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The Centers for Disease Control is a Subsidiary of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The CDC owns over 20 vaccines patents.

It sells about 4.6 billion dollars of vaccines every year.

It's primary metric for success in all departments in the agency .... are VACCINE SALES!

The CDC is a cesspool of corruption!

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The Advisory Committee on Imunization Practices, at the CDC, determines which new vaccines to add to the schedule.

Almost all of the people who serve on that committee have strong financial ties to Pharmaceutical Industry.

In 1999, Paul Offit sat on that committee that added the Rotavirus Vaccine to the Childhood Vaccine Schedule. He owned a patent for Rotavirus Vaccine. He then was able to sell his vaccine to Merck and pocketed at least $29 million dollars!

The Inspector General of HHS investigated this and concluded that what Paul Offit did was not illegal under CDC rules! At least 64% of the people who sat on that committee had Conflicts of Interest similar to Paul Offit. And 97% might have Conflicts because the rest never filled out their Conflict of Interest forms!

Pharmaceutical Companies have more Lobbyists on Capital Hill than there are Congress People. They spend twice as much money as the Oil & Gas Industry for Lobbying!


Robert F. Kennedy summarizes several Federal Investigations against the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in an article HERE AT Ecowatch outlining several Federal Investigations in CDC Corruption.

ON AUG. 23, 2000,
... following a three year investigation, a House Government Reform Committee staff report criticized the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CDC for routinely allowing scientists with conflicts of interest to serve on two influential ADVISORY COMMITTEES that MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS ON VACCINE POLICY.
The report concluded that,
... investigation by UPI's Mark Benjamin found that CDC had ignored Congress's recommendations for reform, which stated:
"Members of the CDC's Vaccine Advisory Committee get money from vaccine manufacturers."
"Relationships have included: sharing a vaccine patent; owning stock in a vaccine company; payments for research; getting money to monitor manufacturer vaccine tests; and funding academic departments."
A YEAR LATER, in May of 2004,
... Special Counsel Scott Bloch, of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, sent a letter to Congress urging congressional action on evidence of scientific fraud in the CDC's vaccine division. Bloch described possible collusion between CDC officials and pharmaceutical companies to manipulate and destroy data in order to conceal the links between mercury-preserved vaccines and the exploding incidence of pediatric neurological disorders including autism.
A MONTH LATER, on June 18, 2004,
... Congressman Dave Weldon, MD took to the House floor to accuse CDC of failing to reform: "A public relations campaign, rather than sound science, seems to be the modus operandi of officials at the CDC's National Immunization Program." Congressman Weldon concluded that,
... amidst the corruption scandals, the prestigious journal Nature editorialized in reference to vaccine safety that, "there is a strong case for a well-resourced independent agency that commands the trust of both the government and the public."
A YEAR LATER, in 2007,
... Weldon and Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney introduced the Vaccine Safety and Public Confidence Assurance Act of 2007, a bill to create a new agency to supervise vaccine safety that reported directly to the Secretary of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and to mandate independent vaccine safety research. Weldon declared that, despite all the scandals and investigations, there were no signs of reform at CDC.
"They have failed to provide sufficient resources for vaccine safety research. They have failed to adequately fund extramural research. And, they have failed to free themselves from conflicts of interest that serve to undermine public confidence in the safety of vaccines."(
... U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, of the Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, published "CDC Off Center," yet another lengthy exposé of corruption and mismanagement at CDC.
... the HHS Inspector General published the results of a lengthy investigation of corruption in the CDC's vaccine division. That shocking report painted the CDC as a HOPELESSLY CORRUPTED ARM OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. It described, in detail, mismanagement, dysfunction and the alarming conflicts of interest that suborn the CDC's research, regulatory and policymaking functions.
The report discloses how CDC allows vaccine industry profiteers to make millions of dollars by serving on advisory boards that add new vaccines to the schedule. In a typical example, Dr. Paul Offit, in 1999, sat on the CDC's vaccine advisory committee and voted to add the rotavirus vaccine to CDC's schedule, paving the way for him to make a fortune on his own rotavirus vaccine patent. Offit and his business partners sold the royalties to his rotavirus vaccine patent to Merck in 2006 for $182 million. Offit told Newsweek, "It was like winning the lottery!"
HHS investigation revealed that 97% of CDC's scientific committee members failed to complete the mandatory conflict of interest disclosures and that as many as 64% of committee members disclosed conflicts of interest that were not acted upon by the CDC.
IN 2014,
... the chief of the HHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI), David Wright, announced his resignation in a scathing letter that characterized HHS as a remarkably dysfunctional agency. ORI's function is to monitor research misconduct including, "falsification" and "fabrication" of science at the CDC, FDA and other public health agencies. Calling the post, "The very worst job I've ever had," Wright decried an "intensely political environment" where his supervisors told him that his job was to be a "team player" and "to make my bosses look good" and where he spent "exorbitant amounts of time in meetings and in generating repetitive and often meaningless data and reports to make our precinct of the bureaucracy look productive," rather than pursuing its mission of detecting and punishing scientific fraud.

We clearly can not trust the CDC with Public Health.

I have written about corruption at the CDC before. You can read those articles here:

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I know that this is a very controversial topic ...
but if you care about children as much as I care about children...
surely we can all be civil and help each other discover the best way forward for all our children and future generations.


Great post! I just posted an article about the new evidence of the CDC covering up fraud to dispute the link between vaccines and autism. I was looking up similar content on here and found your post. Great job!

I'm glad that you are talking about this as well.
All the best!

WOW! Awesome job canadian-coconut! I had no idea this level of corruption existed, okay, maybe I did but this is great detail!

I know. It's shocking even to me. The fact that there have been so many government investigations finding corruption and yet they continue on, dirty business as usual.

CDC needs to be spelled out somewhere at the top of this article.

Add to this information that from the movie Vaxxed.
Where, through the freedom of information act, a lot of shenanigans were shown in the CDCs clinical trials.

In essence, the CDC are lying liars that lie.
That they have any credibility left is a testament to our early brainwashing.

Thanks - I changed CDC to the Centers for Disease Control at the first line.
I have written about the movie VaxXed and the CDC and linked those articles a the end of this one.
Yes, the fact that the CDC is still treated with such deep respect is appalling -- doctors follow their recommendations no questions asked - because they still believe that they are only interested in Public Health and have no ulterior motives that would put the public (mostly children) in harms way.
Oh -- I forgot to mention this one article I wrote -- I will add it to my list up top --
Two TV Personality Doctors changed their mind about the CDC and their MMR Vaccine Recommendation during the filming of VaXxed, because they were provided with real documentation of CDC Fraud.

Dr. Rachael Ross & Dr. Jim Sears FEATURED in VaxXed Movie. Both Convinced of CDC Autism FRAUD

It sounds about as corrupt as the Federal Reserve that is also privately owned.

Yes, it is pretty bad when a completely corrupt institution is entrusted with what we are told we must inject into our children's bodies and our own bodies.
That's pretty scary to me that almost all medical doctors see the CDC as extremely reliable and not to be questioned.

Resteemed! Something equally very unnerving is that no viruses that we have vaccines against have ever been isolated.

Thank-you for resteeming!
You should write a post about the viruses not being isolated. I'm not familiar with that topic.

Here is a start if anybody wants to read more: (fur the lulz) the lulz, for the comments, fur lulz)
There's numerous articles from NCBI
They follow the same path: Isolated by cell culture or an animal and examine under electron microscope the cell's and 'open view', then by observation make your assumptions, if viral structure is identified follow up with biochemical markers for antibodies and other toxins which are linked with a disease which corresponds to the symptoms of the patient. Antibodies have been thought to work with a lock and key method but it seems that it's not like that. Reading anything on biology, and especially clinical medicine, comes down to 90% baseless assertions/outside observation, and 10% observation. In spite of their idea of how antibodies work, they used these to qualify something as "it's a VIRUS", because it's got these "SPECIFIC" antibodies, or ..chemicals. As usual they cannot explain at all, how/why that one chemical or antibody/biochemical marker is higher in 20% of people with said virus, but this is studied intensely until the conclusion of "WE DON'T HAVE ANY FUCKING IDEA WHAT SO EVER" a very wise one comes up, or someone comes up and says, you guys are morons of epic levels:

They relied on labeling something as "tagged" and silenced all questions by assuming each tag was individual born out of random and worked on specifics.. and so in spite of mounting evidence this was consensus and has been at identifying viruses with our naked eyes.

It looks like a virus+test for markers that fight virus=virus confirmed, because we know what the function of antibodies are in this context, clearly, in lieu that it could be some other random ass virus.

These gene segments are then joined together using random genetic recombination to produce the paratope. The regions where the genes are randomly recombined together is the hyper variable region used to recognise different antigens on a clonal basis.


I remember reading something about Dr. Mary's Monkey on whale which said that poliovirus was never isolated in humans, even though there's literature from that time period claiming they have, but that means nothing more than baseless assertions without methodology and actual evidence.
Completly utterly full of SHIT.

Thanks for sharing this information, great to hear another Canadian speaking truth. Upvoted and followed.

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What are the 20 vaccine patents that the CDC owns? How are they able to pocket the 4.6 billion? Doesn't this go to Merk, GSK, etc?

So far, this is what I have come up with ... EBOLA and Swine Flu and possibly SARS

I will try to update here when I find more info on the other patents.

I imagine that a company like Merck would pay a royalty to the CDC if they produce the vaccine that a patent is held on.

An article just came out listing all of the CDC vaccine patents. You can read it here: Examining RFK Jr.'s claim that the CDC “Owns over 20 vaccine patents.”
Here are some of them:
Hepatitis A,
Dengue fever,
West Nile virus,
Group A Strep,
Pneumococcal disease,
Meningococcal disease,
Japanese encephalitis,
Rift Valley Fever, and
chlamydophila pneumoniae.
There is a CDC patent for “Nucleic acid vaccines for prevention of flavivirus infection”
CDC also has several patents for administering various ”shots” via aerosol delivery systems for vaccines
... plus many more vaccine-related patents. (Read article)