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RE: It Is All Gonna Be Fine At The End, If Its Not Fine Then It Is Not The End!!

Good Post Friend. This Is So True About Expectations. The One Of The Main Reasons For Negative Emotions Is Because Of Expectations. It Is As We Make Our Own Problems Every Day :D. And About The Time, I Can Say It Is Human Made Way, Of How To Measure Things. So Remembering It Can Help You Not To Think About It So Much . Live For This Moment . Happiness Is A State Not A Goal :)


Happiness is a state and is temporary, dont expect anything temperary to stay in your life everytime

Yes, True ,If Happiness is One Thing . But What If My Life Goal Is Gaining As Much Moments And Information In Life. Than I Am Constantly Making Temporary Happiness States . In Witch I Can Be Happy All The Time :)) Bad Days Are Needed,And It Is Expiriance ,Witch Helps Identify Good Moments . So If You Use Reframing (NLP) You Can Be Happy With What You Have . It Doesnt Matter Is It Good Or Bad . Especially When Good And Bad Is Subjective And Is Determinated By Your Goal :)

Good or bad will also be determined by our way of accepting things in life... That's a great comment... Thank you

about accepting things it is a matter of mindset . i have made a post witch might be interesting to you -

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