VLOG #22: I Almost Died This Week - Grateful To Be Alive & Realizations!

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This week was very testing and it showed me the strength I have within. I want to let you know all things that happen with me and not just the "good" aspects. Being transparent is a very beautiful thing that I believe some people appreciate. We all know that life has ups and downs just like the market, and it is important to cherish the 'hard' moments - because it helps us find strength. The crazy part is 5 mins prior to it happening, my intuition gave me a nudge on what was about to happen. 

Be sure to leave a comment with the question I ask you inside this VLOG. 

Trying times builds your character and shows you what your made of. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below & Show your girl some Love! ♥

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Hannah (Remember Who You Are)


Glad you are ok😘 sorry to hear about the accident. We will talk soon <3

Thank you love! Muahhhh

Glad you're ok. Love the positive attitude in the face of adversity. I think giving a raw insight is a great way to connect. Stay blessed.

Thank you so much boss! You are much appreciated by me (:

sounds like a pretty frightening accident, glad you made it through okay... :)

I really appreciate your concern my friend, it's been awhile since we have talked! :D @alexpmorris

I'm glad you're still with us fighting the good fight.

I am as well, thank you! I wasn't ready to go yet! :D

OMG!!! I am glad you are okay and nothing bad happen to you in that damn accident. In April I was driving my motorbike and a big pick up truck crashed in my left side I was very lucky and survived but had a achilles tendon rupture which gave me a lot of time on the sofa and I joined Steemit.



Thank you for caring bro!

Damn that short story you shared was intense! It's crazy how it led you to Steemit! <3

Your welcome!
Yes it was a painful way for me to come to Steemit but it was worth it :)
Have a nice day.

i think your work is very hard that you got very tired

Trucks are bad :(

I'm glad you're ok!


Thank you for your concern, you're awesome!

Nice post, great and creative video vlog, thanks for sharing! @awarenessraiser you're so beautiful, I love your style, youre so attractive, I need your help in these difficult times, I would appreciate if you giving her a look at my last post and leave me your comment, greetings and success in everything!

I appreciate you :)

Thank you sweet :)

Killed it again hun!

I love the way your friend worded that...

"Without struggle there is no strength. "Without strength you cannot build."

It's perfect really.

I might even use it sometime lol.

I think it is also important to remember that the struggle that builds that strength does not always need to be there. The strength, once built from that struggle is still there with you, even when there is no struggle. When that same strength is applied during times of growth...


So, I have had many near deaths and a couple deaths in my life. I know what that feels like. These situations are there for precisely the reason you already know. To wake us up. To get us to make the moves we really need to make.

I think you should not care what I think...

I also think you should roll with the raw gear. In fact, I've been building some up myself both on and off of camera for about 4 years and do plan to release it all at once when i'm ready and I feel like I have grown to a place it will have the heaviest impact on people

The world needs to see this raw, it needs to see its icons of strength at their average and even lowest. It needs to see them grow from that point, so it can know that the path is really there and not just a marketing trick or a facade.

Lace up hun, it's time to ball!

This really touched me @michaeldavid, thank you fam!

Ever since this happened I have felt more inspired and I am listening to the call inside!

I LOVE everything you said especially "I think it is also important to remember that the struggle that builds that strength does not always need to be there. The strength, once built from that struggle is still there with you, even when there is no struggle. When that same strength is applied during times of growth..." <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I bet you are hun!

These moments are beautifully life changing if we think about it.

Its funny cause the part you quoted here is the exact part that I was initially pulled to say. :)

Much love hun!

Hey I hope you're OK

Could you please re-send the link to joining that discord chat? The link above has expired


Thank you for letting me know <3

Thanks for sharing. I'll assume your first language isn't English.; yet you speak with confidence!
Good luck with everything. And yes, we should all be grateful that we are alive.
Take care!

Why do you assume my first language isn't English? @superstar2018

Sorry, from the accent. Thanks for correcting me.

good post.
follow me

Sorry u had to go through that close call sis...really glad u came out unharmed
But like u said moments like that should be used to reassess and appreciate everything...

Bro it shook me up physically in a scared way at first. But a few days later, it woke me up more spiritually!

Glad you are alive we all love you here! I have had a experience where I almost died in a car accident. It does give you realizations!

It really does - it makes you appreciate life more I feel :)

OMG sorry to hear you were in a accident I'm glad your ok @awarenessraiser Your such a Great Friend more like a Sista I would be heartbroken if something was to happen to you!!!! You Only Live Once
Live it up!!!

I love you my sister from another mother!!!!!! <3 muah!

Keep it up, sometimes wake up calls are good :)

I agree precisely! :)

Angels don't die! ;)

My favorite line ever now! (:

Damn girl be careful o.o

Thank youuuu (: