Curious Captures [Nr. 2]

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Time for part two of my photo series on life in Hanoi. A blog filled with things that would be weird back home, but are common in Vietnam.

Scooter Folk

I love the concept of scooters and the way locals use them. Back in my home country people drive bicycles or cars. And as a child I always thought, yeah a family needs a car to fit all. Well that idea is long gone out of my brain. A bike fits whatever your mind believes it can fit.
Bikes are cheap. They don't take a lot of space. They are agile. And if Elon Musk can design a bike where the whole body of the bike is solar panels then maybe one day we can lose the face masks again.

What is this person even transporting?

2019-01-04 09.14.46.jpg
Gotta love this guy doing laundry while driving.
Another example that shows Vietnamese really live on bikes.

In the middle of a city of 10 million people.
Where did this guy even get this hay?
I see people keeping chicken on their roofs all the time, are cows next?

Vietlish Depressives

Ever so happy

Bad Benches

Sometimes you think, hey. They do understand.
Screenshot 2019-03-03 at 15.45.04.png

But nah.

Btw, cảm ơn sự ủng hộ của bạn. I got five cents for my last blog, 15 more cents and I can go to a Bia Hỏi again!

Update: Nr 3 online now

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These benches are the best.

They sure are. Always making me smile. Many more to come!