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RE: Contest for Vietnamese Community! Why you love being in Vietnamese community?

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Hi @hungrybanana
It's great that you organize this contest.
I'm quite busy, so before I decided to join. I want to confirm your note. It has "etc", it is too wide and will almost follow your preference.

Even I add you to my upvote list, if I see you write about topics which is not appropriate (nsfw, etc.) I can remove you from my list.

Example: Suppose I won the prize and was on your upvote list and in the future, I write about politics and against communism, what do you with my post?


I think I would remove from list. I'm respectful to each politics, but this wouldn't be appropriate, because every step we take here is recorded, so I wouldn't want to take risk.

The problem is that you are afraid. Thanks for saying what you think. You are like many Vietnamese I know.
I also fear and I live in Vietnam, I have been in field of view for a long time. But I have overcome that fear. There are many ways to overcome our fears if you want to.
I will not attend this contest because your answer and for the love of the Vietnamese community is without reason. I also hate our community, it's like a spice for love.
Wishing you victory over your fears :)

I don't live in Vietnam, so there's nothing to fear for me. Even I would live in Vietnam, I wouldn't afraid of it as well. I just don't want to be in politics much. It's really waste of time, because people will understand what they want to understand. So it's same as talking with wall. But I respect your opinions. You don't have to join to contest for price, but you can join for fun. I really want to learn your opinions about this community. It will be self-criticism and it will be helpful to improve ourselves.
You can write about what you think when you have time. I'm really wondering your thoughts.

I do not understand why you think It's really waste of time when politics directly affects the lives of all of us. But I think, you are deceiving yourself because your 2 replies are inconsistent in content. But each one has a way of thinking and a way of life, so we do not understand each other.
About joining, I'm not sure since I'm new to Steemit and the Steemit Vietnam community. If there is a good idea I will write, because the contest's purpose of improving the community. So, I do not promise. :)
Have a nice day @hungrybanana

I have lots of things in my mind, so those were my opinions. They're not inconsistent in my mind, but I didn't explain relation between those 2 different comments. That's why it looks inconsistent. Now I would write 3rd different thing, but it would be even more different than others.
I will be waiting for your content if you join. Please let me know, so I don't miss it.
Have a nice day too :)

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