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Josef Mengele

How is it that we are still even having this "debate"?
Mandatory vaccination programs clearly violate the Nuremberg code.
If there is no consent, there is no necessary compliance.
Mandate is the tool of tyrannical authority.
If there is a mandate there can be no relevant consent.
Mandatory and consensual are mutually exclusive.

What this comes down to is a mob of fearful people, without logic, reason,
or even law on their side, trying to use the government to force
supposedly free people to endanger themselves and their children,
to soothe the fears of some ignorant control freaks.

This is already happening now.

In California, they have already taken it upon themselves
to legislate the stripping of individual rights, in violation of the Bill of Rights.

This video was for the flu, but still applies to all vaccination.




Thanks for the link. I never did think those things worked as advertised.

I follow the 'Daily Dose' daily - it's an excellent "no-bullshit" health site - do search it for any health condition that puzzles you - the answers may surprise you ;)

Thanks - I'll check out the links. I'm surprised there's not an #fakenews tag on Steemit yet!

If we keep pushing the boundaries, there will be.

This is not something I had investigated before. I watched the video.
You are right!
All flu shots are a breach of the Nuremberg Code,
because each year a new flu shot is put out and it is ALWAYS an experimental vaccine, and people are not informed that it is untested for safety or efficacy.
All other vaccines by law get at least a rudimentary level of testing which takes time.
But there is no time to do that testing on the flu shot due to the nature of how it changes each year.

Thus the flu vaccine should clearly be labelled and people informed that they are part of an experiment that could cause them serious harm.

Great video. Thank you.

I think it could be legally argued that, if a 100% safety cannot be ensured, a vaccine is still
No one has ever provably died from a vaccine deficiency.

Thank you for sharing it is important that people become aware.

This whole agenda constitutes crimes against humanity. People need to wake up and resist on all levels: abstain totally from ALL vaccines; resist school and hospital visit vaccine coercion; educate yourselves, and I could go on and on. Check out Dr. Sherry Tenpenny on YouTube.

Thanks for the comment. I have more posts on vaccines. Let me know if you are interested in more.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has been on this from way back. We need as many angles on this problem as we can. There is a whole list of crimes that mandatory vaccination constitutes.

I will now follow you since we are obviously on the same page brother. Kudos.

Thank you for following. If you want to check out the Steemit titan of vaccine sanity, I'd check out @canadian-coconut. she knows her vaccine business, and quite a few other things at that.
I've learned a thing or three from her knowledge of this subject.


Thanks for reaffirming my esteem for Dr. Tenpenny. I have followed her work for about 7 years, when I saw her interviewed by A. Jones and several times by The Health Ranger, aka Mike Adams who is another staunch anti-vaccer. I try to plant seeds where I can, but it is a very sensitive topic. Most are oblivious to the hazards associated with ALL vaccines. Oh, and the same goes for your pets as I learned from Dr. Rebecca Carley, also on youtube.

Have you come to the right place! The sane people on Steemit have taken the anti-liberty pro-vaccination people to task and beaten back every fallacious argument they can float. Their arguments are, time and again, burned to the waterline and sink beneath the waves. It's still a touchy subject, but the lovers of liberty are on the attack, here at Steemit. The trolls here are not too bright, and allies rain from the sky.

How many people have died because of the vacinations? . How many , partikularly the older, would have died from the flu without vaxination?. Here in N Z the flu jab is voluntary and in most cases paid for by the recipient.

Many people have become ill and even died because of vaccines. There are better technologies available, all one needs do is look.

I think anyone who wants to shoot their body up with poison should be free to do so. No one should ever be forced. I have other ways of dealing with infectious disease, and don't need the archaic and dangerous vaccines. I haven't been sick of anything in about six years.

Many people have died getting out of bed as well. If you are young , fit, and healthy you can go for many years in that state. How about the old and infirm? Are you going to deny them a flu free winter because you don't need a flu shot?. If your technologies are better, where are they?. Why aren't they well known? . What are you doing to promote the alternatives?.

If offered the chance, I'll pit my methods against vaccines any time, anywhere. Until I found them, I was sick of cold and/or flu at least twice a year, every year, along with other lifelong illnesses. Now I have no problems with any of it.

I think anyone who wants to shoot their body up with poison should be free to do so. No one should ever be forced.

I discovered the technologies I use in the U.S. patent record. I give the information to anyone who wants it. Mostly I just get called names. They aren't well known for several reasons. It is against FDA regulations for me to give medical advice to anyone about non-FDA approved methods. I could go to prison. That's the main reason. Mostly, I find that people would rather be sick and even die than believe the government is made up of liars. My brother still wouldn't accept new information after three rounds of chemo, and he is now dead. I had the exact same diagnosis and am alive, with no treatment from my M.D. I'd rather be alive than have government agency approval, and be dead.

The patent record is chock full of inventions that never get investors. If an invention doesn't work, no patent is issued. This saves me from having to search all over for things that don't work. The patent record and a little technical know how goes a long way.

None of this is medical advice.

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