Time Lapse Reel 2019

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Some of my best time lapses from the past few years. Its been a wild and fun ride filled with numerous adventures. Many hours went into the creation and assembly of this reel in hopes that it will tickle the viewers mind a bit. I have a new video reel I will be posting here soon as well. Thanks for watching, hope you all enjoy, and happy new year! Cant wait to see what the future brings!

My apologies for not posting more over the past few years! I greatly value you following me on steemit and would be so thankful if you would also follow my youtube station. It is my hope to get 1000 subs on youtube so I can start to monetize the content I create in the future. Here is a link to my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRAySRamYOboK9OSyE3-xg

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All these hours of creation have been very valuable. Your creativity is unquestionable! When I can have a good internet connection I will go to YouTube to subscribe to your channel. I really enjoyed your video @cinemaninja and it has been a great pleasure to see it

Thank you kindly Marcy, its comments like these from people like you that keep me fired up to create more. I really feel like I was put on this earth to try and make content that tickles peoples minds and helps to inspire them. I am very lucky to be out in nature as much as I have been, want to share those experiences though the high res digital with others that are not able to. Thanks again and happy new year!

Hi cinemaninja,

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Thank you for your upvote! Greatly appreciated!

dude super nice to see you posting on Steem again! This video is awesome. Such beautiful footage, and very well edited.

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Thanks Carl! So pumped you enjoy it, spent a bunch of time editing it:)

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Spectacular video It's great that you publish here on Steemit, that's how you make yourself known, a good collection of landscapes. I love it and from now on I am your follower. I congratulate you for your good art and your vote in curie. Happy New Year.

Thank you for the follow and for your upvote!

Oh cool video man!!! I love it ;-)
Have a great 2020!!!

Thanks, wish you a great 2020 as well!

amazingly everything is synchronized with each other

Glad you dig it!

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What a joy it is to watch these videos because they show that with dedication and effort you can achieve your biggest dreams in a sensational way! I hope to continue seeing your content through this wonderful platform :)

So happy my videos bring you Joy! Its motivation alone to try and make more! Thank you.