Intro into the life of a new found Vegan aka my awakening....

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Hi there! Yes.... you!
I have been a vegan for approximately 2 months now and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell my story. Full disclosure.... I will not bash meat eaters in this post. My goal is purely to express my personal preference for choosing a plant based diet.

So after some pretty serious lifestyle changes... going through a break up, moving house, changing jobs, I felt there was still something not right within me. I always felt bloated or sleepy. A friend of mine who became a vegan months prior to me was there to support me during my significant life changes and I saw the way their eyes gleamed, how energetic they were and how happy they seemed. They had dropped a lot of weight and seemed like they could conquer the world. I asked my friend about this lifestyle change and he told me a lot of information about the process of how these foods are made from farm to shop, how long it stays in your body and how humaans were designed to digest food. Having been interested in health, digestion and longevity long before meeting this friend, I soon realised that he was speaking the truth. I decided I would start off as a vegetarian. I cut out all meat products which for me was easy as I didn't really like eating lots of meat anyway, not even as a child. Then one day I went to the supermarket and went to buy yoghurt. I remembered how it was processed and just never felt the urge to pick it up. I want to be real with you. Yes there are times my body still craves meat, but honestly not as much as I thought and my cravings soon pass. My biggest challenge in being a vegan is my label. I honestly don't care what other people decide to eat, how they want to live. It is their life to live, not mine. We are all living our life the best way we know how and if we can show compassion and understanding towards each other instead of judgement and anger I think the world would be a better place. I don't like telling people I am vegan because as soon as I do, they start judging their own behaviour and making excuses for eating meat. I say this from a loving place, I don't need you to explain yourself to me. You are on your journey and I am on mine. I pray one day everyone can be accepted for their beautiful individuality and not have to concern themselves with what others think. This is something I am personally working on too but I know where I am heading.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me.

Love and peace to you all


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