Of the Billionaires, For the Billionaires and By the Billionaires

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100 Billion in Tax Cuts for the Nation's Wealthiest?

You'd never know it if you looked around but we're experiences the greatest bull run in the history of the stock market. Since 2009, Wall Street and the stock market have been achieving record breaking profits month-after-month, year-after-year.

As James Corbett (@corbettreport) points out,

For those keeping track at home, that's 3,453 days of uninterrupted gains as of last Wednesday.


The first thing you'll notice is how they play up the post-Lehman "recovery," justifying the record-breaking streak by touting the "skyrocketing" valuations of companies like Netflix and Amazon. But if you read in between the lines of that blather, you'll notice how they blithely admit that the markets were helped along by "unprecedented aid from the Federal Reserve." You don't say. As readers of this column will already know, the Fed's flood of funny money in the years after the Lehman collapse was directly responsible for 93% of the market's rise from 2008-2016. 93%!

US Markets Have Just Entered the Longest Bull Run in History

Tax Cuts for the 0.01%

It's been reported that the Trump administration is considering bypassing congress and using executive power to gift an obscene $100 billion tax break on capital gains to the wealthiest 0.01 percent of Americans.

In an interview with Bloomberg president Trump is reported to have remarked:

There are a lot of people that love it and some people that don’t, but I’m thinking about it very strongly.


The remarks come on the heels of a national wage freeze on all federal employees.
In essence, there's no money for the middle class and working class Americans but plenty to spare for the country's wealthiest families.

Billions for Billionaires, is Anyone Surprised?

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump, now president of the United States, with the richest cabinet ever assembled are preparing to hand over billions to their billionaire peers... seems about right.

When Trump entered the Whitehouse in January 2017, he filled his cabinet with a whole slew of former Goldman Sachs executives.

I wrote about the Goldman Sachs / Vampire Squid and the continuation of government last year in this post -

squid man.gif

V for Vampire Squid

During the presidential race Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was paid more than $250,000 dollars for a single speech by the Goldman brass which inevitably contributed to her failed campaign. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump said he could not be bought by Wall Street since he claimed to be self-funded.

However, despite pledging to 'Drain the Swamp' while campaigning for president, Donald Trump has filled his administration with Swamp Monsters including, but coming as no surprise, several prominent former officials from Goldman.

Steve Mnuchin US Treasury Secretary

  • Former executive at Goldman Sachs

Gary Cohn - National Economic Counsel

  • Former Chief Operating Officer at Goldman Sachs

James Donovan - US Deputy Treasury Secretary

  • Former managing director at Goldman Sachs

Stephen Bannon - White House Chief Strategist

  • Former executive at Goldman Sachs

Dina Powell - W.H. senior counselor for economic initiatives

  • Former Head of Impact Investing at Goldman Sachs

Jay Clayton - Chairman of the SEC

Out in the Open Oligarchy

mnuchin money1.jpg


It certainly feels as if the mask is coming off. The reality that America is an oligarchic state is being revealed and the superficial facade of democracy is slowly being stripped away. We can argue semantics about whether the United States is an oligarchy, a plutocracy, a corporatocracy, a kakistocracy, a technocracy or what have you but the truth of the matter is that American democracy is in advanced decay.

In 2014, Princeton and Northwestern Universities published a stunning paper: Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups and Average Citizens concluding that only a few powerful actors, special interest groups and wealthy elites are able to influence US policy. Meaning, the average US citizen has absolutely zero sway over government and economic policy. The US system is completely dominated by a small percentile of the upper class.

US is an Oligarchy PDF LINK

Coke vs. Pepsi - More Cola or More Cola

The system is in a state of paralysis. Both political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, are controlled by their corporate masters and special interest groups.

The Vampire Squid continues to squeeze all levels of government for tax payer dollars and Wall Street representatives permeate the halls of government. Although this has been going on for decades, it's reaching a climax as corruption and greed run rampant.

If one can step back from partisan politics and look at the system with clear eyes it's possible to see the illusions put in place all around us. It matters not which leader is paraded around in front of us, we must learn to see the repeating patterns of this reoccurring nightmare. In this tornado of distraction we must see those that perpetuate the status quo. The players change but the game remains the same. The game is rigged. Continuity of government means more of the same no matter who's president.


[Find more Venn's like this by @geke right here on the Steem blockchain]

There's trillions for wars and the arms industry.

There's billions in bailouts for Wall Street.

There's tax breaks for the wealthy.

There's serfdom for the rest of us.

wealth map.jpg

Who remains when our puppet leaders Bush, Obama and even Trump disappear?

Vampires with blood funnels and multiple appendages... leeching off the system, sucking it dry and gorging at the trough of public funds turning us into serfs.

That's who.

squid disappear.gif

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Most people look at the intrabillionaire competition for power and fall for the resemblance to good vs. evil, but both competitors got to the finals by long ago defeating any good that impeded their wealth.

Matt Taibbi did us all a turn when he crafted that description of Goldman Sachs, and their rapine as a blood funnel of a vampire squid sucking the life out of all of us.

You clearly see the true motivations of the competitors for our wealth, and I am sure we agree that the cure for parasitism is to no longer feed our nemesis' hunger.



Great insights @valued-customer!

both competitors got to the finals by long ago defeating any good that impeded their wealth.

Yes, those in control have done whatever it takes to secure their fortunes and power positions. All levers of government have been totally captured by special interest.

Taibbi gifted us this beautiful description of monstrous predatory capitalism stalking the lands. I forgot to credit him in this piece but I have previously done so (including in the V for Vampire link above). It's a powerful image that needs to be shared far and wide ;)

It amazes me how many are still so certain Trump is going to dismantle the corruption. The walk and talk do not align.

It amazes me even more that anyone can subscribe to the bullshit coming out of either party or their particular brand of establishment media. The claims are so out of touch with reality being made by the media, their censorship on any true reporting evident everywhere. Most people want to be led it seems, and worse, want to force everyone to be led.

Veritas post/observation @v4vapid .. these actions make me ponder whether they're using this bull run to buy up tangible assets with a currency that they are very aware, will one day not be worth the paper it's printed on .. whether or not people believe that statement, a cursory glance at our current financial system will reveal that it's completely unsustainable .. these bankers/billionaires are smart and so if I can see it, then you can bet your bottom dollar they can as well!

I was actually going to write a post this week about the psychology/psy op, slight of hand and bait and switch behind Trump .. I got sidetracked by something else, but I'll share my thoughts soon. Great work as always my friend.


That's a very plausible scenario, there will be less and less resources for the majority of us which we'll be forced to compete over. Meanwhile, the ultra rich will live in well protected areas with high tech security systems in separate communities They will own and control the lions share of resources. At that time, being Dem/Rep will not matter at all and people will simply try to survive as neo-feudal slaves.

Also, makes me think of the Bush family buying 300,000 acres in Paraguay over top of a massive fresh water aquifer called Acuifero Guarani. Sounds like the place to be when the stock market inevitably crashes once more.


One thing's for sure, those in the know certainly appear to be preparing themselves for something and buying strategically placed land/homes .. and there is a lot of money in survival shelters these days .. certainly, the pentagons view of the future looks (video above) pretty bleak. They could put it off another few years but eventually, the financial system is going to buckle and break .. it's a mathematical certainty. I guess the question should be what kind of system rises out of its ashes? Indeed it could also be seen as a great opportunity, from that perspective we all have a part to play.

Great call on Bush .. I think its either the largest or the second largest aquifer in the world. Have you ever seen the documentary Blue gold world water wars? I'd highly recommend it if you haven't. Hope your well my friend.

Capitalism in the USA already failed once in 1929, back then FDR was able to save capitalism with his socialist policies and high taxation because he understood how the economy and flow of money worked. Unfortunately today, the oligarchy that has taken over the government (not just a problem in the USA, many countries have this problem) do not understand that capitalism is a self destructing economic system if it is not regulated with government laws and policies. They just take more and more for themselves while the people at the bottom struggle. As wealth inequality continues to increase and the majority of people at the bottom no longer have enough money to participate in the economy, things will get ugly and violent.

United States is an oligarchy, a plutocracy, a corporatocracy, a kakistocracy, a technocracy or what have you but the truth of the matter is that American democracy is in advanced decay.

I think it's all of those things, whenever it suits the overall mumbo jumbo of the billonaires (and trillionaires enabling them).

Unfortunately none of this is a surprise...If it's not tax cuts, then it will be too big to fail hand outs, new offshore havens protecting themselves and their cronies etc. etc. As we know the list goes on and on, while life is getting harder by the day for the average worker with the ever increasing cost of living and increasing taxes which get funnelled back into the markets and pockets of the aforementioned parasites!


Thank you for your upvote on my George Soros post it is most appreciated, Than You, Thank You.


You're welcome :)
I've done some deep dives into human trafficking and Dyncorp myself a while back. Dark but intriguing connections with defense industry and trafficking, for sure.


Your generosity is extremely heart felt, and I thank You again, I'm not a schooled writer by any means, I have dreams of growing an audience, I never know what people are interested in on the Truth front, I'm not a Trump supporter in the fact I've sworn an oath almost to remain as objective as possible, and I try not to divide people with the left right paradigm, but I almost believe we are at a very strange critical point where your in a situation that you have no choice but to pick a side, I never would have thought the conservative, Alt right would ever be censored so hard, I always considered that demographic as extremely square, and straight laced, and the left more edgey pushing the limits, I could never imagine it or guessed full blown Tyranny and a social media Censorship Purge would hit us especially in the U.S. and how it hit us from a pocket of the Soros, Clinton Mafia, and the NeoCons are absolutely quiet, not a peep, there kicking back watching, and I would have bet the farm the NeoCons would mass Censor before the Left side would,Dave Chappelle said something like if we ever wanted real change we have to accept some people we don't like because of some things they might of done or whatever, but without their help we won't be able to change things for the better so we have to look past things that might disturb us, I need to find that exact quote sometime, thanks for checking out my posts, I came here alone from scratch and didn't bring one person I know from Facebook with me so the informationwar curators , and people like you are what motivates me to dig in and write, take care and have a great weekend!


My pleasure @natepower.
Not to worry, I'm neither left nor right when it comes to politics these days either. It's a dog and pony show / bread and circuses / a horrible reality show / blind hyper-partisan die-hard sports fan club investment in your chosen team rep/dem - right/left - coke/pepsi - illusion. Trump is a symptom of a crumbling empire who is the personification of greed, excess, arrogance and ignorance - marching us towards fascism while the democrats are spineless corporate sell-outs. They are all compromised and bought off.

Welcome to steemit! There are some good people here and you can connect with people on Discord. Check out the PAL (Peace Abundance and Liberty) network part of the Minnow Support Project - there's a community called truth-politics-conspiracy that you should check out. Some great open minded people in there.

I host Deep Dives (@deepdives) which is a bi-monthly research project if that interests you at all, check it out.

Here are some of my past work - some trafficking and organ harvesting in there.


Have a great weekend!


Thanks for the tips, absolutely I will check out the pal network, I appreciate any information at all to grow a circle of Truth related friends, and I'm always trying to brainstorm for the next post and get ideas on formats so I'll look into your work a little deeper, one day you will see me on a deep dive, I'm warming up to it lol. Thanks again, take care!

They are disgusting people are they not, the same can be said in the UK and I dare say most so called civilized countries, the rich get richer, the poor get shafted, one rule for them, another for everyone else, one day though, one day soon I hope, the whole fiat system comes crashing down, and then we are all equal, lets see the George Soros of the world fight for food then, I know who wins, and it would not be maggot man Soros and his cohorts, or brothers/sisters in crime.

Reading this made me think democracy in the vampiric kingdom of the US could easily be termed monicracy or wealthicracy nevertheless in my opinion it's not good for the masses at all.


haha, i like that...
maybe a vampiracy or a squidocracy?


Hahahaha that would be changing the terms and condition of the original democracy, 😀😀

The voice of the battlers doing it tough for the little folk. Yachts and planes are expensive to maintain in this economy.

And don't you dare expect any attempt to erase the student loan debt. Any presidential candidate that runs on that issue next year will be swamped by the two-party machine. Expect Hillary to run one last time to deny Sanders...


I heard The Rock might run Oprah, John Kerry, lol...

Bernie should have run third party in 2016. He may have won and at least it would have paved the way for a third party in 2020.

The system is completely controlled by Satanic Freemasons. They are purposely destroying the world economy to create a global fascist satanic New World Order. The new economy will be cashless/digital RFID chip implants. There are masonic lodges/temples in major cities and countries worldwide where secret satanic societies regularly meet. Police chiefs, many cops, judges, big businessmen, mainstream media puppets and of course the lowly politicians are all in it together. Debt is slavery. Turn off your TV. The citizens are clearly too dumbed down or too scared to stand up for themselves.

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What a fantastic, factual and excellent written article with absolute objectivity and neutrality.
Although I can never run with the libertarians or voluntaryists, I know there has to be a much better version of democracy and a way to make the world a fairer place for all........just need to work it out!
I despair at the politics on Steemit, a lot of rhetoric and news as fake as the mainstream in my opinion, and I am often vocal in my views but this is top class and deserves the plaudits. Great piece :-)


Thanks for reading ;)

Yeah, I can relate to many of your sentiments here, there are ways to create systems that are more egalitarian that at the very least do not trample half of the population leaving in them in abject poverty. The current system is infected and corrupt to the core, we have to be open to ideas from all sides.

Lol, yeah steemit politics is often filled with view points aimed to please a certain crowd but I do appreciate it when people go beyond the sensational headlines.

our political system is just an illusion of choice... I for one lost all faith on our last election, when the corruption was so blatant so disgusting It literally would ruin my mood.

You forgot to mention 'capitalistocracy' :-D
Nice unmasking of the Trump phenomenon BTW!

Trump is rich but still a bum when compared to the people who are really calling the shots.

Trumps boat floats in the very swamp he supposed to drain, will a greedy capitalist sink his own ship? Probably not. I never trusted that promise though he will prove me wrong.
Stormy Trump is now in bed with the very Gold-men who where buying Hillary's behind. Same muppet show, different muppet, The Goldman puppeteer-hand is up both of their behinds.


in easy terms to understand what are you saying @v4vapid ? that the rich get richer ?


lol, yes. It doesn't matter who you vote for as well, because wall street bankers run the show.


whats the way outta all this mess? I mean i realize that capitalism rules the world. It always has. wealth will neer be distributive across the world let alone the USA. A world disaster, meteor to hit earth, or aliens needs to bring earth unified before anything like equality for all would exist.

I guess I'm part of the 40% YAY!!!

Even in our country here in the Philippines had been plagued by oligarchs which the current president is battling with. You can see it in the media coverage (owned by oligarchs) which bedevils the president and these oligarchs wants is to dictate to the "kaki" politicians what they want for their selfish interests. For example after elections the electricity bill will go up because they have to go signal by the winning unscrupulous politicians preceded by our current president for a way of paying back them all because they put on money for supporting the election winner @v4vapid

Unfortunately, power begets power :(

Excellent piece and totally correct, here's how I expressed my thoughts in a satirical article I posted here on Steem....

‘…after Generations Of Struggle against Social Injustice and two Catastrophic And Immensely Bloody Wars with the nearby land of Anotherplace, in which the Ordinary Folk had died and suffered to a catastrophic degree, it was decided by all except the Rapaciously Rich that Things Had To Change.

From that point on, Ordinary Folk were given access to Free Education, Free Healthcare, Pensions, Benefits to help those who fell upon Hard Times and all the advantages of what you would know in your world as a Welfare System. New taxes were introduced to redistribute some of the vast sums of money accumulated (mostly from Stealing, Cheating and Aggressive Tax Avoidance) by the Wealthy and the Aristocracy (known in the land of Anywhere as The Greedy One Percent) over the years and Political Reforms introduced to break their stranglehold over the Political And Economic Life of the country. Additionally, the Right to Vote was given to all.

And the land of Anywhere blossomed, for it was found that a populace Free From Hunger And Illness, that was properly Educated and Cared For, produced huge numbers of Talented men and women who previously had Languished due to Poverty And Lack of Opportunity. These Talented men and women drove the land of Anywhere to new heights of success, founding businesses, employing people, making a mark in the worlds of politics, science, medicine and culture. Slowly but surely, the Dead Grip of The Greedy One Percent, who had dominated and controlled the land of Anywhere for as long as anyone could remember, was broken.’

And the psychopathic Greedy One Percent, the Devil’s Children, hated this new world, this New Bargain and Better Society, and all it stood for. They vowed to destroy it.

Welcome to American oligarchy!

The United States of America is no longer a Capitalist society but one that practices Corporate Socialism.



images (2).png

images (10).jpeg

images (3).png

Am sorry to say @v4vapid but am beginning to think I was wrong about Trump, he may not be part of the establishment but he's definitely not complaining upholding their policies

Conspiracy realist!!! :P

Rich = Richer

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This image for me present tyranny and poverty of superiors. Sad life. #Equality #NotoContractualization

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