My 5 favourite new steemit Vegan posts[Non recipe] of Last 3 days by steemians under reputation 60. (No 5)

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In my favourite new steemit vegan post this time also I have enough non-recipe vegan posts to share with you. There are new vegans joining steemit platform every day.
Here is my 5 most favourite vegan post ( Not in the order)

1. Hi guys! A Little about me, a vegan, yogi gypsy

Let's welcome this new vegan on steemit!

2. The meat industry: A summary of the many Reasons to become Vegan.

There are no reason to not go vegan..let's go vegan!

3. Moral questions to consider before you eat?

The author co-related morality with vegan

4. Joe Rogan Jordan Peterson Diet - Carnivore Diet vs Vegan - Jordan Peterson Joe Rogan Diet

Interesting debate between Vegan and Carnivore

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Can't wait for the recipes. Time we all go vegan and stop killing animals.


Nice work and thanks for featuring my post :)
You got a nice vegan blog , I will follow your posts for sure!