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Life has its own way of dealing with people, the course with which we live our life goes about shaping the character of a person. We tend to give up soon and become judgemental soon, but we fail to know that what ever happens it for good .


The main reason for this article is to tell you all how important it is to be patient in life, suffering is not a symbol of weakness, it is a symbol of strength. No matter what come sin life first thing that matters is how do you receive it. Expectations hurt and when you do it on regular basis it hurts even more. So stop expecting.

Do not fix timelines for action of life, what ever is supposed to happen will happen at the right time. We call it life because it has its own timelines for highs and lows. You need to realize there is hardly anything that is in your hand, so worrying about it is a pure waste of time.

So all I want to say is if you are going through sufferings it is not the end of life, it is just the beginning. Some may get over this phase very soon and some may take longer but in the end life is same for everyone. What matters is how you see it and make the best out of it. There are few decisions which you make thats makes or breaks life, so be wise with your decisions and what you get into.

In the end it is all gonna be fine, if it is not fine then it is not the end.

We at @voiceshares believe in creating the support system to those souls whose voices are suppressed. We would strongly urge you to write your stories of depression while staying completely anonymous and send it us through the below link.

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Value relationships and people around you, respect feelings in life and live it right. There are people who come and go the only one who will remain with you till the end is going to be you and you alone.


Reserving my comment here to, later on, come... if necessary.

But in essence... my take is. Patience empowers your limits!

It surely does....Looking forward to your comment

I really like this last bit...

Value relationships and people around you, respect feelings in life and live it right.

It's one of the most overwhelming things in life... we can't do everything! Eventually, something has to left behind, someone will get eventually hurt, or you will eventually make mistakes. But that's NORMAL!

We are humans and we fail, learn and evolve! That's simple life... And to be honest, there is no best to live it. Just listen to your feelings, motivations, and go ahead seeking your dreams.

For some 100 years might feel like a LOT... but to be honest, life is short, unrepeatable (for now), unique and a hell lot of fun! You make your own happiness... how? Be what you wanna be... be happy!

Stay true to yourself, challenge yourself everyday.... Do not let yourself down.... It's difficult but it's worth a try....

Amazing comment... Thank you

The Buddha said that "existence is suffering" and "its cause is desire".

The desire for things to be different than they are moves us away from the nature of life as it is revealed to us in this very moment.

It would be wise to temper our desires, learn to accept and as you say have patience when we find we are struggling against life as though it were something that is happening to us rather than with us.

Buddhism is the religion which many wud embrace for the mere values like this which it preaches, I love it personally too.. Thank you for sharing this comment here :)


Thank you too.

If suffering it is a sign of strength I am the strongest men in the whole World. Lol but I get the point and it is a nice reading. Thank you for it

Trust me you are, you can face any situation better than others... You are awesome.. thank you

Thank you so much for the empowerment today

OMG, I just wrote a blog depression on my notepad...Prolly will add more details into it later. You're helping a lot of people who suffer from anxiety, depression and those who feel they're all alone. Thank you !

Thank you for the comment, we are glad to be f some help in any which way we can. If you would like to share the story through voiceshares do let us know we will be happy to assist... no one is alone when they have voiceshares

Made my eyes water and I mean it. I am going to condition myself and will surely stop by anytime soon. Again, thank you @voiceshares !

You are always welcome my friend, thank you for believing in voiceshares.... Means a lot :)

You should always make the best out of every situation! Thinking postive always helps and it helps too to know that everyone else is sharing the same experience :) Great post!

Positive thinking is the key, and you can always connect on voiceshares to find people like you and no one is alone in their fight

It took a bit, but I learned to be patient in life and realise I will get to where I need to be in time.

exactly my point, there is no need to rush up things and spoil it all!! Thank you

You're welcome. :)

Good Post Friend. This Is So True About Expectations. The One Of The Main Reasons For Negative Emotions Is Because Of Expectations. It Is As We Make Our Own Problems Every Day :D. And About The Time, I Can Say It Is Human Made Way, Of How To Measure Things. So Remembering It Can Help You Not To Think About It So Much . Live For This Moment . Happiness Is A State Not A Goal :)

Happiness is a state and is temporary, dont expect anything temperary to stay in your life everytime

Yes, True ,If Happiness is One Thing . But What If My Life Goal Is Gaining As Much Moments And Information In Life. Than I Am Constantly Making Temporary Happiness States . In Witch I Can Be Happy All The Time :)) Bad Days Are Needed,And It Is Expiriance ,Witch Helps Identify Good Moments . So If You Use Reframing (NLP) You Can Be Happy With What You Have . It Doesnt Matter Is It Good Or Bad . Especially When Good And Bad Is Subjective And Is Determinated By Your Goal :)

Good or bad will also be determined by our way of accepting things in life... That's a great comment... Thank you

about accepting things it is a matter of mindset . i have made a post witch might be interesting to you -

This is a very inspiring post. Great reminder as I'm drinking my coffee this morning :)

Wish you have a very eventful day :)

Absolutely well said , especially the quotations on Expectations!
I've been through this last year, I was expecting the same respect and love that I gave to my colleagues at work...but i was wrong!
And as you said , everything that happens , is for'll realize it later on!

Hey @progressivechef, nice to hear from you. expectations always hurt and its sad to see that happen to you. It didn do any harm to your life instead it made u stronger.. I m happy for what u r today ... a much stronger person... stay happy brother :)

Good days always come after bad time, suffering is not weakness! Great motivation voice share by @voiceshare.
Thank you

Exactly , it is a cycle, thank you :)

My life have always been in shambles.. and sufferings is not an exception. True to your words, sufferings gives me the strength.. I pushed myself forward because I wanted to stop the sufferings... sometimes I failed but most times, after I've gotten on my feet, I feel alright... so never give up when you suffer, it's not the end of the world!👍🏻👍🏻

You are a fighter and very few people we have like you... keep up the spirit, its amazing to see you speak

Great post, thank you!
Time is our most valued resource but sometimes people try to save time on something and end up just ruining the end result. Sometimes people miss estimate on how much time something can take and when they start a project (like an esteem blog, for example, :P) they end up throwing it after not seeing money first weeks.

Please check my new post, I think you will like it!

Thats true brother, so Patience is the key word... I did go thru th epost, its interesting how u speak of two perceptions..kkeep it gng

TNX Brother :) I will keep it gng haha

suffering is not a symbol of weakness, it is a symbol of strength. Optimisim> pessimisim, more of the former, less of the latter, awesome

Exactly!!! You got that spot on, it is a means to make you stronger

"Please include your BTS Address along with your story to receive some voiceshare tokens from our team."

I apologize if this is an ignorant question, but what is "BTS?"

@gamingcrisis- BTS is Bitshares wallet address, it is a DEX where tokens are exchanged....

Oh okay, I'll look it up. I've heard of Bitshares, but always assumed it was a token in itself.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I appreciate it.

Great article mate. You got my vote + resteem :]

Thanks a lot brother

I agreed with you. We have to be optimistic all the way. :-) Thanks for sharing wonderful contents. :-)

Thank youo for going through our blog, keep the support going :)

Philippians 1:6New International Version (NIV)

6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

I have read this post. I like is beautiful post and real . if you agree this post , please vote me and fallow me.

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