I am very glad, thank you for the good work. Have been trying to preach to my friends in steemit here that they should always use tags is ours thank you @surfyogi You are our power driven

@korexe thanks for showing the world part of the Yoruba culture..
And well done to @wafrica, you're helping to showcase people. Thank you

Congrats dear for your hardwork.@wafrica is blessed to have you. Let continuously transform lives around us without limitations.surely we will get there. Thank you @surfyogi our father and curators of the @wafrica.

I'm blessed to have #wafrica and @surfyogi and all the wonderful people here.

Thank you @wafrica and thank you to everyone who is standing by me supporting my dream.
Together we will make this world a better place to live in for our children..

Congratulations @lizbethk, @wafrica is our pride and a beautiful representation of us all in the outer world, we gotta stand by her and let her take us to the next level.

Thats good job..

follow @ resteem done...

Congratulation guys..great work

This is a big dream for West Africa. As a Nigerian am really happy for this development. I shall resteem this awesome post thanks

Awesome article. Am happy for what wafrica are doing, this is a great development.

Congratulations @lizbethz, that is some big dream you have there but nothing is impossible like it is said on the post. Keep it up!

thats good at all
@resteem done

Great work @wafrica..Another community in the making...all the way up
Congrats @lizbethk keep steeming...bless up
I am @vickyrich