My 5 favourite new steemit Vegan posts of Last 3 days by steemians under reputation 60. (No 9)

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Vegans always try to spread awareness about veganism and all have their own way to do it. Some write poetry and article, some travel and search vegan restaurants, some do activism but most of the vegans try their best to make the vegan version of traditional non-vegan dishes.
This time I selected such different vegan's post as my favourite vegan posts of steemit.

1.Circus - Entry to VDux Haiku Contest

Very small but hart touching haiku.

2. The Vegan Tag: 22 Questions!

Answering questions about veganism.


Recipe by one of the talented vegan chef of steemit.

4.Pizza That Makes You Smart

Most popular non-vegan dish Pizza made raw vegan

5.Vegan / Plant-Based in China? How it really feels like

In search of veganism in China.

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All these posts are different from other and every one is good according to their scenario.

chole and palk recipe was looking show yummy...why people treated is an animal...this type...really heart touching...

Wow thank you so much for featuring me in your collection, I feel honoured! Upvoted & resteemed of course ♥♥♥

Thank you @chetanpadliya for featuring me here! Excited to see the vegan community growing on Steemit.

Very encouraging!

your meals makes me happyzonnetje.gif