What everyone needs to know about dairy (milk and milk products). Q & A.

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Here I tried to explain with Q & A why dairy products are not a natural food for human being.

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Q: When does ANY animal produce milk? Be it a cat, dog, horse, donkey, human being, cow, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, rhino, hippopotamus, elephant, etc?

A: ONLY when she has a baby.

Q: Why has nature put that milk in her body?

A: To nurture her newborn baby to grow very fast in a very short period of time. The baby doesn't have teeth so needs liquid nutrition.

Q: So what is ANY milk?

A: It's baby food.

Q: When you take milk from a cow/buffalo, what are you doing?

A: Stealing the food of a baby.

Q: Would you as an individual do such a thing?

A: Hoping your answer will be, "Definitely not!"

Q: Then why is it that you're doing this?

A: Because society has first of all kept us in the dark and secondly because society has conditioned us to accept this abuse and violence as something normal. And because it's an invisible dominant ideology with the majority of people participating in it, we never question it.

Q: How often (how many times a day) should ANY baby drink his/her mother's milk?

A: Every two to three hours.

Q: How much milk should ANY baby drink?

A: As much as he/she wants. No mother or father ever tells the baby to stop drinking milk. ONLY the baby decides when to stop.

Q: How often do we milk a cow/buffalo?

A: Twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Q: What are we doing when she's milked only twice a day?

A: Her udder should actually be emptied every to three hours by the baby. So we're forcing her to accumulate milk for twelve hours in her udder. Can you imagine how painful that must be?

Q: How much do we "allow" the baby to drink?

A: Just enough to keep her alive if it's a female calf. Not at all if it's a male calf. The male calf is starved to death because we want the baby's milk. But, who are we to tell the baby how much to drink?

Q: How much milk would there be left for your cup of tea, dahi, pizza, butter, paneer, ice cream, gulab jamun, rasgolla, etc if the baby were left free with the mother 24X7 and allowed to drink as much as he/she wants whenever he/she is hungry?

A: Nothing at all unless she's been selectively bred (which is abuse and torture) to produce an unnaturally high amount of milk.

Q: Tell me one animal that drinks milk as an adult.

A: None. Apart from humans, lol. Milk is BABY food. That's what nature intended it to be and apart from humans, all animals follow the law of nature.

Q: Tell me one animal that drinks the milk of another species when it's an adult.

A: None. Milk is baby food meant ONLY for the baby of that particular species. Nature has formulated the milk of each species according to the needs of the baby of that species. So, A1 milk is meant for an A1 calf and A2 milk is meant for the baby of an A2 cow. The milk of a Jersey cow is meant for a Jersey calf and that of a Holstein cow for a Holstein calf. Dog milk for a puppy, cat milk for a kitten, rat milk for a rat's baby, elephant's milk for an elephant's baby, human milk for a human baby and so on.

Q: What's the weight of a newborn human baby and what weight does he/she reach in a year?

A: A human baby has an average weight of 3 kgs when born and achieves an average weight of 8-10 kgs in a year.

Q: What's the weight of a newborn cow/buffalo's baby and what weight does he/she reach in a year?

A: A cow/buffalo's baby has an average weight of 15 kgs when born and achieves an average weight of 100 kgs in a year.

Q: What does nature say when the baby of any animal starts teething, and what changes start taking place in the body of that baby?

A: Nature says, "Now that you can chew, you can get all your nutrition from semi-solid and solid food. You don't need liquid nutrition." So the body gradually stops producing lactase, the enzyme required to digest milk. That's why if you're "lactose intolerant" your body is normal. Almost everyone is naturally lactose intolerant and the body shows signs of bloating, rumbling, loose motion or diarrhea, acne, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, PCOD, heart issues, auto immune diseases, etc. (Also because milk contains saturated fats and cholesterol and hormones)

Q: If a human baby of say three or four years is incapable of digesting human milk, do you think he/she will be capable of digesting the milk of a cow/buffalo that's meant to blow up a 15 kg calf to a 150 kg young cow/buffalo in a year or a year and a half?

Q: How do you think the cow/buffalo keeps producing milk continuously when in nature, the breasts of ANY mother gradually dry up once the baby starts teething?

A: She is sexually assaulted just three months after the baby is born. The person shoves one arm almost up to the elbow in her rectum and inserts a tube with the semen into her vagina. So the milk you drink comes from a cow/buffalo that is both pregnant and lactating. There are hormonal changes in her body because of her pregnancy and parts of the hormones are released from her body through her milk and urine. So they enter your body when you consume milk or any milk products. That's the reason children are reaching puberty at the tender age of 8-10 years.

Q: Does a cow/buffalo allow humans to milk her the first time she has a baby?

A: No. She tries to move away, kicks with her hind legs and hits with her tail.

Q: Then how do we milk her?

A: By restraining her with heavy chains and tying her legs and tail. In fact, she's tied in one place ALL her life till she's sent to be killed once she becomes "useless". It's good to remember this popular Hindi saying:
Gau ijjat aur garima huey khandit
Jub jub thun pur haath huey mandit.

Q: How many years does a cow/buffalo produce a "profitable" amount of milk and what is her natural lifespan?

A: She produces a profitable amount of milk for a maximum of 8 years. After that her body gets so deteriorated that she can't produce much milk. Her natural lifespan is 20-25 years.

Q: What happens to her after she stops producing a profitable amount of milk?

A: She is killed for beef and leather, many times skinned alive for the leather.

Q: Would you kill a cow/buffalo or skin her alive yourself?

A: Hoping your answer would be a vehement, "NO!"

Q: If you wouldn't then why is it that you're participating in it?

A: 1. because you're probably not made aware of this harsh fact, and 2. because society has conditioned us to accept this violence as something normal. The dairy (milk) and beef industries are two sides of the same coin.

Q: Why is India the largest exporter of beef?

A: Because though almost all Indians consume milk, the majority don't consume beef. So the beef is exported.

Q: Why is this allowed in the land of Ahimsa?

A: Because money is more important than values of compassion, nonviolence and peace.

Q: What can you do to stop this?

A: Stop consuming milk and milk products. The consumer is very powerful and can help by changing the demand for these products.

Q: What substitute is there for dairy products?

A: First of all, you're not a baby. Milk is BABY food and not meant for adults. What you really need is calcium, protein, vitamins, fats, fibre, carbs, etc. You can get all these easily from plants. Plants are the only ones that can fix nitrogen from the air and store it as amino acids. Google more for plant based nutrition. But if you're addicted to tea/coffee or don't want to give up dahi, cheese, paneer, etc., you can use almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk etc in your tea/coffee, substitute tofu (soya paneer) for dairy paneer, make dahi out of soya milk, rice milk, peanut milk, coconut milk etc, and there are hundreds of very easy to make cheese recipes on the net that are also much more nutritious. You can also check for healthy Vegan recipes on www.sharan-india.com

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thanks for the info

Great Interesting Post, I must say that! The answers are so true and absolutely relevant. Thanks for sharing,

I have been vegan for about 4 years now and I get the same questions from the same people. I am 6' tall and 210 lbs and they still look at me as if I am on some fad diet that is unsustainable. When I start talking about how terrible dairy is they look at me with their fluoride glossed over eyes and say things like..."well it tastes good". Blows my mind.

I fully understand you. I believe the main problem is in society that tells us from our early childhood that the cow milk is good for our bones. Our parents are indoctrinated too and teach are the same. But I think that it's slowly changing. The vegan movement is growing very fast and the information is widely available now. Please don't let them to discourage you! You're doing a great job!

I appreciate the encouraging words. I agree with you; times they are a changing. I was vegetarian for years prior to cutting out all animal products and when i would go to the vegetarian/vegan frozen food section at Wal-Mart there was only 2 shelves of items available. Now there are 2 doors full of products. It shows me that people are buying the items enough for Wal-Mart to feel the need to supply them and that is definitely encouraging.

My pleasure, I love supporting people doing the right thing. In Europe we are a bit behind with vegan food. However even in this one year I notice a big improvement. We can get plenty of vegan foods now in a regular supermarket. It's just a pity that we can't get any products from the US companies like Follow your heart, Beyond meat, Daiya, etc. But we live in a digital world and I can also order many products online :)

I have heard from others in Europe and Australia that vegan options are more limited since most of the major vegan companies are US based. I am really surprised in a way because the US tends to be behind everyone when it comes to social issues concerning the earth and animals especially. I would imagine ordering the items from the source would have expensive shipping. I am very thankful for online shopping , myself. :)

You are right. I find the US a very controversial country but good for you that you can find anything you need there 😊 It's expensive, that's true but I do order just minimum of my supplies..

Thank you for this great article! I've been vegan from Feb 2017. I did it for animals only and I do enjoy the side health benefits ever since. This has been the best decision of my life I must say.
However it really sadden me that my family doesn't want to even try what I cook. I feel like they are afraid of something different even though my husband and my friends love the way I cook. I'm trying hard to convince them to participate on a healthier lifestyle as they would not do it for the animals. For now I'm failing and it breaks my heart as my mom suffers from high blood pressure and overweight and I know it's coming from her diet only. But I'm not losing my hope and still believe that once they will understand and do some changes as well. I love to save animals every day!

Finland is number one country when it comes to milk consumption (per capita), and therefore it's a very sensitive topic to bring up. I find it cruel to keep the cows constantly pregnant in order to have a high milk production, but it's hard to try to make people understand these kind of facts, since dairy products are a staple to them, and they do not want to hear any criticism. I wish people would be more open to dairy substitutes, but the progress is very slow. Nevertheless, slow progress is better than no progress, right? :)
Really nice post, I very much enjoyed reading it!

I think that the animals in particular cows produce a quantity of milk that exceeds the need of the baby so it is preferable to be milking half the breast and leave the other half of the baby so as not to get diarrhea
It is recommended to give milk to the newborn 2-3 times a day fresh and to be at 35-38 ° C (body temperature) and 1 kg of milk per 10 kg of weight of the baby as a base by using the pail in the process of breastfeeding. In addition to milk, the finger feeds inside the pail inside the milk to be sucked into the milk and sucked with a part of the milk. This is in addition to the milk. The concentrated feed is provided from the third week and gradually increases with the beginning of the sixth week until the 14th week of age. Milk to substitute for feed, and provides milk during the first three months (ie during the period of lactation) 300-400 kg milk.

Nobody can decide other than calf and mother that how much a calf should drink his/her mother's milk. Does human beings baby get diarrhea while breastfeeding? All recommendations are crafted to keep in mind the benefits of us not calf.

If you have any scientific proof please share it with us.

Reeeeesteeeeem! This is such a great post, down to Point, informative and there is definetly no argument against any of this information.
Well maybe the part about male calfs being starved to death. That's not what happens here in Sweden. They get to live for 18 months and then they are sent to the slaughter house to become veal.

I love this article too! Will show it to my family as they don't believe me!

No body is stealing, farmers milking animals when baby are done feeding, with science milking can be mre than what babies need, so it benefit humans too, which is gift from God as it has nutrients not in any other types. Other wise you should not eat from trees or so, as these are souls too.

Definitely, calves are deprived of their mother's love and their life-saving food milk. Dairy is an industry, not a charity organization. Industry runes on profit. Male calves are always sent to the slaughterhouse before 2 years of age. Developing excess milk producing breeds are also a cruelty to animals.
Plants are the primary source of food and all living being directly or indirectly dependent on the plants.

This is completely bias post. This is what sucks about you vegan people. Your over arrogant and think your so much better than the rest of society because you "live and let live" of every agricultural dominance Human Society has created. This post doesn't even worth my reply

What is more arrogant, to exploit and kill an animal for food or have animal-free food?

I am breastfeeding right now, and there are so many people how tell me I must to get some baby milk that should be better for my kid, I really really belive the best for my baby it is my own milk... I like your post and I am not vegan... good luck

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ok.......it is quite interesting.......but i don't agree with some of it

Point out where are you not agree.

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We are the only mammal that takes milk from another animal ... like ur post

What those poor animals have to go through...

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Absolutely fantastic questions and answers!! Love this post, its so true!

So I Like Milk....

Thays why animals suffer a lot!

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Why on earth would cows ever be skinned ALIVE!? Horrifying.

So much needed post! Thank you and resteem 👍

Amazing post you sharing bro... Superb... I like it