Why do you love being in Vietnamese community? You have 6 more days to join the contest!

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Hello Vietnamese community!

Today I want to announce that you can still join to contest that I wrote about 8 days ago. If you didn't hear about this contest please click here.

Now there are four posts in this contest. And this means there will be 2 winners for upvote list. I will add new winner for each 3 posts.

For example:
If there are 4, 5 or 6 posts, there will be 2 winners.
If there are 7, 8 or 9 posts, there will be 3 winners.
If there are 10, 11 or 12 posts, there will be 4 winners etc.

You can join to contest until June, 12th. Contest will end at midnight in Vietnamese time.

There will be meetup in Saigon and Hanoi on June, 10th. I hope that spirit will remind you why you love being in Vietnamese community :)

I wish I would join to those meetups, but unfortunately I will have 2 important exams in following days, so I will need to study for them. But I hope we can meet in future events, I'm planning to join by Discord, Skype or Teamviewer if it's possible :)
I hope you all have fun in there!

Hungry Banana...


em đang viết đây,chờ tác phẩm nhé

Fantastic! But I am not Vietnamese, just someone who lives and loves Vietnam @hungrybanana

Thank you a lot for the extension :)))

Your welcome. I hope you join too :)

I hope you join this contest too!