Difference between good Programmer and best programmer

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This is coming from a person who has worked with countless of developers in the IT outsourcing industry. Unsurprisingly, great developers easily standout from the rest. In my 20 years in the industry, these are the skills and attitudes I have seen great programmers possess.
Broad experience and expertise

The great programmers I have known either have mastered one tech language or have become adept with multiple tech languages. They already know what technology would be best for a project, and how to troubleshoot most problems. This is definitely the most common asset of a great programmer. Nothing beats exceptional skills and knowledge.

Exceptional communication and work ethics

Great programmers have the excellent ability to communicate problems, breaking it down to understandable concepts, and propose organised solutions. What many don’t realise is that communication is a fundamental skill anyone should master. Better communication skills will make it easier for you to express your ideas.

Constant learner

As the tech landscape constantly changes, developers who are great at their craft make an effort to be up-to-date with tech trends to keep their skills and knowledge sharp. This sets good programmers from great ones: always being eager to learn and improve.

Attentive to detail

Great programmers are keen to details. They double-check and scrutinize their code if it’s properly placed or if it works. You know you are getting good results with great developers.

Eager problem-solver

A great programmer does not let himself be overwhelmed, rather he accepts challenges and eagerly troubleshoots issues. These kinds of developers always have a “can-do” and positive attitude when faced with a problem.

Great task and time management skills

Great developers are highly dependable. They know how to estimate the amount of time needed to finish tasks and know how to deal with clients and team members for the projects success.


This is something great developers possess. It’s amazing how they can connect ideas and see the overlooked to solve problems. While most developers are born with it, others can still improve their creativity. Why not try ?

Both independent and a team player

Great developers are someone who can work with others and can finish tasks by themselves as well. Great developers offer their knowledge with others and encourage their team members to perform well. Both traits make a great developer flexible with working with various teams.


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As a programmer, and one who’s also worked with some doozies, this article is right on.

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