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Is it the Centers for Disease Control or The Centers For Deception and Corruption?

The CDC is supposed to make unbiased decisions for the good of Public Health. They are the ones who continually add more and more vaccinations to the childhood schedule.

I have written about the CORRUPTION at the CDC several times, including this one by Robert F. Kennedy in which he states that the CDC has over 20 Vaccine Patents!

(See Previous Post) CDC is a Vaccine Company, Not an Independent Agency -- revealed by activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Mark Blaxill, an Intellectual Property expert who has been employed by billion dollar corporations to manage their patents, ran a search of the patents held by the CDC.

This list validates Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s claims of "Over 20 Vaccine Patents" owned by the CDC and that they are a Vaccine Company!

Below Is A List of 30 Vaccine-Related Patents Owned by the CDC

#1 FLU

Preparation and use of recombinant influenza A virus M2 construct vaccines


Thermal inactivation of rotavirus


Synthetic peptides immunoreactive with hepatitis A virus antibodies

#4 HIV

Real-time PCR point mutation assays for detecting HIV-1 resistance to antiviral drugs


Serologic correlates of protection against Bacillus anthracis infection


Pan-lyssavirus vaccines against rabies


Dengue serotype 2 attenuated strain


Chimeric west nile/dengue viruses


Peptide vaccines against group A streptococci


Recombinant lipidated psaa protein, methods of preparation and use


Invasion associated genes from Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B

#12 RSV

Anti-RSV immunogens and methods of immunization


Identification of astrovirus VA1 associated with gastroenteritis in humans


Chimeric flavivirus immunogens comprising the Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) prM signal sequence

#15 SARS

Coronavirus isolated from humans


Recombinant Rift Valley fever (RVF) viruses and methods of use


Peptides for chlamydophila pneumoniae vaccine and diagnosis

#18 Nucleic acid vaccines for prevention of flavivirus infection

#19 Aerosol delivery systems and methods

#20 Viral protein quantification process and vaccine quality control therewith

#21 Retrovirus and related method used for producing a model for evaluating the antiretroviral effects of drugs and vaccines

#22 Methods and compositions for an artificial lung organ culture system

(A patent for companies who want to test their respiratory system applicable vaccine on an artificial lung system.)

#23 Selective detection of human rhinovirus

#24 Method for detection of antigen-specific antibodies in biological samples

#25Modulation of replicative fitness by deoptimization of synonymous codons

#26 CD40 ligand adjuvant for respiratory syncytial virus

#27 Compositions and methods for detecting adult Taenia solium

#28 Diagnostic assays for chordopoxviruses

#29 Materials and methods for respiratory disease control in canines

#30 Simian T-cell lymphotropic virus

There are many more Patents that are shown in this Google Search

Thanks to Green Media for Their Article: Examining RFK Jr.'s claim that the CDC “Owns over 20 vaccine patents.”


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I know that this is a very controversial topic ...
but if you care about children as much as I care about children...
surely we can all be civil and help each other discover the best way forward for all our children and future generations.
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Thank you Linda @canadian-coconut I went from this post, read your Steemit blog and you've answered a great many of my questions already. Am new to this platform so still familiarizing myself.

I run a page on Facebook page called Fully Informed Public. Looking to pull in as many topics/issues facing families today. I truly believe that a misinformed or "dis"informed person is much more dangerous to themselves and others than the uninformed. Censorship is becoming a big problem so am hopeful the platform here will be a bit more stable.

I will be inviting people from other groups on FB, email groups etc that are on this same track so will certainly be resteeming and promoting for like minded Steemians. People in the know, as you know, are quite busy, so want to make their experience here on this platform a bit smoother than its been for me so far. LOL Would be nice to get at least one Steemian from each of their groups/organizations and maybe transfer more work groups this way.

I'll be recommending new steemians follow @canadian-coconut @familyprotection @markwhittam and will check your Steemit blog and add to the recommendation list here.

Apparently Steemit has been running slow for a lot of people familiar with the blockchain platform and am hoping that is addressed soon.

Well I must Steem on, there is a great deal to learn. I am sure we will be talking more.

Let peace be the journey,


I'm glad that you are enjoying what I have written,
and I am really glad that you found Steemit.
Yes, hopefully Steemit fixes these glitches soon and things return to normal around here.

This is a very great post. Great job linking them all to the google patents page too. People can't really argue against this information! CDC is definitely super biased, corrupt, and definitely an arm for the pharmaceutical company to deceive people into believing their medications and vaccines are safe and effective.

The CDC and FDA are both cesspools of corruption. The board members also sit on the boards of major pharmaceutical conflict of interest here!!! Those vaccines are so toxic, I wouldn't use them to get rid of rats- it would be too cruel! Great post upvoted!


Thanks for commenting here. I agree. These people should not be trusted with our health and especially our children's health.

Well done for writing about this issue. It's exhausting arguing with people entirely 'taken in' by the vaccine lobby.

Good thing I can bypass all of these, without vaccines.

When do their patents expire? Patents usually only last a maximum of 20 years.


Each patent shows the date it was granted. For example, the first one listed here is May 2000.
I'm not sure about expiry dates though.


Great post, do you know if the CDC makes money from vaccines, and how much? I need more info like this, have you fallowers the mney

@canadian-coconut Why is there no option on this post to RESTEEM ? @vickiebarker


Because it is older than 7 days old.
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