Doing Cardio Everyday For A Month - 30 Days of Cardio Before and After

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Doing Cardio Everyday For A Month - 30 Days of Cardio Before and After - Shocking Meals Shown!

If you're tired of the same old weight loss advice, you won't believe the secret combination I share in this video that powered me through doing cardio for 30 days with no caffeine and tons of energy. No Fasting. No Keto. This is My 30 Day Cardio Results - What I did for exercise and What I Ate - doing cardio everyday results.

30 days cardio before and after results will be unveiled after eating big, and doing high intensity interval training. During this time I was also able to lift lower body/leg days and core but was limited on upper body. I wasn't originally doing 30 day cardio to lose weight, but I did get leaner in my face and abs. Depending on where you start, your 30 day cardio transformation may vary, but consistency is what really brings those 30 day cardio results doing cardio everyday.

Doing cardio everyday for a month during the month of May was originally a challenge suggested by Alex at alphadestiny.
Original 30 day cardio challenge

For advanced and intermediate lifters I would highly recommend Alex's program "Naturally Enhanced" or check out his free novice program.

If you're looking for that lean & mean physique with gains stacked on top, Work with Florian directly at QualityGains:
Use promo code RPV10 and you'll get 10% off any program.

Support this content, and get the results you are looking for.

Red Pill Vegan

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Oh my my, thats a very good improvement for just 30 days, no doubts you must have put some diet controls and habit improvement along with cardio.

Love your transformation.

congrats on your curie :)

Thank you! I was unable to lift upper body due to injury, but I did train legs and core as well

Doing some part is also good :)

lol....before i even say what i have to say let me laugh more to Cardio....Is that spanish? That line really got me to laugh my lings out. Now to the main event of the day, woooaw. Such an awesome fitness line you got in there. Even with the six packs showing says it all that the cardio is really an effective exercise.

i love how you look now and i hope you keep it in shape to the very end of the world. There are a lot of things we do that affect our body and all it takes is to exercise like you did to stay more healthy.
Every word in there was worth the read plus your video made it so so awesome.
Good job done and keep the fitness in play all the time

Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Even if you don't choose to do it every single day, the more you move your body the better you will feel. Sitting in a computer chair makes me feel awful! Make it fun and you'll be winning

You are humbly welcome

Sounds simple enough. May give it a try!

Aim for something that you find to be fun and also can do consistently. For me that was swimming before this

Hello @redpillvegan! The change and the result is visible with the naked eye, so that speaks for itself.

No Fasting. No Keto.

Fasting will bring you nothing good in my opinion and experience and I'm not alone with it. I don't like Keto, don't agree with it. I believe a balanced diet that is sustainable long term is the solution. When I say a balanced diet, I'm not referring to "one cake in both hands" of course 😁 Well done, keep it up because you're going to keep you fit and happy!

Thank you. Keto is an important topic, i enjoy covering on the channel. I have a video about bernie sanders heaet attack launching at 5am est.