3rd or 2nd biggest correction on bitcoin (yes only a correction, prepare to load up)

in #vincentb2 years ago

We are facing a powerful correction indeed. However take a look there, we often ended up making much higher highs. What can we expect this time? I would say 40 000 at least. :-) So don't forget to load up around some juicy levels! 8000-4000 basically.

BTC correction.jpg

hodl strong and buy this f*****g incredible dip guys! and lets make it 10x at least on the next bull run!


This kind of information gives us all hope for tomorrow! Thanks for posting and lifting our spirits!

I am glad for it. Man, take it easy, it's just being in a certain point of it's cycle. As we have day and night so we have ups and downs. And crypto market is gonna shine again, it is coming @lonniedean!

Yes! I am prepared to load up with my big ship and with all of my homies!! B-)

Lol man. Good job. Don't forget to steer the ship then! :)

really good correction!

Hey man! I really appreciate this post.

I couldn't agree with you more. HODL and buy, buy, buy!

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I wanted to add this again as well. This is still a possible scenario. Keep in mind that. Keep some, to buy around 5 000 :) and sorry for the drawing I am not an artist lol

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