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I'm not gonna slow down even for a minute. This what I wanted and I got it.
First week shown me what I need.
In next weeks I want to know how to get this.
But the most important thing is ....finally start doing it.

Let's go dtube. This is just a beginning ;-)

▶️ DTube

Keep at it, mate. I'm looking to quit soon also.

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YES! YOU DID IT! The first week is a GIANT milestone... You're absolutely right that smokers are slowly killing themselves however it's something THEY DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT... in fact - it's something you actively avoid! Fuck those stupid death sticks - I keep telling my brother the sooner he quits, the happier he'll be, and wonder why he didn't do it sooner. The golden rule of quitting smoking (and once again, I have to thank Joel Spitzer of whyquit.com) is NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF. It's so simple. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. Like you said, just stop. The issue is that after a certain time it's easy to think "it's only 1 puff/1 cig, what could it hurt..." but once your brain is wired to 'crave' cigarettes, it will always be that way. The adage is 'once an addict, always an addict' and that sounds really harsh and all, but it's actually something that you'd never read on the side of a nicotine gum package. But what it means is that just keep that in mind and you can free yourself forever! Anyways, I'm not going to blab on here forever. Just wanted to say congratulations. Really smart choice and the benefits only keep getting better with time as your lungs and head clear out. Also, not doing something that deep down YOU KNOW is bad for you is an amazing feeling - sounds like you are feeling that already!

p.s. one other fact of quitting, I believe in the first 72 hours of quitting all the nicotine leaves your body, and having nicotine present in your system is what causes the physical cravings (which is why the patch, nicotine gum, vaporizers etc. ) just work to prolong your agony... after that, you just have do deal with those mental cravings, the 'old triggers' like you said, the morning coffee, etc. But every time(as I'm sure you've noticed as well) you resist those cravings(which only last for MAX 3 minutes - time them) something clicks in your brain and it's like... YEAAAHYUH!!! I DON'T NEED THIS! Keep it up Johny.

To be honest my resist looks bit different. When someone saying "smoke" I starting talking to myself like "shit, piss, poop, disgusting, shit, cancer, shit. I would eat a candy, I wonder what they have here?" and 20 sec later I don't remember about that :D

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