Crypto & Cardio #7 - Top 3 Long Term Crypto Holds (June 2018)

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So on yesterday’s post I was asked by @annemariemay, what cryptos am I in for the long term.

In today’s video I discuss the 3 cryptos I consider my long term holds.

(1) I’m holding for it’s security and simplicity as a store of value
(2) I’m holding for it’s potential in terms of scalability and overall value proposition in terms of use case, dev team, community and funding.
(3) I’m holding because of it’s practical application of the blockchain here and now. It is also an excellent on-boarding ramp for non-crypto enthusiasts.

Can you guess the three?

If not watch the video to find out!

I also discuss other coins I hold as hedges against these 3. As well as other types of use cases that interest me.

Ultimately though, I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter which coins you are invested in as long as the fundamentals are sound and you’re will to stick by them in good times as in bad… it is often through the bad times that you’re able to take advantage of of the good.

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Hey Nanzo, do you live in London? Would love to have a drink with you and talk cryptos next time I'm in the capital

Yep - I do. Sure it would be great to have a chat the next time your in town! 👍

Cool video idea man. I totally agree with you on all three of your long term holds, but I'm not into BTC. I missed it early and its just too expensive for me to get into now which is a shame, but it is what it is. If I had gotten into BTC at the right time I would be long term holding as well. Anyhow, keep up that cardio and keep these vids coming :)

Buying a whole bitcoin may be expensive, however even buying a fraction of a bitcoin could be a good investment if it multiples in value.

I'd still say that Bitcoin (even at these prices) will get a better return than 95% of cryptocurrencies in the long term.

I can guess EOS, steem and Bitcoin

And I was correct...... I need to join the EOS gang
I lost faith in bitcoin but steem and EOS... I have soft spot too for steem.

Nice talk about your holding and reason
U r doing something and making video... The passion is a hit multitasking 💪

We share Steem and BTC.
For some reason I am not to fond on EOS. But that’s more a gut feeling. Maybe because I did miss the train and EOS is above the max purchase price I put on it.
I do hope for you that it will sky rock to the moon and further.
My biggest bet is probably Neblio! Any ideas about it?


Nope I've never heard of it... there was a time when I knew pretty every crypto. Now I barely know 20% of the 1000+ that are out there!

We can’t know them all. It is also a blockchain. It offer the business who connect to it that they can write the dapps in 5 different languages.
Also the max supply will be just below 14 million.
I did wrote a post about it 3 or 4 months ago. I can dig it out if you want.

I love the song in the background! I forgot the name of it. Man you sweat a lot :P, you need to hydrate!

I like how you rationally explain your thoughts for liking Bitcoin, EOS, and Steem.

Bitcoin is simple and a first mover.

EOS has great tech behind Dan Larimer. It is arguably better than ETH, but is it better than NEO?NEO can do 10,000 transactions a second just like Steem. Dan has a track record of not finishing projects after he starts, he did that with Bitshares and Steem. If he leaves will the team be able to carry on?

Steem is far beyond it's time and is the best social media token. With SMT's coming out. I couldn't agree more!

You should check out Golem (GNT), it's one of my favorites. Long term hold. "The Airbnb of computers." After two years of development, just came out with Brass Golem last month. You can essentially rent out your spare CPU power on your PC while away from computer. It's brilliant.

The three reasons you gave are the fundamental reasons anyone should look at in holding a coin

I watched the video and i was really surprised with the other coins you mentioned. Will try dig into steep and yasiel . Was really glad seeing you mentioned Bitcoin, that is one coin i so much believe on @nanzo-scoop

I am new in Crypto-Trading and still experimenting. I bought Bitshares for the start and trying to look into other coins. But all of them have the same fate. We just need to wait for the right time :)

The point is sticking with them, in good and bad times as you have said. All crypoto hold values, your make up my list as well.

It’s funny thing. I just came from Long Beach, NY where I almost every week go to take a 4 mile jogging trail along the beach. And here you are sweating yourself out just like I did and hour ago lol.

Based on your selection it’s quiet similar to my portfolio. But I belive it’s mostly everyone else’s base of crypto investments. At least when it comes to bitcoin. My first buy of crypto was of course a bit of bitcoin few months ago at a bit lower price than it is now. Right now it’s at about 25% of my portfolio. I believe bitcoin will eventually outperform altcoins in the long therm with few exceptions. After that I purchased ETH 20%, LTC 15% and IOTA 15%. I also recently purchased EOS 15% and BTS 10% to be diversified and hedged. And of course Steem, can’t live that one out lol. So far I’m happy with my portfolio and can’t wait for another bull run. I definitely consider myself as a long therm investor as well just like you do. I already mentioned to one of my favorite steemiens I follow (who recently revealed the secrets about his holdings as well) that my plan is to take some profits if my portfolio rises 3 folds. I plan to take just what I invested in. If not, I will wait until I retire. But that’s a looong way to go since I plan to retire at 100 and live at least 120 years.
BTW: I love Steem and it’s potential. With upcoming SMT’s it’s even more exciting.

I agree with, and really like your picks. I think you'll do well in the long term

You are a bad ass! Making a video and talking about cryptos is hard enough but stepping it up and doing cardio at the same time is just awesome!

Thank you for taking to time to answer my question! I got two out of the three correct when guessing what positions they were before I watched the video haha

I figured Steem :) (Who wouldn't love Steem after being exposed to it) and I got Bitcoin but my third guess was Qtum or Neo but I LOVE EOS, what a great answer! I am confident that all three of your long term holds will do wonderful!

I also love the reasons behind holding each one! :) I think my top three are (excluding Bitcoin) Dragonchain, IOTA, and Golem but there so many that I am involved in or I am looking to pick up while everything is still at a discount! :)

I jumped on the EOS train about a month or two ago and the more I read about their project the more excited I get! The end of 2018 and into 2019 will be big for this space in general!

As always, wonderful content!! :)

First of all i want to say that i really liked your line as "it is often through the bad times that you’re able to take advantage of of the good", yes if we choose right things in life then these right choices will create core base and strong base when we face some kind of adversity and everyone knows that the Crypto Market is volatile and anything can happen so we have to choose very practically and we should not dive into in hurry towards so ambitious projects, and good know your three choices as Bitcoin, EOS and Steem, all are practical choices and all three are very vital with growth point of view, and also your hedge portfolio is reflecting as so effective and that shows an great choices.

We are now moving into full fledged Crypto Sphere slowly and it's true that real talk started after the bull run and i am saying this because before i was unaware about any thing like Crypto and now Crypto is became essential part of my life and specially Steem.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Nice video with a cogent explanation thanks.

Hey dude hope your good hopefully see you Friday

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