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  1. My father was not the most pleasant person to be around given his unwavering misanthropy and minimum hesitation when it came to voicing his opinions.

  2. Joke - Q: What did the misogynist name his new boat?
    A: Dave.

  3. Misandry was rife during the 1960's after the beginning of the Women's Liberation Movement.

  4. Misopedia was just another one of my father's less than attractive traits that contributed to his overall unpleasantness.

  5. Joke - Q: How many misoneists does it take to change a lightbulb?

  6. Yeah I tried miso soup once - a good rule to follow is that if it's fermented - you probably shouldn't eat it...

Good work!

Love the first joke. LOL, literally!

What's the punch line to the 2nd?

The lightbulb needs changing - misoneism is a fear/hatred of change ergo a misoneist WOULDN'T change a lightbulb.
Sorry about that, really needed to tell that joke in person so you could see my facial expression as I told it - you know that look you get when something is stupidly obvious or goes without saying, that look someone gives you that says "You know!?"....and there's a little sideways look with the discreet nod of the head.

OK, got it. Quite witty! Thanks.


  1. Misanthropy.
    I would not blame animals for their misanthropy, because some humans do not treat animals very well.

  2. Misogynist.
    We knew the speaker was a misogynist the moment he started speaking against women in such a spiteful way.

  3. Misandry.
    The women at the protest seemed to encourage misandry when they started chanting against the men who were chanting back at them, standing in a group across the street.

  4. Misopedia.
    Sometimes even the most patient person will suffer from misopedia when there's a screaming child running around wild in a restaurant.

  5. Misoneism.
    A lot of people who are uneducated and have not been outside their little bubble may suffer from misoneism and may not even know it.

  6. Miso soup:
    At the restaurant, the miso soup did not seem to attract any of the eight people at our table.

Good work!

And as I commented under another person's exercise, many animals would have good reason to be misanthropes!! Think of factory-farmed chickens or beef or pigs, and think of wild animals chased and slaughtered by trophy hunters.

Damn, I think I'm becoming a misanthrope!!! (A short step from misopedia, indeed.)

Yeah, I agree. Indeed.

PS: Thanks!


  1. He don’t understand why there are misanthropy of all such things.

  2. Some people think that President Trump is a misogynist.

  3. She had a bad experience with men that made her feel misandry towards them.

  4. Anyone with misopedia toward little ones probably have a mental issue to deal with.

  5. People with misoneism are used to doing things that are mundane hence narrow minded.

  6. She enjoys eating miso soup, despite of what it really means in Japanese term.

Good work!


  1. Misanthropy:
    I bet all wild animals are full of misanthropy though they lack intelligence.

  2. Misogynist:
    Pierre was a misogynist not until he got an education from university.

  3. Misandry:
    Joan is always filled with misandry whenever he goes to the boys dormitory.

  4. Misopedia:
    I live with children at home but nonetheless I am always filled with misopedia.

  5. Misoneism:
    He could not believe the level of misoneism he had to deal with when he got to Russia.

  6. Miso soup:
    I failed to eat the miso soup on my vacation in China.

Good work!

Great concept re animals having misanthropy. I've never heard such a proposition before, and I doubt that it's ever been stated before. That's because usually, "misanthropy" refers to a human's dislike of other humans.

But, certainly, there if an animal could hate, many would be "full of misanthropy." With good reason, too!!!


  1. Misanthropy is an abnormal behavior.
  2. John's inability to keep relationship with women has turned him to a misogynist.
  3. Misandry is a common practice among feminists.
  4. Misopedia is rare among humans because most humans have natural love for children
  5. The soup was referred to as a miso soup because nobody requested for it at the party.
  6. Misoneism can make someone miss great opportunities in life.

Good work!


  1. The worst must have really happened to you to feel all that MISANTHROPY.
  2. I had to defend you from his MISOGYNY which was highly evident with the way he talks and looks at you.
  3. Don’t be a MISANDRY just because you’ve encountered one MISOGYNISTIC man - there are still great ones out there.
  4. It’s a sad truth that a lot of people in our generation have MISOPEDIA.
  5. Perhaps people are not successful in their own ways because they have deep-rooted MISONEISM.
  6. James @majes.tytyty, do you hate MISO SOUP? If yes, why?! (I love miso soup and most Japanese foods!)

No, during my years in Japan, I came to like miso soup quite a bit. But, when making this "Vocab-ability" exercise, I could not resist the great chance to make a silly word-play / joke.

I do not like a lot of Japanese food, but I love authentic nigiri sushi, and I eat it when I have the chance / when I can afford it. If I just think about a few chunks of shake, ikura, maguro, toro, and anago, I start to salivate. :-)

Oh, all right! :-)

I had to search the English counterparts of the Japanese foods you just said, because here in my place they're already in English, and I have to say that I LOVE shake (torched) and ikura sushi! I'm far away from the restaurant where I can get it, which kind of sucks.


  1. misanthropy
    Lured by his precise misanthropy and by his great literary theories, he became an amazing observer.
  2. misogynist
    The teacher we had at the Marketing class was a misogynist and that made him lose its entire audience.
  3. misandry
    Some believe that standardised misandry can't exist due to patriarchy.
  4. misopedia
    She had a strong misopedia after she lost both children in a car accident.
  5. misoneism
    The misoneism of groups seems to be one of the strongest reasons in favour of the particular character of the invention.
  6. miso soup
    From the many things that I know for sure I wouldn't try, there is the miso soup.

Good work!


  1. Misanthropy:
    Would you believe me if I told you Jesus was actually a misanthropist?

  2. Misogynist:
    Truth be told, I've been called a misogynist a time or two by people I respect.

  3. Misandry:
    As a little boy, my misandry kept me apart of the rotten males that were toxic.

  4. Misopedia:
    That Grench has misopedia, a thing from her childhood days, and takes it out on Billy and Jimmy because of it.

  5. Misoneism:
    You are pulling out some of my misoneism by introducing these new words to us almost every day of the week.

  6. Miso soup:
    You are going to have to expand how miso soup is connected with the hatred of Japanese and why the Japanese have taken on to calling one of their main dishes such.

Good work!

I'd believe it.

As for the "miso" soup, the Japanese meaning has nothing to do with the Greek root "miso." I just took the coincidence to do a little trans-lingual word play.

And, of course, some foreigners hate miso soup. :-)



I don’t speak good English and, for the most part, I’m a misanthrope


While men, especially white men, continue to be slotted into the savior role, women who run for office continue to provoke misogynist reactions.


Sophia is a dental student who is in the asylum as she has cultivated intense misandry, after a lecturer misbehaved with her.


And one can easily claim that the pro-choice movement is mired in misandry and misopedia hatred of children, because the pro-choice movement has long implied that unborn children are unwanted, deadly parasites upon females that obstruct their autonomous careers and lifeplans and that each pregnancy is quasi-violative act of colonization by a male upon a female.


Philoneism may be nobler and more humane, but, unfortunately, it is only misoneism that is true.

6.Miso soup:

The biofuels in question were made from algae (aquatic plant-like organisms, but not the kind found in miso soup).

Good work!

That's a pretty extreme view of the pro-choice group!!

Thank you so much for your Upvote it help me a lot to survive on Steemit 😊


  1. Misanthropy
    Although misandry is sometimes confused with misanthropy, the terms are not interchangeable, since the latter refers to the hatred of humanity.
  2. Misogynist
    Despite growing up in the segregated South and battling misogynist attitudes at every turn, Joan realized her dream to become a pilot.
  3. Misandry
    Misandry is misogyny. The way I see it, the years of women being oppressed resulted in bad things for men as well.
  4. Misopedia
    Misopedia has been responsible for children's death over the years.
  5. Misoneism
    A farmer's misoneism, for example, might lead her to use plow-pulling oxen rather than tractors and to milk her cows by hand rather than using newer milking machines.
  6. Miso Soup
    I was almost forced to try out miso soup at a Japanese town, but I strongly resisted all through.

Good work!

Vive la Resistance!

Brother, welcome to this post because I'm waiting for this post. Do you like this post everyday. Thanks to you

Yes, I do these post 6 times a week. They'll continue for another 3 months or so, when I'll reach the end of the series. I may re-run it after finishing this first round.

Dear @majes.tytyty

Finally Im catching up with all work and I may have some time to do things that I simply enjoy doing. So it's time to start following your english lessons :) I cannot afford my language to get any worse.

Right now your lessons seem to be a bit challenging for me, but with Keisha's help I will surely be able to join and get more involved.

ps. Is miso soup really hateful? :) Interesting hahaha

You're doing such a great job buddy

Sure, if you have time, please take part in these exercises. I originally produced the book for high-level ESL students, and both you and Keisha are at such high levels whereat you both could benefit from this advanced vocabulary.

You can even quiz each other on the more difficult words, just to reinforce your study.

By the way, miso soup is not really hateful. In fact, it's tasty once one gets used to it, and it is a very healthy food.

Somehow I've never been big fan of miso soup @majes.tytyty :)


Now this one is tough for me will take time to answer

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  1. It sounds misanthropic when someone lives as a hermit.
  2. Its very unlikely that gays are misogynists as many would say that.
  3. Maybe a gay will become misandry when the gay's boyfriend would leave forever.
  4. I could not think and imagine what is the cause of misopedia.
  5. Sometimes I have this misoneism in me and maybe the reason is my laziness.
  6. I don't wanna try miso soup, I want to love.

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