7/30 Challenge - What about a volunteer job?

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I decided to take part to this challenge (started by @bkdbkd and @verhp11) to stretch the writing muscle and honestly because it’s fun.

So lets start with day 7
Have you ever considered a volunteer job? What Kind of volunteering would you consider?

Yes, I also did a lot of volunteer jobs before.

  1. In a holiday residence for people with different health problems. I realized how lucky I am and I have one of the best experience in my life meeting some of the best people I can ever imagine to meet.
  2. In an eco-farm in the south of Portugal. I met my best friend, partner in crime, best example of financial independence, and so far it left me with some really great memories. I also met Ray, there. An amazing soul whom I remember with the biggest warmth in my heart and a tear on my eyes. Rest in peace, my dear rastaman. <3

And much more, but I’ll talk about it in other posts in the future.

If you like to join the 30-days contest, please follow these rules:

Use the hashtag #creativepostchallenge, so @bkdbkd can find your blog!
Share the link & the rules of this post and challenge in the end of your post so other users can find it too.
Have fun!

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