Art Talk Vlog #2 Why you should draw if it's something you've wanted to do | Art by Clark

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm uploading a video talking about why you should draw if it's something you've been wanting to do. I started drawing because it was something I wanted to do and it has been very beneficial to me since. I'm glad I started because it has helped me build up confidence within myself to be able to learn a new skill. I've also met a lot of people and made friends because I started drawing.

I'd like to hear some of your reasons as to why a person might want to start drawing. I think this is an interesting topic and would make for a really good discussion. A lot of us have different reasons for wanting to draw and I think it's worth exploring.

You may not want to make money drawing or from your art and that's ok. You could simply do it as a hobby and there's nothing wrong with that.

Be sure to let me know anything you might want me to talk about that relates to art.

Thank you for your time and checking out my video. Take care!

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I've been drawing since I was young just like you. I got out of it in my early 20's because working and partying were more important to me at the time. Then I got married and we had a child so needless to say, in my mid 40's, I'm getting back in to it. My medium of choice is colored pencil but one day I'm going to teach myself to paint and also do some digital painting. I just need to build up the nerve to start those.

That's cool that we both started young. Also, I get getting out of it for working and partying. It's hard for me to keep up drawing and creating as much content as I do while having to work. Work zaps a lot of energy and makes getting things done outside of it a bit more challenging. I'm happy to hear that you're getting back into it. Who knows, maybe you can teach your child what you've learned? Color pencil are cool and I've seen some amazing work done with them. I use them myself but I like markers better. I like using color pencil on top of markers. I wish you the best of luck in your painting endeavors because I can't pain to save my life lol. I can't really do digital painting either although I do plan on doing it in the future. I have the supplies for it but I'm so busy with ink and other stuff that I've only used my pad twice now. I'm sure you'll be able to if you purchase the tools you need for it. It'll be a lot easier to start if they're around you when you get the urge to want to do it. Thank you for the comment. Take care!

Well to be candid, I really do want to draw, but I just can't muster the courage to do so. Back in the early eighties to mid nineties i was an average household 🎨 the artist. It was not until I went to the University that I just don't know how I dropped the hobby. Thank you for the promting, your post is an encouragement.

Just a suggestion, I'd start out drawing something simple and quick. See how you feel after that. Also, I can relate because when I took art classes in college, it made me hate drawing and I stopped for a couple of years. I'm sorry to hear that you got out of the hobby and I hope that you will pick it back up, especially if it's something you enjoy doing. No rush or anything. You're on your time, not mines. Everyone's journey is different. Take care!

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