HEALTHY Triplets went in for vaccine shots -- ALL 3 GOT AUTISM THAT DAY!

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Here's a real story, and absolute evidence of vaccines causing autism.
Meet Richie, Clair, and Robbie

Three healthy babies that were saying Momma, Dadda, walking around and the whole nine..... that is until they went for their vaccination.

Brenda and David McDowell took their 3 healthy, happy and engaged, 9-month-olds in for one single vaccine (Pneumococcal) that day. By the end of the day, all of their children changed and were never the same again. They all became severely autistic. The shot was at 10:00 am. Two hours later, Claire had completely shut off, as if she was blind and deaf. She just stared at the ceiling.

At 2:00 pm, Richie shut off. Before the end of the day, Robbie looked like he was hit by a bus, he had a stunned look on his face.

No more giggles, no more smiles, no more babbling..
All the furniture walking stopped; all their reflexes stopped.
They stopped blinking, yawning, sneezing.
They never held hands again.
They never looked at each other again.

The McDowell's found out about the Vaccine Injury Court about five years later, but by then it was too late to apply. They've spent 100's of thousands of dollars trying to recover and heal their children.

Seven years after that horrific day of triple autism, they found out that vaccine lot was contaminated. It was recalled for "sterilization issues" a couple weeks later, as it already killed a two year old, but that was hidden from the public.

Mainstream medicine lies to us and says that autism is always genetic. The claim is that the environment has nothing to do with autism. This case shows that they are wrong. The geneticist that was consulted told the McDowell's that it is an IMPOSSIBILITY for this to happen due to GENETICS. It is impossible for three different siblings to genetically get autism on the same day. That's not how GENETICS operate.

Watch the McDowell couple get interviewed here:

We hear about children getting autism ALL THE TIME after their vaccinations. This is happening every day, all over the country. The system wants us to believe that the people getting it are genetically inferior. Vaccines are actually genetic warfare on the populace, carried out by the medical and scientific establishment.

The government has been lying to the entire population of the U.S., and most of the world, saying that vaccines are safe, effective, and have nothing to do with autism. All the real life evidence goes completely against that. Unfortunately most the victims are unaware of the war that is being waged on them.

If vaccines aren't harming people, why has the vaccine industry awarded almost $4 BILLION dollars to the victims families? We know this is going on. The mass denial out there and mass indoctrination of vaccines being safe is the only thing stopping us from recognizing vaccines as they are, a massive danger to our children and a threat to our survival as a species. We didn't make it this far in natural human evolution, to all of the sudden needing intrusive medical procedures such as injecting a child with an undeveloped immune system with EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ingredients that you wouldn't be allowed to feed a child.

People claim there is no scientific evidence that shows vaccines cause Autism. Here's OVER 50 PEER REVIEWED SCIENTIFIC Studies from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health that link Autism to Vaccines-…/10.1007%2F978-1-4614-4788-7_89

When the Darwin theory talked about survival of the fittest and evolution, what they were really talking about is their right to kill off the population. They are the fittest, and we are the genetically inferior. They're actually making this a reality with vaccines.

Bertrand Russell was knighted by Royalty, and interbred with Darwin's and Huxley's. I recommend everyone get the book "The Impact of Science on Society".... There we had royalty writing about using injections to basically cause an autistic society.

Autism rates have gone from 1 in 5000+ to now 1 in 50. The time to educate yourself and for us to get together, as a nation, and as a species and go against this tyrannical, intrusive practice of vaccinations is now. At the very least, those of us who don't want to vaccinate, should have the right and the choice not to do so.

Recently, a woman who didn't want to vaccinate her child got thrown in jail for 7 days. This will get worse and worse until we put a stop to this and DECLARE & DEFEND OUR RIGHTS. Michigan Mother Jailed:

Make sure to check out and watch the documentary Vaxxed if you can.
VAXXED Bus, with the names of over 4000 Vaccine Injured and dead people on it.

If not us, who? If not now, when? John F. Kennedy

You can check out my instagram and facebook page @TruthisTerrorism for more related information.

References: Triplets Regress Into Autism All On The Same Day:


Hello. I see that this is your first Steemit post.

However, you have plagiarized my own post.

You took a lot of this right out of the article which I wrote myself here:

The Steemit community has very strict rules about what you post here being your own material,
and whenever you do copy something that is someone else's work,
you MUST give them credit.

I am glad that you are interested in this important topic of vaccines,
but you will may find people flagging your posts which lowers your reputation and decreases your payout.

I hope to read some original work of yours here in the future.

Sorry about the first post error. Added you as a Reference on this article. I hope you enjoyed the original content in it and I will make sure to bring fully original content in the near future!

Hi, I wouldn't call it plagiarized as almost all the information you shared was in the video that we both shared. at least 50% of my post has details and information that is not in yours. Everything you posted is literally in the vaxxed video that a ton of us who are against vaccines have seen. Did I see your post though? Yes I did. I appreciate the warning of the rules here. Thanks for the comment and keep up the good work!

I understand, although you chose the same pictures that I pulled from the video too.
I hated to point all this out to you, as we are both fighting for the same cause,
and I'm sure that your intentions are good.
But now you know anyways how things work on Steemit, and might as well learn early on before your Steemit reputation gets ruined. You are a #25 right now. That will rise as you post more and people start to vote for you. It can drop below zero though if you get flagged enough.

I wish you all the best on your Steemit jouney!

p.s. It would be a good idea to read and watch this short video for newcomers:

CA-CO-CO thanks for pointing this out and showing great restraint!
Love Ya!!! :* <3 Ur the best, by the way! :D

thanks @underground

I just don't want to see someone who is on the same side of truth, not understand how Steemit works and then not succeed here.

Thanks for your kind words.

I appreciate you! Thanks

I think you handled it very well, dear lady... <3

Does seem a little crazy that I get only 58 cents for this. I wanted to see how lucrative it was to use steemit. I've worked on social media for thousands of hours and have never made a dollar... I used my own following to get this article out to thousands of people. I made a video that was seen by 500,000 people in a couple days on facebook and instagram. Instead of being praised for raising awareness.. I've only been shit on in the comments over here it seems. I did add a lot of my own original content to this story, put the puzzle pieces together and once again, used my own following on social media to get this story out to 100's of thousands of people. I don't do this for credit, I do it to influence people, and that's what a true leader does. A true leader does not need credit. I understand your initial concerns and I appreciate it, but i still think the backlash on here from a few people is a bit ironic when we're dealing with the survival of the species at risk and most people being in the dark on this issue.. Anyways... I influenced people and hopefully saved some children's lives with the video I made and article I wrote.... so I'm happy with the result.

I just now noticed that you did edit your post giving a reference to my original post. Thank-you!

I really wish that you had pointed that out to me as soon as you changed it.

As to the 58 cents,
that is the way that it works here on Steemit.
People will not vote on a piece that has been copied from other work, without credit given. Usually those posts get flagged invisible.
You can not base your experience with Steemit on this one post.
Also, it is completely normal for your first several posts to not be seen by a large audience on Steemit. It usually takes a long time to build up an audience.
However, I do go looking for posts tagged 'vaccines.'

As to you being dumped on, that was not the case.
The person being dumped on was somebody who used his flags to flag all of my comments, plus left an insulting comment to me about being a hall monitor.

Fortunately, I do not abuse my flag power. Not that flagging a copied post would be abusive, because that is my right and is what most people here in my shoes would have done. But I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance to acknowledge their mistakes and fix them.

Like I said, I really wish that I had known earlier that you did try to fix your mistake by adding in a link to my original post.

Have you ever experience someone copying one of your post and passing it as their own? No matter how many % of it was copied.

It has happened to me and it was an awful experience.

You claim you should have been praised for raising awareness but instead according to you, you got shit on.

Raising awareness doesn't necessarily lead to being praised. This is flawed logic.

Someone can raise awareness by closing a bridge for a couple hours, sure they'll raise awareness but piss off a lot of people at the same time and if nobody care about the awareness that has been raised it'll piss people off even more.

When we do something that displease someone we don't get to chose if we displease them or not, that's up to the other person's perception of things.

About the potential payout to your post, your post got paid less than 1$ for now. Some people have worked more than 10 hours on some post and got paid less than your post. Some got paid thousands $ for really bad post.

Nobody is entitled to receive anything on Steem no matter how. It's like anywhere else on that matter.

Again, if we displease someone it's not something we get to chose. We might conclude their reaction to be illogical and explain why we think so and if we aren't able to convince them then we should move on.

I'm glad you are able to raise awareness on some stuff but your reply was something I would ask forgiveness if I were the person who wrote it.

No, I'm not saying I should be praised. I'm saying I don't care and I do it to influence people positively. I worked for 12-24 hours on my article/video/meme posts that I made. The point I was making was the main discussion on here had to do with whether or not I copied an article and focused no attention on all the work I did myself and the positives. It was all just negative for the main part. And yes, I've experienced people taking my work. Some of the biggest guys online have taken it, and at the end of the day, it's a compliment, because I'm influencing leaders in a positive way. That's the goal.

I'll give you an example right now, one page on facebook called exposetheilluminati, I saw that they took my meme that went viral and put their logo over mine. Instead of getting mad I wrote them privately and said I see you like my meme and put your logo on it. I told them I'm glad to be influencing them and I don't care that they took it, because the important thing is to positively influence. You know what happened? They added me as an admin and I can now write articles and make posts on there, with over 180k followers. So, don't think that I'm speaking here without experience. And in that scenario, the only work that person did was add their logo on mine. In this scenario I literally put in tons of work and provided information that a lot of people didn't have until I put the pieces together.. so it's not like I took someone's work and put my name on it. Far from it. But with that story you can see the difference. I'm not saying coconut did anything wrong here. But I'm telling my story and being honest.

Yeah, that's why I said don't worry about the hall monitor cliques around here. I don't appreciate their bullying tactics. You are out there attracting people to steemit with your crossposting of your content and this bullshit is what potential steemit users see from the established users. Like I said before, keep doing what you are doing, if you encounter haters and enemies it's like a video game, you are headed in the right direction.

I'm sorry, but I have to ask...why did you upvote blaineb's comment if you love @canadian-coconut? Not only did he insult her with that comment, he also flagged the comment that you're praising for restraint.
Sorry, the guy just really got under my skin,especially after Linda was so gracious about this whole thing. (She's a good friend of mine, I tend to get overly defensive of my friends)

PEACE, @dreemit! I was not upvoting the "hall monitor" comment, just the welcome. @blaineb is also a friend of mine... I am just here trying to "moderate" the whole thing, not really taking sides. My U-V power is mostly delegated out, btw. Glad to see you have Ca-Co-Co's Back! She's really an awesome lady, good to have friends like you. I'm just trying to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative ;)

PS: Follow for You, btw ;)

Gotcha. I completely understand, I've found myself in that predicament a couple of times here- friends with two people on opposite side of an argument, playing peacekeeper :) I'm not a fan of negativity myself, and I realize by responding to his comment I was perpetuating it a bit, but if there's one thing I'm less of a fan of it's people dumping on those I love :)

Thanks for the response, and the follow. I'll definitely check out your page

Thanks for this uplifting message :D
...and checking out my content!

The white knight doesn't quit, LMAO!

Welcome, TiT!!!
I had not seen this yet, thanks for bringing it up once again.
Vaccines are BS!!! I mean at least in the forms they take, with all the $&%@&%( Mercury and heavy Metals in there, NO WONDER Autism is running rampant now. I do know that they have widened the definition of Autism, but that is not the only reason it is more prevalent. These triplets are PROOF POSITIVE it was the Vax! I am very PISSED OFF! I am telling my daughter and son, if/when they have children, NO VACCINATIONS. PERIOD!

Thank you for the warm welcome. Yes it's really sad and we need to defend our rights against vaccines. It's unacceptable to be forcing something with big risk into our children's bodies.

Still no arrival from cheetah or the steemcleaners.

Much appreciated for the post @truthisterrorism ! I actually noticed your post on FB with the Steemit link which brought me here. I shared on FB and Resteemed here. You are being followed as well. Don't worry about the hall monitors around here, they have no idea what plagiarism is. Keep on keepin on!

I flagged your comment just enough to remove the two cents it didn't deserve.

Insulting and flagging one of the kindest people on steemit who also happens to have the reputation and steempower to bury you? Samuel L. would not be saying 'Look at the big brains on Blaine' about that move.

Lucky for you she truly is one of the kindest people here. Lucky for the author of this blog too, because most of the whales on this platform would have flagged this post if they were in Linda's shoes, instead she did the author a favor by keeping them from getting into that kind of trouble in the future, and not even asking them to change it. In fact, if they continue posting about this type of thing and use original material, she will be their biggest supporter.

And as far as her not knowing what plagiarism is, maybe you should have actually looked at her post before making that statement.

And your definition of plagiarism is...?
Ever heard of fair use...?
I look forward to your reply!

Since you were looking forward to my reply and I gave it soon after, can I take your lack of response as a concession? Silence is acceptance?

Look, I don't know you and despite my feelings about what you said and did in regards to my friend, the fact that you chose to support the subject matter that this post was about suggests that we all share one rather important viewpoint, much more important than an argument over the way each one of us defines; or our personal perceptions of the word plagiarize.
It would be really great if you could remove your flag from Linda's comment, maybe even take that one extra step and apologize for what you said about her, then who knows we all might end up friends. In fact this is very similar to the way one of my closer friendships on the platform started- (Him giving a friend of mine shit that was unwarranted, my telling him what I thought about it, him being wise enough to recognize I was ;)

I've got better things to do than light up virtue signalling white knights on a cobbled together social media that glitches and loses posts with regularity lately.
Interesting how you jump straight to claiming victory lol.
What did I say to the SJW that I should apologize for in your opinion?
I don't tend to get along with others who seek to impose their morals on others. Govern yourself, not others.

Loses posts with regularity..that's news to me. I haven't lost any posts. And I'm sure you're aware of the ddos attacks that are causing the glitches. This site being enough of a threat to be under attack is an excellent sign actually. Considering it happened right after the announcement of the social media tokens they intend to release that are far more user friendly than any current competitor, it's even to be expected.
I have no idea what an sjw is.
If you spent hours researching and putting together a post then someone came along and took that post, changed a few words, and called it theirs, you might understand why she felt the need to address it. You spoke about where the line was on what's considered copying, I might ask you the same thing. If there is no line, then someone could take one of Stephen King's books, change the wording in some chapters and a few scenes and call it theirs--is that fine with you? If so we have a difference of opinion that can't be resolved.
It has nothing to do with morals, just simple respect for other people. At least that's what it is about for me, and why I bothered to come here and say something to you. I' all for self-governance, but it would seem that a certain level of maturity is needed to do that effectively.

SJW = Social Justice Warrior.
You haven't addressed whether you understand the concept of fair use, and I don't see Cheetah or the steemcleaners here so then the original post can't be plagiarism.
Have a nice day and consider using your thinks in the future, your feels don't matter.

I've learned what an SJW is, and I honestly feel it applies to you far more than her in this situation. Serious irony in that, as there is in you referring to me as a white knight. Except I'm defending a friend where as you seem to be defending your own opinions all based on fractional understanding of what you're talking about.
For instance, I'm fully aware of Fair Use, you're the one who is confused about it.
Fair Use:
the doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder

I would say that the words BRIEF EXCERPTS completely invalidate your argument that this post- before they included the link to @canadian-coconut's original work- falls under Fair Use.

Again, some irony in the whole "use your thinks and not your feels", every comment of yours makes it very clear that your emotions are involved.
Have a lovely day yourself ;)

Don't worry about the hall monitors around here, they have no idea what plagiarism is.

This is a condescending comment.

Because I don't recognize the self proclaimed authority the author claims? Feck off!

Right, a certain level of maturity that it's apparent you don't possess just yet.

Your comment is and are condescending because you are showing no consideration that the perspective of other could be right and you could be wrong or that there's not necessarily such a thing as right or wrong in some situation.

Just like when a predator wants to live and its pray also wants to live, both are right and from their perspective, both want to live.

Ironically, you are self proclaiming that you are right while canadian-coconut stated her perspective.

Passing off someone else's work as your know I'm not even a fan of labels. But it's just consideration for this author to have at least stated that he got this information from @canadian-coconut's post. However being new, there is definitely room for a certain amount of leeway, which Linda gave, as well as helping him out because others would react a lot worse about it than she did.
This is why it irks me that you flagged her comment, it's okay for him to copy her work without mentioning her, but it's not okay for her to point that out or give him a heads up that will help him avoid serious problems here in the future?

You keep using words like copy, do you know what they mean? Burden of proof is on the accuser. What percentage of an article has to be original before you raise the plagiarism flag?

Now you're making me laugh. I suppose I need to remind you that the only one raising flags here is you, and if you're going to attempt to play word games, or the game of definitions, you'll need to be more careful of the words you yourself choose to use. Also, as we're not in a courtroom, and neither of us are in any official capacity, then the widely accepted definitions for plagiarism: The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. And Copy:
1.make a similar or identical version of; reproduce.
2.imitate the style or behaviour of.
all stand in this instance based on the common language and it's agreed upon meanings when dealing man to man. And those definitions do indeed describe what was done in this post. Not that I give a shit, since the only reason I am here is to support and defend my friend, and the author of this blog conceded, and something tells me they won't be taking their material from other steemit blogs in the future.

So is it just that you enjoy debating and you couldn't find anything else in the comments to debate, or do you really have a bug up your ass about these words you're picking out? If it's the latter, than why?

Considering your hall monitor remark, I'm guessing it hasn't been that long since you left the indoctrination station where such people roam...

Ever heard of fair use?

I made the mistake of asking your definition, which is irrelevant.
You're irked? You come in here white knighting for a sjw with no proof to back up her serious accusation.
You might have picked up by now that I have personal experience shoving plagiarism allegations accusers asses.
Who are you hall monitors that pretend to speak for the entire steemit community?

I see a suicide victim upvoted your post too, did she will somebody her account or has it been stolen?

Oh, I see what you're talking about. I think she must be apart of @teamsteem's curation trail. Or was a part of it... I wonder what they can do about something like that.


Okay, you've lost me on this one.

You're lost alright...

Dude, you really are a child aren't you? lol!!

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