Moral questions to consider before you eat?

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When choosing the types of food that we put into our bodies one should consider the moral implications of such choices and then make the conscious decision whether to continue going down this path or not. Generally this isnt something that comes into the mind of the average person, however if you wish to be morally consistent in as many aspects of your life as possible, one of the biggest ones is what you consume.

One should ask themselves:

Is the life of this being mine to take?
Does this life belong to THEM and not me?

Are my actions resulting in the violation of another beings life?
Am I committing or supporting theft and violence by eating this particular food?

Can I survive/live without having to do this action?

If you absolutely need to eat this and continue doing so in order to live then by all means do what you need to do to survive. Perhaps other foods do not go well in your body or perhaps you are currently in a situation where this is all you CAN have. I would still say do what is needed to survive and work on getting yourself out of that situation where you dont have to commit such an action just to stay alive, if possible that is, which for some this may not be.

However, for the VAST majority of you, especially in the western world this is not the case. When it comes to consuming meat or anything from an animal it really is a choice, and so if the lives of these beings really do belong to them and not you and if you can live without taking theirs away then why are you doing it to begin with? Why not eat what the body actually needs to survive, i.e. fruits, vegetables and grains? Have you even given this an thought up until now?

Below is a 15 minute video that goes deeper into the concepts mentioned here, thank you for reading and leave your comments below :

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Nice aeticle bro very impressive

i love vegan foods :-)