It surely does....Looking forward to your comment

I really like this last bit...

Value relationships and people around you, respect feelings in life and live it right.

It's one of the most overwhelming things in life... we can't do everything! Eventually, something has to left behind, someone will get eventually hurt, or you will eventually make mistakes. But that's NORMAL!

We are humans and we fail, learn and evolve! That's simple life... And to be honest, there is no best to live it. Just listen to your feelings, motivations, and go ahead seeking your dreams.

For some 100 years might feel like a LOT... but to be honest, life is short, unrepeatable (for now), unique and a hell lot of fun! You make your own happiness... how? Be what you wanna be... be happy!

Stay true to yourself, challenge yourself everyday.... Do not let yourself down.... It's difficult but it's worth a try....

Amazing comment... Thank you

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