The Two Things I'm Doing Right Now To Improve My Videos

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Hi Friends!

Lately I've been really working on improving the overall look and feel of my videos. I think there are two main components that help this.

1. Surrounding Myself with Content Creators I Admire

For me - this has meant not only following creators I appreciate here on Steemit, but looking to YouTube as well. There are certainly creators here on Steemit that have quality video content I admire, but there is an entire sea of creators on YouTube that I connect with too.

Even though what they post about may be different than my content... I can still dissect their videos to learn from how they structure content, what their b-roll to talking ratio is, and what types of editing add-in's I enjoyed. Even if I don't have as good of equipment or editing/filming skills as they do - I can still try to emulate some of what they are doing.

2. Maximizing the Resources I Currently Have

This is something I've been really focusing on lately. It's easy to look at famous YouTuber's and get overwhelmed because they obviously have better equipment - and sometimes even a team of people helping them. Before running out to purchase a bunch of expensive equipment though - check out your own setup to see if you are really maximizing your tools.

In this video, I go over a few tweaks I have recently made to help improve my videos that were either free or low cost. For example, I've starting using some different video features on my iPhone, got an app that allows me to change the fps and manually adjust the focus, got an inexpensive mic stand to help improve my audio quality, and dove into learning the finer features of my editing software.

The point is - there are often a lot of ways to better utilize your current setup and improve your video quality before buying new equipment.

Thanks for Watching!

I hope you guys enjoyed this video! If you have any questions or thoughts on anything I covered in this video - I'd love to hear from you! I look forward to chatting with you guys in the comments below.

XO, Lea


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You're so very adorable @coruscate!!! Just watching you in action is a blessing--more powerful upgrades are taking you over the top!!! Much love <3!


Aww big love to you my friend!!! ♥️


Ahhhhh.....gratefully received!

@coruscate = The Heart and Soul of the Steem Blockchain




In my short time wandering around the community here, I'd tend to agree


Couldn't agree more!!


Thanks my friend! <3

Great video my friend! The overlying message for this video is that you’re expressing your “growth mindset”. Individuals that seek improvement, in the light of others success, are bound to grow and flourish. Inspiration is a big part of life and I feel this video gives viewers and important message.

I have watched a number of different YouTube, Dtube, and Dlive videos in the hopes of improving my own content. You have inspired me to do more blog style videos. This is a great video with a great message for the community. Great job my friend and keep up the good work!


Thanks for the thoughtful response @mainos12345!

I can’t wait to see more of you vlog style videos!! Watching others videos really can be a great way to get inspiration.

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out my video! 😃

Keep being rad and you'll prolly do fine. Learning is the spice of life. Congrats on what you've done so far

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Haha I love your mindset! Focusing on being rad sounds like a good plan to me. ;)

Thanks for stopping by Brandon!

Just be open and let all new come in :))


Love it. That’s such a grounded way of approaching things.

Thanks for stopping by @foxkoit!


You are welcome :) And this what I was text.... This was the first thing that came to my mind when I watched the video.

Lea great video, I really like your style of learning and sharing with the community, and nice product placement (and mention:) of LaCroix lol. Have a great day! Joe


I'm so glad you enjoyed the video @jarotondi! You would almost think this video was sponsored by Lacroix... hahah I wish! Free LaCroix would help with my addiction. lol Or as my friend likes to call it, "LaCrack".

I hope you have an awesome day too and thank for stopping by!

I always learn something from your vlogs. You inspire me to continue growing and learning and I am forever grateful for our first interaction when I was literally like 1_2 weeks old on the platform and I responded to your post asking about songwriting. You were so genuine in your response and I've followed you ever since. Now here we are scheming up collaborations!! So much love to you!!

Oh, and check out what I'm brushing up on!!15304315359882631347961506590095.jpg

Because I'm in a wrist brace and not playing guitar for a few days, but it's all good!


Your in a wrist brace?? oh no! I hope your wrist heals up quickly.

Sooo exciting that you are re-reading Atlas Shrugged! That's a great idea to get brushed up on everything again for our collab. I have the audio book version - so I'll have to start listening to that again too.

I'm so grateful that we met too @crowbarmama. You've become a good friend and I love the energy you bring to this platform. It amazes me to see how much love and care you put into both your content and your community - especially considering that you have a homestead and a bunch of kiddos to take care of!

It's hard not to take notice how much of a standard you set forth for the Steemit community as a whole. You are always experimenting with your creativity! As far as the content equipment upgrades thing, yes it can be a hassle if not a burden to find ways to budget our passions but you are correct about the adaption makeups, there are plenty of ways to learn from others in spite of what we always had up front... that's not to say don't make wise investments!


aww thanks for your kind words @nodetact! And you are totally right - there is nothing wrong with upgrading equipment when your ready. I should have made that a bit more clear in my video - so thanks for mentioning it here. :)

Wow !!! That’s true and thank you for sharing this vdo. I am really appreciate that.


I'm so glad you found it helpful @giantkidishere!


Thank you again for a really good content .. I am new here on Dtube but you know what !! I feel like it is super great platform I learn a lot in here .. 🤗 love it love it.

Im giving you a shoutout tomorrow. You were my 500th subscriber!


No way!!! That's so exciting! :D

Congrats on hitting 500! I feel like that's always the hardest milestone to reach - and then the ball just keeps rolling from there. You'll hit 1k before you even know it! :)

it still don't understand steemit, it does not make sense at times. don't know how the rewards system works, some coder/dev should internally howrewards system distribution is done. can you make a video on how much to invest to get decent returns from steemit

Hi! @coruscate meet you today! Nice work!

This the point where I'm now to and I see a lot of potential for go forward with the quality of my Videos in the future. Is a hard work to bring good structure and technical quality in my Videos but I learn.


Yep, it is all a process. If it was easy, everyone would do it right? The nice thing is, even small tweaks can make a big difference. :)


Absolutely true and I work on it.

A lot of people say Steemit is dying, Youtube is crazy as hell but in here STEEM is stable and I love the tech behind this! I love DTube! Your videos are quite cool, I am stoned as hell and this was fun to see as I have an old camera with no use now! :D

So nice video i appreciate your dtube thanks for sharing..