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This video was deleted and is no longer available.

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just testing something :)
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Hey thanks cardboard!

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Hang in their @lilycampbell we support you! :)
For the commission video can you explain that ? Love to have someone of your expertise do a little vlog on us and can pay ofc.

Aw, thanks @dporn! Send me message on Discord about what you'd like and we can talk deets! :)

Congratulations @lilycampbell on reaching 205 followers in only 77 days!

I wish you continued success!

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I have followed and upvoted you.

Thanks @introbot and @byColeman :)!

sorry about the pipes but that mask might make a cool new video concept for you lol. Good luck with the pipes

Thanks! I feel pretty sexy in my mask.

congrats on your milestone!

Thank you so much @dtube! I really appreciate your support! :)

BOO on squishy floors & gross mold! 😩 I hope things get repaired soon - it's totally shitty, honey. BLURGH.

<3 thanks @marysweet!

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Congrats on the 200 followers and a late happy birthday.

Hope the house situation gets resolved quickly. That must seriously suck!

Thanks! I am waking up under the weather from it and am in the mindset of setting up a bit of a tent compound outside lol. Thankfully there is a good sized yard here.

Congraaaaatssss !!!! To 2000 girl !!!

Thanks @meanmommy33 :)