[Vlog] Thoughts on buying goods & services with crypto, Seg2x/ No2x and Fit@40 series

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This morning's vlog touches on a few things that are currently on my mind...

The 'earn' economy

With more and more people from all walks of life getting into cryptocurrency I think it's important that holders provide gateways for newcomers to earn bitcoin, steem or whatever crypto they desire.

Whether someone approaches me about cryptocurrency, I'm trying to make my first thought how can I facilitate this person earning cryptocurrency, through either goods or services they have to offer. This way cryptocurrency becomes more than just a vehicle of speculation. It becomes an eco-system. A market into which people can expand their existing enterprises.

I talk about a couple of examples in today's video.

No2x? What did you expect!

I also talk about Segwit2x being suspended. If nothing else we must learn to expect the unexpected by now! Overall I think it is good for cryptocurrency. I touch on this in the video.

Coming soon...

I will be doing a Fit@40 series. In many ways I've been in my comfort zone of late. Writing this blog and in particular doing vlogs has helped me step out of it and into areas I never dreamed someone like me will go. I'm naturally a behind the scenes guy that prefers one-on-one private conversations to broadcasting to a larger audience.

However here I am, blogging and vlogging away on Steemit with my head firmly above the parapet. I guess you're never too old to discover new things about yourself. In many ways it is the only way to grow. I'm going to take it a step further with Fit@40, I'll be drawing on the expertise of @colossus39 and early next year @ivargereiko to whip this old warhorse into shape.

I know what it is like to train hard so I've been reluctant to take the plunge. However the stars seem to be aligning and now is the time to go for it (I think!).

Wish me luck!!!

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You are doing so so well to step forward and I can relate so much to those words. I wish you luck!

I'm naturally a behind the scenes guy that prefers one-on-one private conversations to broadcasting to a larger audience.

I never ever thought ( a year ago) that I would be able to earn cryptocurrencies or express my life journey, my thoughts, experience, music history, joys and fears in public. I am excited that I have learnt so much from this community. My head is spinning and fuming, thinking of better and meaningful ways to contribute.......


I think the best thing you can do is be yourself. You contribute so much by sharing your wonderful journey.

Speaking to you, you gave some useful insight that people overlook. Namely in a room full of super-users at a place like Steemfest, it is easy to forget the 'normal' (non-technical) person that we are ultimately trying to on-board. I think you have a great way of getting this message across.

Personally (and selfishly) I want to see that book idea that you told me about come to fruition. It sounds intriguing and will tell us what is really going on behind those kind eyes! :)


Thank you so much @nanzo-scoop to see and feel my message, my effort to share my life experience, travels, worries and joy of a lifetime.
I can't wait to see STEEM and other Cryptos rising to the sky :) because it would be such blessing to be able to sit still and find a peaceful place, where I could write my "story" of 7! different characters (all me of course) about 7! different areas I lived. 7! different lives.......to tell : "What is really going on behind those kind, sad but also happy eyes!" :)
Of course, I could do it now as well, distracted by too many responsibilities but I want to stop thinking about income and money for survival. I am tired and wish to dedicate my energy to more meaningful causes.

Hey! A film would be great! Heeee.....Never stop dreaming bigger than BIG!


hear hear

When the average not techie guy both owns and understands (platforms such as steemit and the token economy) crypto we will see people exchanging more and more in crypto rather than fiat. Im guessing this will take 5 years. Roll on the next 5 years! :)


I agree to you..Crypto is definitely the future,...Fiat Currency will be diminished in the upcoming years..We need to just wait and watch the power of cryptocurrency...!!!

You know what, I kinda been eating to many cookies lately 😂... going to get fit starting tommorrow! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


Jeez @stackin I'm not sure what you're worried about. You're looking just fine.

I'm a new member of the Steemit community and I like it so far. What I noticed when I get out of my comfort zone is that it widen my potential of doing better and I realized that Im capable of doing anything I put my mind to. So keep doing you. #cryptocurrencyisthefuture

hi @nanzo-scoop it was nice to meet you at Steemfest. I am still trying to get my head around meeting all those awesome people. We just got back Wednesday. Yeah, I didn't really believe Segwit2x was going to happen. You're an inspiration with your work-out routine. I lost about 35 pounds not long before I came to steemfest and have about 30 more to go, so I started a yoga and some training a few months back. I used to be at the gym 5 or 6 days a week, but nowadays the living room floor has to suffice. Soon the kids will start their training again (MA) and it will give me the chance to go as well. I'm looking forward to read/see more of you.


Hey - it was great sitting by you at dinner on Day 1, I think. Yep, Steemfest was a bit of a whirlwind for me also. One fascinating conversation after another. It's taken me a few days to digest it all. Congrats on the weight loss and workout regime. I think my challenge is always keeping my diet on point... but my damn sweet tooth always wins out!


I think it was day 1 too. But yes, a whirlwind is right. I haven't digested all yet, because now I am starting to connect with people I met all over again, so the spirit of Steemfest is kept alive for a little while. I don't mind that at all :) When we were all sitting at the tables on the final night, I looked around the place and thought to myself: "Damn, this would make a pretty nice little village." It's even a bit hard to get back to 'normal' when you just spent 5 days with so many people you have so much in common with, I think. 'Normal' for me here in Ireland oftentimes means being misunderstood or sometimes even completely crazy lol. Yes, that sweet tooth used to get me every time too, but now I do a total cleanse every now and then and with that, the sweet tooth gets less and less. I used to have two full spoons of sugar in my coffee, now only one small one and I don't really care too much about any other sweet stuff. It might make only a little difference, but baby steps are as good as any. I'm setting goals for myself and one of these goals is that by next year Steemfest, I'll be down to my ideal weight. So there: I have a witness...

The only issue i see with buying goods and services with cryptos is the fee's and mainly people take bitcoin as payment only however i would use eth just wouldn't use btc since the fee is so high


I try to use Steem or SBD where possible. Zero transaction fee and two second confirmations. It is also very easy for people to maintain their wallet online and to see transactions go through almost instantaneously (with notifications etc).

From there they can trade into whatever crypto they please or hodl/ spend Steem.

Great post. Wishing you good luck :) I was in the gym for a month and it was fantastic time. Going outside of comfort zone requires a little uncomfortable feelings and actions but it turns into the growth of the comfort. I was very happy when I worked out and your post motivated me to do it again and be consistent. :)

Yes go for the PT :) and you can even stay friend with brownies

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Best of luck. I've been trying to document my research using cryptocurrency as well. It's a great idea and perfect for the Steemit platform. Look forward to following it.

great post .... thanks for sharing

Хорошее начинание!

@nanzo-scoop I really enjoy your [vlog]. Keep them coming!!!

Good luck for that challenge! :)

Guy, your head is more brighter than my future 😂😋

It's good that there has been a pull back, it's healthy long term. There has been alot of publicity on bitcoin, with zero marketing budget.

What a cool Vlog...!!! I agree to you sir..crypto is definitely the future...!!

nice post!!😃

wonderful post

segwit got cancelled that was something really shocking to me

Nice material. Loving it. Just followed it. You guys might like my stuff too. I'm a technical analyst :) A very weird one.

i love they way you are thinking for the giving informative post to the people here this is your good quality thanks @nanzo-scoop

thats amazing...good luck buddy

although bald but cool boss.

With cryptocurrency Life is Better...I believe this future life is better...

thats amazing...good luck

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Hiiii @nanzo-scoop, very nice to read your contents and in video you looks so fresh and excited. you realy do a great job and efforts for community and also built your position. much impressed from your ideas and dedication for it. good luck.

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Amazing, best of luck dear.

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Great job dude , keep it up :)

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nice idea..Good luck

Good morning to you.. I wish you luck getting into shape.. maybe blog, type and workout at the same time, lol

I have to say that you looked very in shape! But I am always glad to see people trying to be better! I know a bit of stuff about fitness and if you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out!!
I love these vlogs too!