🍽 Stay healthy! 😀😋 DIY 👌 Delicious wild garlic soup. 🌱 🌿

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Dear friends 💕,

In my country, Austria, it has been wild garlic season for the last weeks. It will probably last another week or so.

Have I told you that I love wild garlic? It is very tasty, healthy green leafy vegetable. And: you can get it for free in the Vienna Woods.

However, it is important to know how it looks like since there are other plants (e.g. lily of the valley, meadow saffron, Aaron's rod) that look similar and are in fact poisonous! So only get your wild garlic from the wild when you know your stuff!

I love to prepare some wild garlic soup, and this is exactly what we are going to do now!


What you need

  • some fresh wild garlic leaves 🌱 🌿
  • two onions
  • two potatoes
  • a teaspoon of sesame seeds
  • plant soup cube (vegetable broth)
  • pepper

Step by step instruction

Wash the freshly picked wild garlic leaves.


Cut the potatoes and put them into a cooking pot. Also cut the onions and add them into the pot. Steem-fry them for two minutes until the onions turn golden.


Add the wild garlic leaves.


After some time it will shrink considerably.


When it has shrunk, add some hot water.


Add the soup cube...


... and some black pepper.


Use a hand-held blender to blend it all up until nice and smooth! Attention, don't burn yourself!


Hmm, yummy! Looks nice!


Add some soup into a bowl and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top for decoration!


There you have it, your self-made delicious wild garlic soup! 🌱 🌿

Good luck and best wishes!
Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾


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looooove wild garlic!!

hey, I truly resonate with your post! :)


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I don't have wild garlic growing by me, but I do have lots of chives. You've given me the inspiration to try this soup with chives instead of garlic. Sure sounds/looks good!

hey popsoz,
it's a pity that you do not have wild garlic around. Other alternatives would be spinach or watercress.
Cu, Chris

It is very interesting that wild garlic I would love to cook something with that plant.
That soup looks delicious
Many greetings from USA and have a beautiful day Chris carita de complicidad.jpg

Hey thanks for the nice greetings! Will be following you.
Do you have access to fresh wild garlic?
CU, Chris

I love ramsons and used to make this kind of soup all the time when we lived in England. They are popping up all over Steemit and I'm so jealous as we don't have them here in Australia.