All crypto Visa cards have been revoked - be sure to take some cash!

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Today all (update: only european) prepaid Visa cards operated with bitcoin were revoked, as the one licensee WaveCrest they all partnered with lost its license. I've seen several reports of people stuck on vacation without cash, or canceled hotels.

A solution will surely be found, and your coins are safe. And luckily there are Mastercard alternatives like advcash still working. In the meantime, cash is the way to go it seems.


Hi all, Wirex community manager here. A quick update on the card situation:

  • Current cards cancelled.
  • Money safe.
  • Refunds will be issued.
  • New Contactless debit cards will be issued for free.

Yesterday,one of our partners who provides the entire Crypto Industry with VISA prepaid debit cards, received direction from VISA to immediately close all accounts.

Unfortunately, we were given little notice by the supplier to prepare for this change.

We’d like to assure you that all your funds are safe and that they will be moved from your blocked VISA cards to your Wirex accounts ASAP. Additional information in regards to the refund procedure will be emailed to all our users within the next few days.

What we are doing about it

We have been working with a new card issuer for the last couple of months and are very close to being able to release our new cards. As part of this changeover, our new card issuer will provide free replacements to all users who already have cards.

You’ll still be able to buy bitcoin using your local bank card and we will be increasing daily limits until we release new cards.

Register for the live webinar for a full update:

Thank you for the update. I am having a Bitwala card but it is refreshing to see a company like you coming to Steemit and respond unasked to this issue. I will check out your services asap!

Thanks for the kind response. We feel it is only right to respond to those within the cryptocurrency community as transparently as possible, and can only apologize that we don't have an instant solution for our customers.

We are working around the clock and hope to start issuing the new contactless cards very soon. Keep checking our social, our steemit and our blog: for updates.

All the money I earn is for drugs and Gina, that is a girl that works in the street close to mine that charges 50 euros each time. My dealer doesn't accept cards. Gina doesn't accept cards. So I always need to have cash

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I guess honesty deserves to be rewarded

How soon can we expect to find cards that will be issued outside of the three regions (USD,GBP,EUR)? I used to use Wirex exclusively in the Caribbean region using USD, but since the change a while ago there is literally no other option for us for debit cards in the region.

i m in the territorie européen in the caribeean, my xapo Card ils deleted to.

We can't give you an exact date for this unfortunately, as it depends on the outcome of our ongoing discussions with new card providers. Updates will be given regularly on our socials and on our blog:

Good to know ... but there will be a solution soon, not to worry.

Tnx for this post @pharesim, I found quite some interesting links in the comments! (so also thanks to you guys!) have been looking for a decen debit wireless debit card that could hold bitcoins for quite some time now! And found it here. In holland a debit card is accepted everywhere. A credit card almost nowhere!


I haven't opened up a CC. I hope anyone caught up in this finds easy solutions

Thanks for the heads up!

Ive been looking into getting one, but haven't decided which to get. Glad I didn't jump on it too soon!

Please keep us updated!

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Yeah I've really been looking into the idea. It seems like it would be a sure thing with how popular crypto is now, but I guess we're not quite there yet. Oh well, more room to grow!

I saw this coming a mile away as soon as people in the US starting looking for to get their hands on these cards. I know guys that got their Bitcoin visa cards shipped to friends in Europe then had them ship it back to them in the US. Anything that hinders taxes is going to get nailed down as soon as the government hears about it. Additionally, I haven't seen any of these visa crypto cards actually take off. Heck how many different ones are there? TenX is the only one I see potentially working out in the future, though I'm still not confident enough in the future of these cards to go out and get one. Especially after all this recent controversy and regulations.

Thank you for the information. I think everyone looks forward to a solution now.

Does anyone know why the credit cards got revoked? Some new government rule? Thanks.

Thanks @pharesim for Updates about crypto Visa cards which have been revoked.

I have no any problem at all during Holidays, because I have cash which i withdraw from my earnings on Steemit. we enjoyed much there with my Kids.

All crypto Visa cards have been revoked - be sure to take some cash!
A solution will surely be found, and your coins are safe. And luckily there are Mastercard alternatives like advcash still working.

I also want to thank you for your Contribution in the development and support of Steem Community

Appreciated your Efforts, Stay Blessed

Helpful post,well done!

Does anyone know why they lost their licence?

@pharesim - Was any reason given for the immediate revoking? Seems rather drastic!

Do you know if TenX (PAY) was affected. I don't have their card but I do have their tokens. Thanks.

That's not cool...hope they find a quick solution to that mess. Is this a new year thing? Like someone forgot to renew a license or is this some law coming down on Crypto?

Visa claims there were breaches of the license agreement

They just don't like Crypto, simple as that...

I've been to Wirex Card and Payeer Visa, and they are a gone now, luckily they convert my cash back to bitcoin and put in in mh wallet.

ah .. Those out there really have not received what we've accomplished.
They do not accept technological developments.

WaveCrest Holdings Ltd recently supplied prepaid debit cards to the following:

WireX -
TenX -
BitPay -
CryptoPay -
Bitwala -

Were you playing on cashing out this weekend? ☹️

I have found a possible solution via Revolut -

Please share what you know in regard to helping people cash out their Crypto!

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why this happend @pharesim sir,,, agences attack on it or goverments or some other reasons, and what will solution of this now sir?
this is the black friday for europeans

Visa claims there were breaches of the license agreement

Of course it was a matter of time. Visa will use XRP and their own service, without outsiders. We need some to forget about those plastic shit and make our cryptoprotocol.

This is one type of massacre for crypto holder, but taking to part as a passionate to grow future for it's bringing @pharesim

Thank you for telling us the important event I hope will not have an impact on the digital currency market

no wonder the prices are dropping :)

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I also have been revoked my card and do not know why

Great news .... Permission, can I share the info from you to my friend from my area ... If you allow then I would make this post on my blog ... please cnfirm @pharesim

There's the resteem option for that

Thanks for the warning, I'm more than confident that it will help someone. Good luck and kindness.

Спасибо за предупреждение, я больше чем уверен, что оно обязательно кому то поможет. Удачи Вам и доброты.

This sounds like the demonetisation of India last year !

Also shows an opportunity and need to have decentralised alternatives to the card swipes, financial gateways, payment switches etc!

That would be frightening to be in another country and stuck without cash. It is quite unfortunate that this happened and I hope the MasterCard alternative stays safe!

It is always good to keep a little cash on you even with cryptos exploding!!

What is best Mastercard btc alternative?

It is very! Indians had the misfortune of stuck in own country without cash and I was stuck as well .... it’s a terrible thing to happen

That is awful! Adding this on top of Modi taking those notes out of circulation

Only if everything crypto related was more intact.

Oh man! I'd hate to be stranded with no money. But I'd love to be on vacation

that is bad news.. but lucky for me ... coz i always wanted to have visa card but not supported here in Egypt!

Wow that would be a scary feeling being stranded without funds! Thanks for the heads up @pharesim

i'm using cryptopay and i get my card block till.... no ones know but i was thinking on advcash to made a deposit on btc to the advcash and after that automatically will be a fiat money that i can transfer to my card

i have to try the operation!

Yeah, I have also just posted about this issue. I found a few more infos regarding this. It only hit a couple of cards in Europe. My BitWala card included. Pretty annoying stuff but probably less of an issue as wel all thought. My first reaction was that Europe finally made its move towards tough regulations. But it seems it is not like that at all. On the other hand we don't really know why VISA Europa instructed WaveCrest to close up.

What are the best alternative to this? I'm using only bitwala right now.

Thank you for sharing critical message

@pharesim thanks for sharing the very useful information.

@pharesim What do you think should be done to promote blockchain in Africa more so developing countries like Uganda. Many people are not ware about it but if us who are aware get more ideas I think when combined we can make the world a better place with the blockchaing trend. Thank you so much for the info you provide.

Cardano announced a debit card.

thank you for sharing @pharesim very useful as knowledge

Thank you for the heads up!

I think this will be continue to be a problem, and may lead to serious roadblocks in widespread crypto acceptance. Unless the conversion to fiat currencies become smooth and dependable, consumer confidence will fluctuate. With many govts starting to take notice, we will have to see where all of this goes

oh my geez! thanks for the info sir @pharesim

Oh crap!
thats scary.
People need to just hurry up and start accepting crypto so we dont have to deal with the hastle of turning it into fiat and stuff.

That would startle to be in another nation and stuck without money.....

It is very appalling this happened and I trust the MasterCard elective remains safe!
It is constantly great to keep a little money on you even with cryptos detonating!!😁😁😁😁😁

wow, amazing post. :)

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I live in Argentina, since October I am suffering from this lack of Btc visa card, with the new resolution of the European Union we are without plastic, for residents this is a complication since changing our cryptocurrencies is very expensive.
thank you very much dear friend @pharesim for this information
I wish you a great day

Well, now it hit europe too :(
Can you maybe also still use advcash outside?

That option do not test never thank you very much for the data I'm going to put on campaign to make the inquiries

But its for only people outside EU, and all them will get new cards soon

No, it affects all the issued cards. People outside of the EU were excluded in October 2017 already.

great article , they have block the debits cards i think to stop people using bitcoin and crypto currency in their lifes , but bitcoin and crypto currecy are greater then them , bitcoin and crypto will make us multi millionaire

Thanks for listing the alternative to this mind didn't go to mastercard and advcash alternative before.

there we go

Nice @pharesim.

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Very important Info! THX!

I don't even have these in my country. I hope we evolve soon. This is temporary for sure.

You have to fill a form in and send it to Wavecrest, they will transfer your money back to your wallet. i have wrote a post here

Bad news for the crypto world

pharesim!! Thank you, your Post.

Imagine yourself trying to pay and being sure you do have money on your card to find out about this in the middle of something!! This is something shocking in that case, I think cards make us feel safe instead of going around with a bunch of cash, I hope they find a solution to this. Thanks god some cards still work.

Thanks so much bro for the info

What about in America?

Thank you for your helpful contribution

thanks for sharing that news with us :)

Nice to see you on blogging @pharesim. Its really a bad news on good time. Thanks for the update. Please keep us updated and stay awesome!

Thank you for the information and I really hope to find a solution so that people do not lose their money and lose time

Since last night, various sites report that there are problems with payments with Bitcoin debit cards like Bitwala, TenX, Mobi.

This morning TenX wrote that payments with the TenX card are currently not possible. They refer to discussions with their issuing bank WaveCrest, which is responsible for the European Bitcoin debit cards. In a recent announcement, Julian Hosp, CEO of TenX, stated that Visa WaveCrest has withdrawn its license to activate the cards. However, this problem should not be dramatic; Finally, TenX had been looking for a new issuing bank for some time. All in all, it looks like a problem between Visa and WaveCrest.
BitPay has written a long statement that the BitPay Card can not be used outside the United States. BitPay also attributes the problems to WaveCrest, which has been ordered by Visa to stop all Visa debit accounts.

thanks for the info. @pharesim

Thank you for telling us the important event I hope will not have an impact on the digital currency market @pharesim


Does that mean TenX down the drain? I ordered a card in July, I don't think I will ever get it haha

The era of cashless yet is not come yet (+ _ +)


Hate these kind of happenings as it makes me wonder what else is going to be done to make things difficult for crypto currencies in general. A friend said, if someone decided, to filter out all crypto related traffic at the major internet connections, we could all say good bye to our money.. not a Computer expert, so I don't know if its true. But it worries me...

Wow! Tough situation to be in if you only took one card.

This is very helpful post ..Specially thanks for alert to this users ..
So thanks for your very important valuable post .

Resteemed. Thanks for the up and up.

Thank you alot for viewing my blog ...
i really do appreciate you

Nice advice. I bought a cryptopay prepaid card and was delivered at my house 4months ago. I couldn't use it because they said that they don't issue card here in Philippines. What confuse me is why they allowed me to buy it in the first place. I'm looking for other card that I can use to make my withdraw easier.

Hope they refunded you :/

I will comment after 5 days, but hopefully you will see me.. :) Thanks a lot for information..I hope you see me if I'm lucky ! :) @pharesim

can some one make video how we can use and how works Bitwala cart ?
They take steem too . How steem works there ??

thanks for the update. this better be resoled asap

So after we earn it from Steemit ! WE CASH OUT !

Great knowledge keep sharing #pharesim

Good post thank's for your information friend @pharesim

Done @pharesim i upvote you for witnesses you are always helpful thank you !!!

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