@roundbeargames I think we could definitely do with some more games that pay you to play we had pacman but there was abuse and dont think the game ever recovered.. what a BIG shame!! there are some others out there but I like agario most unless maybe someone gets pacman fixed and to @osamarodriguez congrts!

i've always wanted games where you get rewarded with steem! :)
but any arcade/graphical/real-time games that run on the client will be hacked/cheated.

i made slotto because it's the easiest to build on top of the steem blockchain. i'll have more complex games later on. for now you just can't have something like pacman where you can ensure that nobody cheats because unless everything runs on the blockchain, you just can't verify everything.

Thanks for the explanation there @roundbeargames I know there are some other games running on the blockchain where its possible to win steem for playing but the only one that really appealed to me is agario, I am really in hope there will be more of these in future and honestly I see these type of things being the future, I also cant wait to see what your up to next.

yes clearly in the future, as hardware speeds up, you're gonna see more games. i have a few things in my mind right now. nothing too fancy, just simple games that run on the steem blockchain. once i'm done updating slotto i think i'll start a new project :)

thanks @roundbeargames for designing this great game. I enjoyed it all.

i'm sure you did! enjoy all of it 😁

I am really very happy for what I got it all @roundbeargames

Congratulationa @osamarodriguez
I am happy to be there
Thanks for this @roundbeargames

Can't wait for the updates man. The daily rewards or small lottos would be really cool.

yes, except daily game will be for the future. we don't have enough playerbase yet 😆

as slotto has a big prize it is acceptable to have a slower pace, but it would be great if you add another game with small daily rewards

yes i'm thinking about that :)
we don't have enough players for daily rewards yet, which is my only concern (but the biggest!).
slotto was designed to take months, so i'm adding weekly bonuses to spice it up a little.
if it grows big enough i can create an alternative where you'll have daily games.

I like how you are improving everything as you see the results, have you started round 3?

Not yet. I have to make a few changes and test it. Its gonna take a few days 😁

Take your time to make all the changes you think 👍

Congratulations to the winner

this new game hopefully more fun

yes hopefully :)
i'm also thinking about creating another variation where you can have daily rewards. i think that might be a little more interesting.

Congratulations for the winner..
Enjoy your game.@rounbeargames...

Congratulations to the winner of @osamarodriguez, thanks to @roundbeargames for creating this. Hopefully more players from Indonesia will take part 👍👍

yes hopefully 😃
i still have a lot of work to do!

hopefully it is perfectly achieved 😁😄

congratulations to the winner.

Congratulation to winners. You are the best

success friend, @jhoni always support @roudbeargames.☺️👍

Looking forward to round 3!

yes me too 👍

Very good steem, amazing

Congratulations for the winner.. so very happy

Friend seems to me very likely the idea since it is a way of helping with one or other one forms all those who play slotto is hoped by me that the next thing that you think to do could deal and inform regards from Venezuela my support to his new idea

well i hope it helps. but this is just a fun game.
the sbd giveaways that i did are the ones that really help :)

congratulate the new winner... Of slotto

Hopefully you bring another new version game that I can be participation.
Thank you

Posted using Partiko Android

hopefully yes :)
more are coming

Thank you 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

felicitaciones a la feliz ganadora,saludos y agradecida por su apoyo.buen dia

thanks and i'm grateful for your support :)

Congratulations to the winner

You're right if there is an easy game and getting a prize every day, I want to come along😊

yes i guess i should make that game real soon!

I'm waiting, but the easy one is, I just need to press it 😁

on second thought.. i think weekly is the best i could do right now.
maybe daily one will come a bit later :)

Yes, you are better, weekly, so it's easier to monitor, but don't forget to take care of your health😊

well it's just that we don't have enough playerbase right now :)

Excelente post amigo @roundbeargames

great job you make friend, luck for all

Congratulations to the winner 👏

I like those plans to future look interesting and catch my attention👍

This is such a cool game, I can’t wait for round three! You are putting your creative mind to good use, bravo!

haha thanks. i'm not sure about creativity cuz this is probably the simplest game i can think of!
i'm writing code for the next round, fixing a few stuff here and there. you'll have it soon :)

Excellent friend, congratulations.

Congratulations to the winner of the slotto game

Hopefully there will be a game that is easier and I can follow @roundbeargames

well in the future i might have something where you simply log in and click :)

@osamarodriguez, Congratulations for winning the effective Steem amount and make an effective use of it.

@roundbeargames, In my opinion Slotto is awesome from where we standing, and in my opinion you know it better in and out of it, but i hope that whatever it is you will going to come up with an effective plans.

And waiting to see your new game, yes, daily games for sure can increase the Engagement Levels. So good luck for whatever idea you hold.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

yes daily games would be nice and simply more engaging :)
we just don't have a big enough playerbase for that yet. hopefully we will later on.

Yes daily games are really effective for sure. Good luck for your future initiatives and enjoy your day ahead. Stay blessed. 🙂

Buenas noche ámigo espero que e encuentres bien. Gracias por su apoyo. Saludos. Felicitaciones a la feliz ganadora

yes he/she should be quite happy by now :)

Soooooo ENVY..... Lol! :D
Congrats for the winner!

haha yes. thanks for comin :)
@osamarodriguez hasn't reacted but congrats to him!

I think he's still sleeping ! Lol! :D

haha yes. i think i live in a completely different time zone

Good prize ..! Congratulations to the winner. Regards

congratulation man .. i am waiting for round 3.

congrats dear @osamarodriguez.
i wating for round 3.

Buenos día amigo saludos espero que te encuentres bien . Muchas bendiciones para usted felicidades

I think it would be a good plan! Just one click and win an instant prize, great! It is good that ideas arise, if I think of one I will let you know ;)

haha ok
yes i'm thinking of that one click game. i have some other projects in mind as well, so pls be a little patient :)

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interesting game and fun but the Internet does not accompany me

that's unfortunate. i might have even simpler games in the future. but that's for the long term 😆

Saya selalu kurang beruntung 😚