Old vehicles are still perfect

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Here I will always present a picture of everything I experience every day, All the things that I consider worthy to serve for my best friend in steemit.


Location : Aceh Utara

Samsung Galaxy J7

Old vehicles are still perfect

Vehicle tools in the past and still active today with a beautiful shape and become a unique item in the present.
if we remember in the past there are probably very few people who can afford to have a bike like this and only among certain people who exist.

Greetings and thanks from me @bachtiar0210 for all of you may your day always in a healthy and pleasant state.

Please support from all of you steemit friends.

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Thank for you

really !

old is gold :)

Thank for you @ehan

welcome :)

they are Awesome...!!!

Thank for you

Terimakasih bg vote droneuh

Ya sama sama

I used a cycle similar to this black cycle for almost one year.
Bro I am new and it's my first day here on steemit.

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Bicycles are perfect to cover short distances.

Very nices bikes, they look very fancy, greetings!

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