Do you have water at home?

in venezuela •  3 months ago 


If you have water in your house you are very lucky. A few weeks ago the water problem has been stronger.

In my house there is always water and that is very good. In addition, we help those who do not have water and even line up here to look for water.

A bottle of filtered water costs about $ 1 but that's a lot when the salary is $ 2 or $ 3. Nobody does anything to help people, and it is really strong not to have water.

Near the house there is a tank where they give water, but sometimes there are so many people looking for water that go from house to house asking for some water.

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I am so glad you still have clean running water in your home and are able to help others who do not have water.

We try to help as much as we can. For example today a boy came to get water and in gratitude he gave us rice, black beans and a milk

It is so wonderful that neighbors are helping neighbors.

This is how we all help each other. Right now I am sitting outside the house, a tremor has just passed. I'm home alone and scare me!

Good that you went outside. That would scare me, too.

If less bad there were no replicas or at least I did not feel them.

If less bad there were
No replicas or at least
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                 - denissemata

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What I see on the internet is that it was a 5.5 earthquake and Puerto LA Cruz had moderate shaking. There have been four small- 3.5 or less- aftershocks. I'm glad you are not feeling those.

The good thing is that I have not felt anything else. I have the flu and I have no mood for anything and feel how everything moves is not pleasant.

It is our daily bread, but God always sends us a charitable soul to help us.

That is true my dear

There is always a light in the darkness that fills us with hope.

Sorry for the water problems. I can't image to stay without water at home :( Happy to know at your home and that you help people don't have it. You are really a good person, dear friend.

Every day more than 10 people come to get water. It's great to be able to help people when they need it, my mom says that whenever we can we should help

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