Contest for Vietnamese Community! Why you love being in Vietnamese community?

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Hello Vietnamese community!

It has been long time since my last contest. So I decided to announce new contest. This time concept will be a little bit different.

Here's the requirements for this small contest:

  1. You have to read this post carefully
  2. You have to be Vietnamese (I'll check whether you get upvotes from @dang007 or not, if you have Vietnamese contents before, it's okay too.)

What you should do the win the prize?

  1. You need to write about why you love being in Vietnamese community. You should write about this topic, but I would like to hear about what should we do to improve our community as well, so you can write a paragraph about this too.
  2. You should add tag #bananacontest as you can see in this post as well. If you don't want to use this tag, you can also comment link of your post below.
  3. Upvote this post and resteem it for other people to see it (optional, you don't have to resteem if you don't want).
  4. You can write more than 1 post for this contest, I will read them all and it will increase chance to be winner.

In this contest, reward will be different. You will be on my upvote list and I will upvote your future posts automatically (it's 3 cents for now, but it will increase soon).

Even I add you to my upvote list, if I see you write about topics which is not appropriate (nsfw, etc.) I can remove you from my list.

You can join to contest until June 6, 2018. But if you want to write after that time, you can comment below, I can change deadline.

How many winners there will be?
I will choose at least 1 winner, but it can increase up to 3 or even 5 winners. It depends to content count. If you share this contest with other people, I will choose more winner which means your chance will increase.


Hi all,
I will contribute to this contest. The top winner will be added to the @teamvn secondary list. After two weeks, the top winner's blog will be assessed for quality and will get upgraded to the primary list.

If the top winner is already in the bot's upvote list then she/he will receive 2 SBI shares instead.

Thank you so much for your contribution!

This post has received a 33.33 % upvote from @kath1 thanks to: @hungrybanana.

Thanks both

Great contest, Hung! What about minimum words?

Good luck to all contestants!

There is no minimum words, but more than 150 words will be fine :)

Great contest. I'm in

Hahah, good to hear it, but aren't you on my upvote list already? lol

ha ha, you're right. Resteemed

Thank you, you can still join. For fun :)

Hi @hungrybanana
It's great that you organize this contest.
I'm quite busy, so before I decided to join. I want to confirm your note. It has "etc", it is too wide and will almost follow your preference.

Even I add you to my upvote list, if I see you write about topics which is not appropriate (nsfw, etc.) I can remove you from my list.

Example: Suppose I won the prize and was on your upvote list and in the future, I write about politics and against communism, what do you with my post?

I think I would remove from list. I'm respectful to each politics, but this wouldn't be appropriate, because every step we take here is recorded, so I wouldn't want to take risk.

The problem is that you are afraid. Thanks for saying what you think. You are like many Vietnamese I know.
I also fear and I live in Vietnam, I have been in field of view for a long time. But I have overcome that fear. There are many ways to overcome our fears if you want to.
I will not attend this contest because your answer and for the love of the Vietnamese community is without reason. I also hate our community, it's like a spice for love.
Wishing you victory over your fears :)

I don't live in Vietnam, so there's nothing to fear for me. Even I would live in Vietnam, I wouldn't afraid of it as well. I just don't want to be in politics much. It's really waste of time, because people will understand what they want to understand. So it's same as talking with wall. But I respect your opinions. You don't have to join to contest for price, but you can join for fun. I really want to learn your opinions about this community. It will be self-criticism and it will be helpful to improve ourselves.
You can write about what you think when you have time. I'm really wondering your thoughts.

I do not understand why you think It's really waste of time when politics directly affects the lives of all of us. But I think, you are deceiving yourself because your 2 replies are inconsistent in content. But each one has a way of thinking and a way of life, so we do not understand each other.
About joining, I'm not sure since I'm new to Steemit and the Steemit Vietnam community. If there is a good idea I will write, because the contest's purpose of improving the community. So, I do not promise. :)
Have a nice day @hungrybanana

I have lots of things in my mind, so those were my opinions. They're not inconsistent in my mind, but I didn't explain relation between those 2 different comments. That's why it looks inconsistent. Now I would write 3rd different thing, but it would be even more different than others.
I will be waiting for your content if you join. Please let me know, so I don't miss it.
Have a nice day too :)

oh I have been already on the list ... Good luck to all, thank you Banana for your contest ^^

Thanks, you can join for fun if you want :)

Nice contest. Good luck for all ^^

Thank you for passing by. It was long time since I saw your comment, good to see you here again :)

Great contest, and i must be think the content of my next post now. hope you will like this!

I'm sure I will like it, I'll be waiting for it.

I can write in Vietnamese.

You can write in Vietnamese if you want, but I don't know Vietnamese, so I will use translation to understand your content. But feel free to write in any language you want.

woa A good contest, I think I will participate.

I will be waiting for your post :)

This sounds like a great way to get the Vietnamese community involved on Steemit. I look forward to contributing.

Thank you, you can join until next Tuesday :) I will be waiting for your post.

chúc mng có bài thi chất lượng

Hope your contest will be successful and find the winner with good article

Thank you, I hope you join too!

good luck all

Thank you. I hope you join it too, I will be waiting for it :)

I want to join your contest. Can i write by english or vietnamese?

You can write however you feel comfortable. I can use Google Translate if you write in Vietnamese.

Great way to increase engagement rate! Bravo!

Great contest !
Thanks for your contest. Good luck for all!

Good luck everyone. A good contest

Thank you so much. I wish you join it too :)

Good luck. Wish you luck always

Thank you for your support! I hope you join it too :)

thanks you contest

Your welcome, I hope you join it too :)

I do not know about rewards! What will I get when I win? Sorry if this is a stupid question. because I do not understand.

I will add you to my upvote list if you win. This means your posts will receive upvotes from me automatically.

Ah, I understand