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RE: @osamarodriguez wins 129.1 steem! | Slotto

in #video3 years ago

i've always wanted games where you get rewarded with steem! :)
but any arcade/graphical/real-time games that run on the client will be hacked/cheated.

i made slotto because it's the easiest to build on top of the steem blockchain. i'll have more complex games later on. for now you just can't have something like pacman where you can ensure that nobody cheats because unless everything runs on the blockchain, you just can't verify everything.


Thanks for the explanation there @roundbeargames I know there are some other games running on the blockchain where its possible to win steem for playing but the only one that really appealed to me is agario, I am really in hope there will be more of these in future and honestly I see these type of things being the future, I also cant wait to see what your up to next.

yes clearly in the future, as hardware speeds up, you're gonna see more games. i have a few things in my mind right now. nothing too fancy, just simple games that run on the steem blockchain. once i'm done updating slotto i think i'll start a new project :)