Vegan Anarchy: A world without government & slaughterhouses

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Right now, we live in dark times. There's no doubt about it.

Whilst we have made vast scientific and technological advancements, and the overall standard of living has improved for a great number of human beings, we have failed to advance in any significant moral or spiritual capacity. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said: "Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men".

We find ourselves in a perpetual state of war, ruled by tyrants who seem hell-bent on triggering a third world war to usher in what has been labelled by some a 'new world order', a totalitarian, dystopian society where every thought, word, and deed is logged, monitored, and potentially punished by Big Brother's all-seeing eye.

Technology continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate, but we find ourselves slipping further and further into chains of bondage, falling for the same old tricks, ruled by the same old tyrants.

The masses chant phrases like "I'm with her", or "make America great again", still caught up in the illusory left/right political paradigm and content with having their natural rights flushed down the toilet by a government that continues to erode individual freedoms at an alarming rate.

While all this is occurring, and despite the human race inching closer and closer to its own demise, a small but growing number of political dissidents -- anarchists -- are planting the seeds of freedom in the collective consciousness and trailblazing a new and enlightened path for humanity.

A new earth awaits. A new world.

A world where human beings are governed not by the fleeting political whims of tyrants, but the cosmic moral laws of the universe. A world where human beings reject all forms of political authority, ruled not by politicians, kings or queens, but the simple and eternal wisdom of The Golden Rule. A world where human beings treat each man and woman as they would their own brother or sister, united by our similarities rather than divided by our differences. A world where human beings command and rule their own thoughts, emotions, and actions, but refuse to rule and dominate others, having come to the spiritual realization that all men and women are sovereign beings.

A world without government.

A world without slaughterhouses

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Sticking with the theme of technological advancement and moral stagnation, let's take a look at the way human beings have developed new and efficient ways to rear and slaughter animals for food. What was once a weekly treat is now a daily habit, as not millions but BILLIONS of animals are reared, slaughtered, dismembered, and neatly packaged onto the supermarket shelves to satisfy man's insatiable demand for meat and animal products.

Cows, pigs, chickens and many other animals are born into this world with a pre-determined execution date, and then branded, used, and discarded as if they were items on a conveyor belt. Soulless automatons, with no other purpose than to serve man's hedonistic sensual pleasures of taste and smell.

But how can another being's life be worth less than one's temporary pleasure? That is a question we ought to ask ourselves, especially before purchasing animal products in the supermarket. Is our fleeting sense of taste and smell really worth more than the life of another sentient being? What if an advanced race of beings decided to rear and slaughter humans because they valued the taste of human meat over the inherent value of human life? Would that be OK? Does temporary pleasure triumph the inalienable right to life and freedom?

A world without government is incomplete and, in my view, unattainable in a world that still views animals as commodities rather than companions. A world without human authority but one that is still predicated on the dogmatic belief that humans have the inherent right to rule and dominate animals (carnism), is a violation of the Law of Correspondence: As above, so below.

As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” - Pythagoras.

To any thinking, sane person, this should be obvious. But in this insane, upside down world where "governments destroy freedom, mainstream media destroys information, and religions destroy spirituality", we believe we can mass murder humans and animals without consequence - ignorant of the natural, cosmic laws that govern man's behaviour in the universe.

Right now, at this critical point in human history, we need more than a world without government. We must abolish all forms of external rulership and strive for universal freedom for all of earth's creatures. We can not establish freedom for one, and not the other. We are, as Martin Luther King Jr. expressed, "in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

Humanity has reached its fork in the road. The eleventh hour is upon us. We will either forge a path of fear, slavery, and scarcity, or one of freedom, abundance, and love.

The choice is ours.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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Excelent post. Upvoted and reestemed. I think all we need is consciousness. As long as people keep ignoring their self consciousness, to follow someone else, they are lost. And so are we. Great quotes you got there. Thanks!

Thanks @etka, followed back.

Wow what an amazing series of posts to come across. Thanks so much for putting all of this together - so many quotes I want to save in this one from yourself and others.

This is definitely motivating to be a bit louder about my views and I really appreciate that - thank you.

Thank you so much for this beautiful post, you inspire me to continue writing articles on this topic.

Your article is very inspiring and truthful. Is going to be very hard to reach to that point of human nature respecting each other, life and understanding the purpose of life without religion.

Thank you very much @kcarchserv

Lovely article and I’m glad that I came across your blog on Steemit.
I’m proud to live by few core beliefs like you.
Good people meet good people.

Thank you my friend, glad you enjoyed it.

Thank u for continuing to write powerful and thought provoking posts on this topic. Alot ppl seem to know more and more about why they shouldn't eat meat but are still unwiling to make the change, maybe its laziness, habit or fear of unknown. One thing is certain the food ppl choose to put in their bodies controls the way we think. Even buying branded products contain human and animal suffering. Everything we think is normal and OK needs to be re-evaluated.

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Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting. Upvoted and resteemed.



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