Venezuela's Update for the World! We're not okay right now.

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I'm sorry I have not post anything for quite a while. There's been some problems with internet, water and even cable. But I'm here now so let's go with it.

Hello everybody, Vancry here and well, well, well... the dollar is back to the price of 10.387,55 bolívares once again. Which makes me think, what kind of bullshit is the government thinking? I mean, they know how everything works and up until last week the american dollar was worth about 19k bolívares. What kind of conspirancy are they ploting?


Whatever. At least for now, it doesn't matter since we cannot know the real reasons why.

What I've known so far is that, if this continues the way it goes, to the date of january 2037 we'll lose about 32.8 cents more from our salary. And that's talking about the greatest salary in Venezuela, which comes from our oil company "PDVSA". I'm more than preocupied for this. Mainly because it would mean that the Venezuelan salary which was about 13.36 bucks at best, would be from now on to about 13.03 bucks in american dollars. With the new value of dollars in bolívares, the salary would be about 135.640,37 bolívares. Which is almost half the original salary. And don't get me wrong, under normal circumstances this would be a good thing because it means that economy is getting better and products would be a lot cheaper. But it's not. Remember, this is for the best salary there would be in Venezuela.

We Venezuelans know that with every change on the average Venezuelan's salary all products will cost a little more than before. That could be from about 20 cents to 5 bucks more for you americans. It doesn't sounds like a lot but to us... it's a big deal. That's why @lapatilla on twitter calls this "the bankruptcy is accelerating", refering to the country's economy. I'm kind of done with all this.

Appart from all I've said, there are about 11 aerolines that are left here in Venezuela that travel to other countries. I might be wrong though since I read this about this 4 days ago. There may be even less now. Which only makes it more impossible to leave. And that's what the government wants. To have the most people it can have to govern upon. Those f***ers...

Our "National Bolivarian Guard" is capturing everyone they can from our opositor campaign. Even our security fiscal was replaced by a guy Nicolás Maduro, our illegitimal president, put there. Aside from commanding her capture as well.

A lot of people are being killed everyday as well. The responsables are either the thiefs and burglarers or the National Guard (who knew, huh).

Yet people still say there is hope.

The "Resistance" are doing everything they can. Fighting agains the government and doing everything in their hands to save us from this tirany.

I really hope our salvation comes soon because I'm really reaching my limit this time. I have hope, but I'm getting really stressed out.

Pray for us, resteem, upvote, help us in anyway you can, please. I'm no warrior myself, yet this is the very least I can do to help. Inform people. Thankfully enough, a lot of people already know a lot of our situation. Some of them make fun of it, some of them try to help, but they know. And to those who do everything to help us, I really appreciate it.


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hey @vancry thanks for the post, i feel that the U.S. is going to follow suit in the hyperinflation so we've been preparing.
I thought we could learn from you, I've been buying bitcoin, silver, gold, rice, water, propane, was wondering what your thoughts were if you saw it coming. What would you do differently. What would you recommend for me? What should I focus my resources on.?


Focus on cryptocurrency, gold, water, rice and beans. That should be your priority.

I don't really know how much propane is worth in the U.S., or how is it even used so I can't really tell if that's a good or bad idea. I do know that silver varies in worth from one country to another so it depends. Gold is a lot better.

What I could recommend you is to leave. It's the easiest way to prevent what is happening to us. At least for you and your family. And if you love your country and don't want to leave, get ready for a big hit my friend and psicologically prepare to stand up from it because, it ain't going to be easy. Oh, and learn to save up food. My family and I had to learn to eat way less than we did 5 years ago to make our food last a lot longer.

And I know this is obvious enough, but never lose hope. Even when everything is hopeless.

I just hope that your country, or any other country that haven't had this situation, don't have to go through this.

Good luck!



Thanks @Vancry, the propane is gas for fuel to cook. I want to go to a rural place, out of the city but not out of the country. I don't know where else to go if, the U.S. economy goes down I think it might be a Global issue.

So do you guys grow your own food? Or just work and spend it as fast as possible.


Oh, then sure. It would be very helpfull. And... well maybe, I think you might be right about that.

We work and spend it as fast as possible before the prices go up. Sadly, we don't have a place to grow our own food... if we did it would be so much easier and so much better for us.


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