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A little rant:

People vote in politicians to represent them.

The politicians then become representatives.

They fail.

They then introduce new taxes.

The politicians introduce all new sorts of "departments" to handle the taxes.

People complain about the taxes.

People always think that the funds from taxes are not being utilized the best.

The politicians blame the departments and take no responsibility for their own failures. After all they are the ones who govern things and are the only people who are 100% responsible for the failures to date that brought about the need for more taxes.

Come time for voting, people vote for the same old names/faces, from the same old clans.

What is wrong with this picture?

Oh yeah, doesn't this kinda sound familiar?

As I say, "Technology changes, human nature doesn't".

& btw, I wonder how many voters are actually still alive?

)Image Source

Does that sound kinda familiar too?

All I have to say for today.


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Me I'm dead! Wait what were we talking about again?


Hey Ryiv,

One of the things I've learned from actual members of the "former" Communist party, and in particular from an international agent who is still an agent, but for the new "non communist" republic now allegedly "democratic" republic, wait a minute, they claimed to be "democratic" before too, but let's leave that for another day.

To cut a long story short, these people, individuals who used to uphold the anti-individual theories of that "ism" mentioned to me a number of times:

"if you don't want anything solved, just name a commission/committee"

Now, the funny part is, these people went to specially set up educational facilities to learn how to handle the masses and how to control the masses all in the name of "communism/socialism".

& from what I see, a lot of those theories and practices can be seen outside of the "former" eastern block too!



So is.

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Spot on!!!!!!

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