[EN] Travel with me! The incredible @flamingirl's skiing adventures! #4

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My dear steemians,

I'm on a ski vacation this week and I want to share some of my amazing adventure with you!


This is the episode 4 of the flamingirl's ski adventures and as many of you commented on episodes #1, #2 and #3, I prepared a little surprise!
As promised in the previous episode, here is a beautiful video of an unidentified pink object to make a jump of several meters !!!

🎿 Day 4:

Obviously on the video it does not seem as impressive as in reality but I am proud to have succeeded my personal challenge ^^. Do not hesitate to share with us your own challenges! It's fun and it's good to take a break with serious subjects sometimes;). In addition, it's the weekend so we relax and have a little fun = D.

This 4th day was strong in emotions because the weather conditions deteriorated during the day. As you will see on this video we had to go down a black track with a wind at 80 km / h in our back. This made the descent dangerous because of the wind, the visibility was close to zero. Impossible to distinguish the reliefs thus to anticipate the bumps or the plates of ice ... But we managed to keep our cold without and to descend it in complete safety. More fear than harm as we say ^^

Thanks to the "Les Angles" application that I downloaded on my smartphone see post # 1, I was able to obtain the following data:

Summary of this 4rd day:

  • Number of tracks: 18
  • Distance traveled: 28 km
  • Maximum speed: 84 km / h
  • Average speed: 64 km / h
  • Number of falls to declare: 0
  • Fractures or injuries: 0! (and yes, flamingos have long strong legs ^^)
  • The objective of the 5th day: have fun off the track for the last day!

So stay tuned if you want more photos and videos for my 5th and last day in this beautiful resort !!!
In the meantime, I wish you all a good day on steemit!

If you liked to read this post, do not hesitate to UPVOTE, COMMENT, and RESTEEM! It's always a pleasure! ^^

Thank you for your support and see you soon!

FlaminGirl around the world!


I'm happy you enjoyed your break, don't hesitate to share us more pictures.. I'll be on the outlook

Thank you for sharing! I love travelling as well

I like what you are doing really a good adventure.

The video is very impressive to me and I must admit, you do ski well.

I actually missed your first three episodes, and I am glad I stumbled upon this now, better late than never I must say.

I really had fun and I look forward to checking your other photos for your fifth and last day on the resort.

I hope to play like this in one day.

what an exciting video, I try to do something similar in my venezuela I think we have a little difference with respect to the weather hahaha greetings.


looks quite nice! I like the way you ski!

Looks like you had a good time.

Here I am rock me like a hurricane!

Que espectacular😍

nice traveling and thanks for sharing i thinks this was the great tarvel

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Amazing journey! Thank you for the diversified information. They are very useful for reference.


Hi, It look so intresting. I have never tried skiing, but it's on my plan for sure.
Good luck :)

Hey, Dear! You seem very creative! :) Great to have you here. Looking forward to your adventures!

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I've verified that your content is original, and that means it's so good that I had to check.

Very nice Post

Thanks for sharing this Post

I appreciate your life.......

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