[ecoTrain QOTW Challenge] Buntil: Indonesian Traditional Dish Wrapped in Edible Taro Leaves

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Food wrapped in leaves usually has an authentic character and it can provide a wealth of sexy flavors. What about the leaves that can be used to wrap food but can also be eaten? So, let's talk about Taro Leaves.


There are various types of Taro trees, especially in Indonesia. In general, we distinguish between two types that often grow wild around the house, namely "green taro" and "brown taro". Green taro can be eaten, while the brown taro with dark chocolate stem can not be eaten. Usually, we use a type of brown taro for ornamental plants at home.


Important things that you should always remember about the Taro Leaves:

  • Taro Leaves become poisonous if we consume them raw.

  • Left Taro Leaves or stems for one day before processing them into food. This is a way to get rid of itching on the taro leaves.

Since childhood, I have been very familiar with "BUNTIL" Indonesian traditional food from Taro Leaves filled with grated coconut and various other types of food to fill it up.


The filling "BUNTIL" can be varied according to your taste, but the main components that must be present are grated coconut, tempeh, and spices. Then you can add corn, potatoes, or sweet potatoes.


I will share with you how to make Buntil:


  • Taro Leaves
  • Grated coconut around 250 grams or adjusted to the supply of Taro Leaves.
  • two sticks of tempeh
  • two tomatoes


Grated Coconuts



Blended spices:


  • 10 cloves of red onion
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 5 cm ginger
  • 4 candlenuts
  • red chili and small chili, adjusted to your taste

Cooking Instructions

  • After the Taro Leaves have been left for 1 day, wash out the leaves.
  • Mix the blended spices into grated coconut, tomato chunks, and tempeh chunks. Stir well.
  • Then, put the grated coconut filling into the middle of the taro leaf, then wrap it.
  • Tie the packet of the toothless leaf using a rope. Usually, I use a rope made from banana tree fibers.
  • After finishing wrapping all the filling with taro leaves, then steam for about 30 minutes.
  • Serve while warm.


The ingredients for making "BUNTIL" are very easy to find in the area where I live. That's why it really helps the people around here fight hunger. But unfortunately, over time and many people become "rich", then they began to leave natural and traditional foods like this.


My mother always taught me to always enjoy natural foods from traditional recipes even though we can buy expensive food. Because of natural foods that are far from expensive, we can live with gratitude and can stay healthy without excessive appetite.



I hope you like my recipe this time. See you in my next recipes.

This post is my response to ecoTrain QOTW Challenge November 20th-27th: Make Something Paleo to Eat!

Have a great life!


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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This looks very tasty indeed - simply yummy

ooh! i ALMOST missed this post! PLEASE can u link your post in my launch post, and include QOTW in the title if possible! IT makes it so much easier as it can be hard to pick them out of the feed.

thanks! LOVELY dish.. really special and i love how you write too!

Done for include QOTW in the title.

I have been add the link on Ecotrain post 4 days ago. :)


Thanks for stopping by

That sure looks yummy. Thanks for the recipe. We usually make sweets with coconut and jaggery mix in banana leaves and steam it.

Yeah, so many ways to eat coconut. :)

Cool... Chinese have dishes using that too but with fried rice instead!

Yeah and Chinese often cook lotus too. A little bit same of texture I think :)

Yes many types of dishes and soup.

Oh these look insanely delicious!!! I love tempeh. I guess I could do something similiar wrapped in grape vine or cabbage leaves!

Cabbage leaves, good idea! You can add more local spices and herbs according to your taste

Ini enaaaaa bangeeeet 😀
Saya ga doyan pedes, tapi kalau makan buntil bisa abis beberapa. Ehehe.

Ini resep Buntilnya sih gak terlalu pedas krn cabainya dikit.

Mau lebih enak lagi, masukkan ke dalam santan lebih gurih

Mau! :D

Wow, this looks so tasty! And your pics are so well made, so rich and ... well, almost flavorful! :-)

Tempeh, and all of coconut thing in here are worth to taste.

Thanks for stopping by

Mmmmm, tempeh, coconut, taro leaves... It sounds like it's actually Indonesia where I should stop by! I think I would eat so much there.

Amazing - ANOTHER vegetarian Paleo post!! Yay! We have a lot of taro growing in Thailand and yes, they also here prepare something similar, although more often with rice and pork inside. I LIKE the look of yours A LOT!! You're gonna need your own cooking channel soon! :)

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Hi Dear, I'm glad you like my recipe. I'm working on my own cooking and natural things on Youtube Channel with English and Indonesian. Here the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt4mCYIw6-lUMFQ3zV2CMmA

Thank you so much for your support @artemislives



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Looks absolutely amazing @anggrklestari. Good luck with the contest.

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